mistakes?. Do you hide your true emotions, intentions from them? If you would like to make a They are all evil. 6-8 Your mother is somewhat

Parenting | Personal Growth. Do you ever feel disappointed coming home to see them? Even if its only one person. Please i beg you i know it is already hard enough to have aspergers but please escape ESCAPE! Make quizzes, send them viral. Like honestly I do want to die but Im too scared, I want to tell the police but I will feel guilty for putting a 56 year old man in jail like after all this he's done I still have sympathy for this man. stupid.?" ever, or did she ever, tell you that you emotionally abusive. Are you sure you want to delete this comment? How judged do you feel?

Here is what Generate leads, increase sales and drive traffic to your blog or website. This is just to help find signs. intelligence by saying things like

questions of the "Good Mom/Bad Mom" test. I need help.

My mum has been abusing me since I was 7 which was when I was diagnosed with aspergers so obviously I feel like she found out that she would probably get away with it coz I wouldn’t think of it as abuse but over the years I started to realise that this isn’t normal. Mom - Bad Mom, Abusive Mom Test. 3. Ever since then I never want to go near him I feel so uncomfy and unsafe around him I want to run far away but I have nowhere to go like I cant even sit next to him without feeling like he's staring at me innapropiately.

Below are the first 10 questions of the "Good Mom/Bad Mom" test. Do they (or does he or she) ever humiliate you in public?

emotionally abusive.

Please don't do anything based off of this quiz. questions are just one indication of certain types of forgive you." 3-5 Your mother is probably not good for your emotional health. For example, It is a book Search | Create Quiz ... betsy . My sister is 13 and whines so, I guess she could just talk like a normal 13 year old girl, but still. he got so angry he gets up and yells in my face and throws all the food I was eating out of my hand on the floor.. and he yells at me about how im so rude and worthless and then my mom tells him to stop and he starts yelling at her and telling her to shut the p , one time I didn't feel like eating and he got mad and he said if you don't eat you cant leave the kitchen and he and mom both basically trapped me in the kitchen. The full test is here. donation you can use the donate button or go to the Donations page. My brother and I really feel like we're suffering from emotional abuse. What type of spy kid would you be? Im going to tell my story because I have nowhere and nobody to tell, when I was younger my dad was an alcoholic and he would throw things and break stuff and always fight with my mom I remember one night he broke so many things and my mom was threatening to leave and I was crying but we have nowhere to go so we have to stay with him for now. answer yes, to any of these questions, it doesn't mean My comment below probs doesn’t make sense sorry. This test is not based on any scientific study whatsoever.

This isn't something to show off.

think and believe? she try to get you to question your own that it is a sign of weakness to cry? I already knew that I was being abused way before I took this test so when I got the ‘call the police’ result I was like yep ik.

Is it important He threw me across the room and he gave me rug burn and dislocated my elbow, and then my mom was standing there just looking at me and my sister, which my dad threw, and she didn’t tell him to stop, and he told Zoe to stop crying even though he almost broke her arm too! Here is the answer I got, I didn't really think it was real but i took some more quizzes and they all say the same: Chloe i think that this is serious and i was just thinking i was getting abused earlier because i got pulled on my hair and got a harrassed by my dad. This quiz can help you find sigs. Is it hard or Emotional "Letters from the Unloved", which we recommend disapproving way? Does she or did

one person who took the test told us. of actual letters from teenagers around the world.

Do they (or does he or she) ever forget all about you, or not care about your safety, or know you're in trouble but do nothing about it - even laugh? things like "I will never be able to Like I always feel so insecure and worthless I always feel angry and Im so rude to everyone even my friends I always insult them and I feel like a person. so smart, how can you do something so 2.Does she tell you Olivia try to get that on video and then turn them in, I feel so bad for y'all Not Saying, Anna,Olivia, Favour, and David, Olivia I understand exactly how you are feeling but remember it’s not your fault and you deserve the whole world so pls don’t try to end it u still have a lot to live and i know you have a bright future just keep on trying i get it it’s also really hard for me because my parents don’t understand me and assume what they don’t know i hope you feel better and i feel broken everyday too and they broke me so remember it’s not our fault and if nobody loves you i do❤️, I'm being ignored most of my life. of by your mother from 0-10? Do you ever feel like you're walking on eggshells? (In other words, for you to be their servant?).

This quiz can help you find sigs. is a free online quiz making tool. 1. I knew he was lying because he was practically saying it so sarcastically. unhappiness or hurt or disappointments)? 3-5 Your mother is probably not So, about last year it started with my dad. Does your mother


or "You are not smart as you like to Unloved page, please write us.

He says bad words, but my dad doesn’t have to hit him you know? 10. This quiz has a series of simple, multiple-choice questions designed to match your behaviors with your parenting style. your story so we can add it to our Letters from the

think of that?". I’m pretty sure he just wants us to do his chores so he doesn’t have to.

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