Thanks for the comment, that is written in her individual profile.

Please correct that. , your welcomeee and thanks for considering changing it :)). – Her nicknames are: Baechu, The 2nd Tiffany, Hyun-ah. , I think seulgi is the main dancer not Irene I don’t know why is that obsession in S. Korea for the idols to look underweight….

All of them are popular but Irene is the most popular obviously and I agree with you on that. Thanks again! Her Height is 1.60 m and Weight is 48 kg. Fruit: Violet Grape (not to be confused with Green Grape) Wendy: 158cm 1Seulgi

Thanks once again for all your help! Red Velvet will be releasing a new Japanese single called “Sayonara” on February 20th. because the K-pop companies decrease their idols weights in order for them to look more fit for the Korean ideal beauty. – Irene doesn’t eat chicken. , These would probably be the best pics to use for the new profile photos for this comeback. It’s already on kkangseul’s indiv profile . This site uses cookies to guarantee its high functionality.

* She takes the most selfies out of all the members. At this current time there aren’t any plans for a solo album. I love BlackPink but I wouldn’t embarrass myself comparing them to Red Velvet or Twice.

Also how do people/fans determine idols positions? Seulgi likes dark colored and chic clothing. She stands on a height of 5 feet 3 inches tall. Thank you. Wendy: Main Vocalist,Sub Rapper

Release date 29th May, Here’s the tracklist: Can you also update that Joy got married to me? We should all be happy seeing the girls growing in popularity. Also, Joy is filming drama ‘great seducer’ (2018), But we had Wendy listed as a Sub Rapper not as a Lead Rapper and we also already had added that Joy acts in “The Great Seducer” (2018). Joy’s been rapping longer than Yeri has. Thank you!

thanks .

So wouldn’t it make since to list her as a Lead Vocal if you’re going off assumption? Yeri : Lead Rapper, Vocalist, There seems to be a confusion on what Wendy’s representative animal is. Yeri’s awesome as well!! Wendy’s sister is married with Linus Sebastian, who owns the famous Youtube channel Linus Tech Tips. * She loves chicken. Entertainment’s SM Station project I hope she doesn’t become another Miss A’s Suzy in the future, the other girls don’t deserve it. Relentless Ranch Bernese Mountain Dogs, * She currently shares a room with Seulgi and Wendy Suzuki M50 Vs M90,

I don’t think she is O_O, @sailormina:disqus – She never walked in high heels until she had to film for Red Velvet’s ” Automatic ” MV. My bias is Wendy!

It’s reasonable cuz she is the only one in the group who speaks english and sings so damn good., Irene Seulgi Yeri, Seulgi says she likes vegetables. – Wendy : 5’4″ (163 cm)


– Her representative fruit: Green Kiwi (not to be confused with Golden Kiwi) Gangster Disciples Houston, 1.

This is literally just a random online poll and there’s people accusing others of using bots based on disinformation?? Disclaimer Irene Cara Escalera is an American singer, songwriter, and actress.

"The Weight" is a 1968 song by The Band. She does. Who is Who: Kpop Girl Groups

in which interview did she say that? Also, positions do change with comebacks when it comes to rap. – Her representative animal: Cat (Happiness to #Cookie Jar), Rabbit (Summer Magic onwards) Kpop Ships It’s more like this: Irene: Visual

Seulgi – Main Dancer,Lead Vocalist – Her designated color is blue. The rest of the info was already noted in her individual profile. Suggestions, About Us Thanks for the additional info.

Irene’s profile is done. * Her favourite way of relieving stress is to create mind maps to organise her thoughts.

no, joy was the lead rapper position before yeri joined the group so she’s still a lead rapper. She sang and co-wrote the international hit song ‘Flashdance… What a Feeling’ (from the movie Flashdance), for which she won an Academy Award for Best Original Song and a Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance in 1984. I also thought she is a lead rapper and a lead vocalist but nope…. * Favorite movie is "The notebook" I read the entire statement and disagreed with you. red velvet has an official fam name already and it’s ReVeLuv. RV Hmm ok, Two facts on Joy

Joy does not fit the korean beauty standard. Irene is also a main dancer. .

Joy’s Center Time: 34.85s And Yeri’s such a sweetheart! Jessica Jung Yeri’s favourite singer is Ariana Grande an one of her nicknames is Yeriana. Birth Name: Kim Ye Rim (김예림)

Wendy: 108464 votes Contact Us, Yanti, SEHUNNIEISMYBABY, Carlo Flores, Lee Eunho, Jiyeon, sbji21, dana, LynCx, sailormina, legitpotato, seoulfuric acid, Seungwaned’s, RevEXOluv, eileennguyen, softhaseul, dream love, xlipsoul, Yuggyyeeoomm, Katrina Pham,, Belyna Mae Bulatao, m i n e l l e, Nami, rnbwflavor, cutieoie, Kpoptrash, Kim Chi, Arnest Lim, liza, lang, Cedric Peridot, jihyosphere, deulgi, Dari, lang, Nanajoyie, Heejinsoul, Stranger Lmao, E, Kpoptrash, lang, Bubble Tea, Amelia, lang, Heejinsoul, Lauren Kirby, Jaemin Na, Bubble Tea, Bartek Drosik, Najwa Sueha, gen9, then D.O., Dumb Dumb center distribution:

With her band Red Velvet, Irene has done endorsement work for the following brands –, Being the leader of the South Korean girl band, Red Velvet. Thank you. * Her favorite color is purple. Seulgi sounds really good to the ears, but isn’t as versatile and agile as Wendy and can’t hit those high notes. O_o. Irene’s favorite movie is “The Notebook”. She is known for her role as Sang Sang in the historical fantasy drama Ever Night (2018). Oh my, it was Yeri! There’s a reason why vocal analysts don’t judge singers while dancing.

The percentages for the members have been pretty much the same for months (with the biggest change just 1% up or down). At the age of 16, Ireine went back for further studies in Canada., i dont know if irene and wendy teaser r out because i cant find it but i have joy,yeri,seulgi and the group teaser but i’m not sure, no, that was just a rumor because both of them has the last name Park @disqus_GF9OE6qQ6O:disqus So those are the positions that SM assigned for them. Why Do Persimmons Smell Like Sperm, Joy is now 2nd place!! Animal: Turtle – She joined the group in the beginning of 2015 Muscle mass takes up less space than fat so don’t worry about the weight. Yeri is in the dance line!!! Irene so when i looked hers up, her bmi was 15.2.

I hope that they stay healthy and eat properly. Let’s see if this rumor will be confirmed or not. I saw it when I visited this profile yesterday. Her dancing has improved so much. Not sure how anyone can say she is on Seulgi’s and Irene’s level. Her lead single, To Twenty, will be released March 5 as a full studio version.

PLS LOVE HER . Red Velvet are all bae! I know a lot of women under 1.50, Yeah they are very tall when I go to their fansign since I can speak and understand but can’t read also wrote still learning but they are very tall but I’m just too tall I’m taller than joy I’m 1.75/5’9″, Irene : Leader, Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Visual, Face of the Group. A cardigan over a dress Wendy: The 4D (a compliment tho). Lead and Sub are clearly used as two seperate positions or else one wouldn’t exist or be used so often as a seperate position by groups, articles, shows, etc. * Her role model is Beyonce Oh no! Here are examples from comebacks 2017 and onwards where Yeri raps:

Birthday: September 3, 1996 – Her nicknames are: Doongdoongie, cute Joy, Malgeumi (bright)

Some of these are just my opinion. – Education: School of Performing Arts Seoul Hi again, I don’t think the pic updated hehe, @disqus_NJ4zM02OIt:disqus Thank you for providing the new comeback photos along with their names! Irene Cara: Height, Weight & Body Stats. i would be surprise if joy does surpass Irene. 15. Wendy’s my visual personally, but I know her looks don’t appeal to the world. I’m on Wendys. . Joy 165 cm, Just look at their height compared to Girl’s Generation Yoona – She has a dog named Haetnim, who has an Instagram account: @haetnimee. here is my favourite picture of yeri * Her favorite type of clothes are comfortable clothes. EDIT: I wasn’t the one talking about bots in the poll it was another user so you should have replied to @DrUppercut instead of me, According to their faces, they could be like :

Rap 2nd

Joy isn’t a lead vocal. I agree with the rest though, Seulgi took a jump in the polls recently, my bias <3 ~, Everyone except Wendy (as far as I could tell) has been nominated for Most Beautiful faces of 2018. She should be the FOTG. Seulgi: Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Center

-currently the new one is Cooper Vision, mc in music bank, plus she had web drama too Sub-vocalists usually only get 1-3 lines. Yeri’s in Unicorn and Turtle.

but Irene could be the visual and the fotg, lol, the other girls might be promoting more as well, so they no longer have a designated face, the girls get a lot of hate for weight gain… especially Wendy, but it’s just her body type. I don’t think the idol weights are exact in 99% of the situations. It’s really confusing so I conclude that Wendy is just everything fluffy in this world ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ, Hiii in one of the photo shoots it shows that Wendy is actually a squirrel and Yeri a turtle.

• Just focus on eating right and exercising for at least 30 minutes a day.

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