Frances held an American nationality and belonged to white ethnicity. She was starred alongside Katherine Cortez and Larry Parks. What were your ancestors doing, prior to electricity? Henry VIII had an illegitimate son named Fitzroy (literal translation is “of royal line”) but despite his desire for a male heir, did not formally acknowledge him.

Good times! I actually have many of the monarchs stretching from Portugal right to Kiev, My DNA gives me 10 ethenticities, among them Baltic, Russian, Hungarian, Italian, English and Irish, Not surpriesed considering most royalty in Britain have little or no English blood as they are all descended from either French, German etc etc. a Hamelin grandson here. He was the brother of Edward the Prince of Wales (The Black Prince) who was the father of Richard II.

I have come to the conclusion that everyone is related in one way or another, especially if you go back far enough, I had no idea I had so many French, Belgium, Dutch and German cousins but acording to my dna matches there seem to be hundreds if not thousands and I had no idea until I did the test, The history of humanity is fascinating and just when you think you know everything something pops up that you had no idea about, Its kind of like a never ending story, the more you discover, the more you want to know so you can basically be all your life discovering new things, The only downside is that you need a lot of free time to investigate and luckily I only work part time so dedicate a lot of my free time to history and now geneoloy which I find amazing.

Now the living male line Plantagenet descendents are from an illegitimate line, or the “wrong side of the sheets” as they say, and they no longer bear the Plantagenet name, so to some that may mean the line has ended. Gt Grandparents Richard and Sophia Richards were 1st cousins married in Hey Laura, my ancestor, William Colmore, came to Feckenham royal forest in 1213 from Aquitaine to ostensibly be John’s royal huntsman. Perhaps we should keep in contact every now and then. I don’t know about maternal DNA, but, I’m a 22nd great grandson of Count Geoffrey D’Anjou V. ... yes they are still alive!! But 24 Years Later, We Still Don’t Know Her Name, HuffPost Illustration/Tupelo Daily Journal. I loved him very much. With a lighted candle in my hand, I had to watch every step. If you cannot be proud of your past, what is the use of living. I’m in Texas and through a few female lines but go back far enough … Here! As he was born in 1837 after slavery was abolished in Kingston Jamaica , he was a free man and joined the royal navy in 1859 and did 20 years continuous service finally settling in Kent and marrying my English great great grandmother who happened to be born in Harwich Essex which has lots of connections to the Mayflower (which I also have a lot of ancestors who were descendants of the original Pilgrim fathers who where mainly religious people). Put yourself in their shoes: how did they survive? No family stories, no whispers, no bragging about lineage used; only original source material was good enough. Plato and Solon both knew of Atlantis, as did the Athenians. HOWEVER, a couple years ago, I started looking for some when all the Y-DNA controversy was going on, as I figured there had to be another male line besides the Somerset line, and that one other potential line from a Mr. De Warren from France who said he had a direct male line to Geoffrey Plantagenet, Count of Anjou, (1113 – 1151), a son of Edward III’s 4th great grandfather, which had yet another Y-DNA that didn’t match either, and his line probably has even more possibilities for illegitimacy since that goes back a couple hundred more years. Claude. “I honestly don’t know how Dad felt about it,” Karen later confessed to Closer. The Munsters premiered during a time of civil unrest, so sitcoms didn’t reflect on death, war, or anything racist, especially while being in Vietnam. She never met my mother, and is not in my family. Richard was the son of a Jewish man/ Flemish butcher. Another thing about Tut’s family’s dna findings is that, the paternal SNP listed are predominantly European and American DNA today. Thus, he sent Frances to Lycee Francais school in London. As I made clear earlier… so is almost everyone. Could be just coincidence, As well as trying to get documented evidence such as births, deaths and marriages, there are also wills, names mentioned in books, list of clergy throughout the ages, cenus(but only goes back to the mid 1840s so not really much help for ancestors from earlier centuries) Its always better to back up evidence you have on sites such as My Heritage or others with national archives of the region just to get a second opinion or backup, I know that the European royalty are all kind of related and I also have DNA matches from people in Holland Belgium , spain plus other countries including the Cheque Republic and Kiev which does coincide with people in my family tree as these countries all married into the various royal families around Europe. Robert nailed it again! Event Date 05 Jan 1740 I would not have the audacity to say that I am a descendant of royalty as I just cant be sure but looking at all the evidence I have so far there could be a chance that I am. [15], John’s son William the knight seems to have been a great favourite of his father, judging by the number of things John bequeathed to “Sir William de Warenne, my son” in his will, which included 100 marks (sixty-six pounds), a silver-gilt helmet and coronet and all his armour for jousting. Yes, for those interested, we’re all linked through the Plantagent line in some form for fashion. So from Robert married Barbara 1740, we go to William [Guilemus] then to Robarti then to Robert Fynley 1656 then to Ewans Fynley [b] c1630.

I had always heard the name in our family and never thought about it until I started researching it. His sons by Blount, & Seymour are my 3rd cousins. It’s a very good audiobook. Answer. As I said, if there were any true family descendants at the time it would be them that certainly would have laid claim to everything and nothing would then have had to be returned to the Crown. As you can imagine no one responded to me to thank me or even tell me to bugger off. Is this DNA from his father as it is Y not mt, How does this tie in with Richard III or there is no relation. Her late husband, Don was married thrice in his life. grandchild of Henry II King of England; this forgotten Welsh Prince David is a link in the Carolingian line of succession that descends to the great Catholic monarch a legendary figure in French prophecy and a character found in biblical fact depicted as the red dragon having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads: who does live today and will answer the prophecy of King Nebuchadnezzar dream with the feet of iron and clay on Nebuchadnezzar’s mighty statue representing the fifth and final empire that has been chronicled in this dream. Plantagenets may have fought Crusades in Jerusalem, and made pilgrimages, and even ruled as King of Jerusalem, but they were already established as a family by then. Are the Sumerian legends true? Sound familiar. and I’m not a Vampire, no offense to those that are :-D. UsefulCharts on YouTube also explained the connection, something about Jacobite kings. Rest assured that, no matter where your roots began, you, your sons, and your sons’ father(s) are all descended from royalty (and by “royalty,” I mean direct, immediate family of a king or queen, or the equivalent, such as tsar or emperor). (People just don’t change. It is not a person of royal blood, or even a person related to those of royal blood. the B blood group also originated in the North Fertile Crescent. Perhaps Mrs. Simpson and the Duke would have been returned to the British throne. Very interesting I am B+ and have 10 enthenticits in my DNA ranging from Irish, English crossing Europe and ending in Hungary. My line can be traced through Philip Nelson, a colonist in 17th century Massachusetts. This person removed all the correct information, and changed it from my mother, to a woman with the same married name as my mother’s (unusual) maiden name. Shortly after officers found the victim, the person was airlifted to an area hospital for treatment. Me, a septic? “That has never been a bother to me,” she told this author. Apollo caused a pestilence to the Greeks. It was lucky, then, that Don had already been honing his comedy skills, while he was a talented ventriloquist to boot. Why don't libraries smell like bookstores? I don’t know the identity of his mother, but according to a declaration of 1338 that he was a true-born Englishman and not a foreigner, he was born at his father’s Yorkshire castle of Conisbrough.

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