You shall handle all actual or apparent conflicts of interest between your personal and professional relationships in an ethical manner. Living Will Gifts may be given only in compliance with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Any gifts may be accepted only on behalf of the Company with the approval of your manager and a Compliance Officer.

Distribution The existence of a Code, however, does not ensure that directors, officers and employees will comply with it or act in a legal and ethical manner. Jamba Juice is in the United States, Canada, Philippines, Mexico, and South Korea. Handle all actual or apparent conflicts of interest between his or her personal and professional relationships in an ethical manner. What is Jamba Juice sick leave policy? Collaboration Moreover, you should not copy or transfer confidential information, as described above under Section 7, without the explicit authorization of the Company's Vice President of Information Technology or their designee.


Senior Officers shall take all steps necessary or advisable to ensure that all disclosure in reports and documents filed with or submitted to the SEC, and all disclosure in other public communication made by the Company is full, fair, accurate, timely and understandable. You must comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations in performing your duties for the Company. Numerous federal, state and local laws and regulations define and establish obligations with which the Company, its employees and agents must comply. You may not use e-mail, the Internet or voice mail for any illegal purpose or in any manner that is contrary to the Company's policies or the standards embodied in this Code. There are over 900+ locations around the world. If this is your first job tell them you have been focusing on school and now you want to prove yourself in the workforce. Mention you are am a team player which will contribute to a happy work environment. Code of Business Conduct and Ethics - Jamba Inc. Try and find common interests the two of you may share and mention that during the interview. State you are punctual and understand the importance of starting a shift on time. However, with a small bit of preparation, you can ace the Jamba Juice Job Interview. Jamba Juice Team Member (Current Employee) - Santa Cruz, CA - September 15, 2020 it was a good place to work with fair pay. Overall Benefits and Compensations. Conflicts are not always clear-cut. All the listed benefits are extracted from job descriptions, reviews, and Q&A posted on Indeed. 2. Under certain circumstances, local country law may establish requirements that differ from this Code. The hardest part about working for Jamba Juice was the stores being short staffed and the high turn-over. You must take all steps available to assist the Company in these responsibilities consistent with your role within the Company. The Code applies to all Company directors and Company employees, including all officers, in all locations. I work well under pressure (this is a great answer because all restaurants have their rush hour and you need to stay focused during this time). In addition to imposing discipline upon employees involved in non-compliant conduct, the Company also will impose discipline, as appropriate, upon an employee's supervisor, if any, who directs or approves such employees' improper actions, or is aware of those actions but does not act appropriately to correct. State you pay great attention to detail which will help when delivering a perfect product. Jamba Juice Team Member (Former Employee) - Denver, CO - September 8, 2020 I really loved working at Jamba juice nice people and good drinks. How many sick days do you get per year? Jamba Juice is known for their freshly squeezed juices and their smoothies. Say you enjoy the product and the service you get at Jamba Juice, and because of this, you would be proud to represent them. The Company understands that not every situation is black and white. The headquarters are in Emeryville California. If it was the product I would offer to replace it (mention you would check with your manager first). - view all, Team Member - Los Angeles, CA - Jan 10, 2019, No employee bonus program or any sort of employee appreciation. Say you are a quick learner which will help when learning Jamba’s products and nutritional value.

An explanation of certain of the key laws with which you should be familiar can be found in the team handbook under "Playing by the Rules at Jamba." If you have a question concerning appropriateness or legality of a particular securities transaction, consult with a Company Compliance Officer. It is of paramount importance to the Company that all disclosure in reports and documents that the Company files with, or submits to, the SEC, and in other public communications made by the Company is full, fair, accurate, timely and understandable. Lease The key to compliance with the Code is exercising good judgment. All the listed benefits are extracted from job descriptions, reviews, and Q&A posted on Indeed. bribery or payoffs to induce business or breaches of contracts by others; acquiring a competitor's trade secrets through bribery or theft; making false, deceptive or disparaging claims or comparisons about competitors or their products or services; or. As explained below, you should always consult your manager or a Compliance Officer with any questions about the legality of you or your colleagues' conduct. The Company provides computers, voice mail, electronic mail (e-mail), and Internet access to certain employees for the purpose of achieving the Company's business objectives. So if you have experience working in a restaurant, handling a cash register, or dealing with customers mention that first. Remember not to say anything bad about your last job. Disciplinary Actions. You are expected to comply with all local country laws in conducting the Company's business. Dress formal or at the very least business casual. Go to Human Resources. State why it is better than the competition. Construction Unauthorized alteration, destruction, use, disclosure or distribution of Company assets violates Company policy and this Code. Every manager and supervisor is expected to take necessary actions to ensure compliance with this Code, to provide guidance and assist employees in resolving questions concerning the Code and to permit employees to express any concerns regarding compliance with this Code. You should not deny you have a weakness or state strengths as a weakness (I am a perfectionist, or I work too hard and neglect my friends and family). State a weakness that is. The Nasdaq rules require that the Company provide a code of conduct for all of its directors, officers and employees. Information on how you may contact a Company Compliance Officer or the Chair of the Audit Committee is provided below under section 10, which is titled "Reporting Violations of Company Policies and Receipt of Complaints Regarding Financial Reporting or Accounting Issues.".

View All Industries I would find out what is wrong with the customer. Theft or waste of, or carelessness in using, these assets have a direct adverse impact on the Company's operations and profitability and will not be tolerated.

- view all, Customer Service Associate / Cashier - Fontana, CA - May 13, 2019, The job is fairly easy but the hardest part of the job is calling personal days off and management. Consulting Jamba Juice is in the United States, Canada, Philippines, Mexico, and South Korea. Generally, material information is that which would be expected to affect the investment decisions of a reasonable investor or the market price of the stock. All confidential information concerning the Company or its customers obtained by you must be protected. The Senior Officers will take all necessary steps to ensure compliance with established accounting procedures, the Company's system of internal controls and generally accepted accounting principles.

Proactively promote and be an example of ethical behavior in the work environment. What they really want to hear is how your previous work experience matches the work experience required for this position at Jamba Juice. Jamba Juice Company employee benefits and perks data. Well smoothies are just expensive, not necessarily jamba juice smoothies. We can all agree interviews are stressful and competition is intense. Possible answers are. Senior Officers are also responsible for establishing and maintaining adequate internal control over financial reporting to provide reasonable assurance regarding the reliability of financial reporting and the preparation of financial statements for external purposes in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. What can I do in order to get up to speed quickly? Officers, directors and certain other employees of the Company are subject to additional responsibilities under the Company's insider trading compliance policy, a copy of which has been provided to each such officer, director and employee, and which can be obtained from a Company Compliance Officer.

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