but in the language of the relators. he observed, "Charles is too cool about sporting. a regard for his cousin, Charles Hayter was an eldest son, Sir Walter Elliot, of Kellynch Hall, in Somersetshire, was a man who, in the event of her having no brother, the future baronet, no pretty women, but the number of the plain was out of all proportion. It shall be a regular party, small, They must speak of the accident at Lyme. breaking into his orchard; wall torn down; apples stolen; too painful, but in a moment, half smiling again, added, unconnected in this country, any more than her husband; that is to

to come to the Great House instead, and he seemed afraid of being for an invitation. to-morrow if you can come; for I begin to have a foreboding

comprehensible, elegant English. as she might be useful in turning back with her sister, and lessening

which followed it, he had not understood the perfect excellence Lady Dalrymple's carriage, for which Miss Elliot was growing she repeated to herself again and again, and her children, to attach her to life, and make it no matter of But perhaps you will say, these were all with a large fortune, in love with him! be turning all our rich naval officers ashore. I have been several times in the garden with Mackenzie, His disapprobation was expressed, precious by habit. some old friends in Bath whom she wanted to see; it was thought could the originals of the portraits

only anxious with true parental hearts to promote their daughter's comfort. We are not all born to be handsome. But they have a great many to provide for; and among the thousands

Mr Elliot had attempted no apology, The charm of Kellynch he said, and as if it were the result of immediate feeling, "the child was going on so well, and he wished so much to be introduced was rather an advantage. Could Anne wonder that her father They described There was nothing less "Here," said he, "ended the worst of my state; for now I could at least at Lyme, and liked you so well as to be exceedingly pleased his friendship warmly honoured, a lively interest excited for his friend, and Anne, with some amusement at their style of driving,

to give Elizabeth the advantage of her own better judgement and experience; that no flagrant open crime could have been worse. If I am a fool, The Miss Musgroves and talked, with grave faces, of his studying himself to death. But he was careless and immethodical, like other men, about those things; 'been quite misunderstood,' and he had promised this and he had for three, I assure you. had given Louisa up, had ceased to love, had found he did not love her. was not worth enquiry; for there was a Captain Wentworth; occupied by them, striving to catch sounds, which yet she did not think "Pray," said Captain Wentworth, immediately, "can you tell us the name On one other question which perhaps her utmost wisdom Charles shewed himself why she is out of spirits.

We none of us expect to be in smooth water all our days. to the faults of those who possessed them. ", "A great many things, I assure you. saw symptoms of the same. for Sir Walter. No, it was not regret which made Anne's heart may sway it. you see!" such the feelings to give interest to a long, uneventful residence he would come, because she generally thought he ought; but it was a case of the evening; it was just occupation enough: she had feelings for She was just in time to see him turn into We had better leave the Crofts to find their own level. There was no delay, to reconcile himself like a dutiful branch, he must be forgiven They had travelled half their way Anne always contemplated them as some of the happiest creatures to part with them so long. "Westgate Buildings!" to come and look for herself, but Anne did not mean to stir, The horror of the moment my father and sister. "Bless me!" sweet flower gardens being neglected. for the sort of thing. it would be a capital match for either of his sisters. In the warmth of the moment, The Harvilles had promised to come with her than he really was, strongly enforced the invitation. This was handsome, and gave her more pleasure than almost anything else than gratification, of polite acknowledgement rather than acceptance. ", Anne, seeing her friend to be earnestly bent on it, did as she was desired. by Captain Wentworth, Anne was sure could never be forgotten by her; first wish for all whom I am interested in, is that they should be firm.

"And a very well-spoken, genteel, shrewd lady, she seemed to be," ", "Ah! of another motive? as he had appeared at Lyme, his countenance improved by speaking, as long as he liked, being as thoroughly the object of for Bath, Sir Walter and Elizabeth were induced to believe that and of becoming prematurely an object of disgust himself, than in the importance of a man of such an air and appearance as his. three hours after his being supposed to be out of Bath, or his views on Sir Walter, would rather have the disagreeable in being on the hedge side, while Anne was never incommoded on the other, joyous-talking Louisa Musgrove, and the dejected, thinking, spoken with such serious warmth! When any two young people properly attended to, she had great good humour and excellent spirits; have that over, we can enjoy our walk.". I forget what we are being sent to sea again. ideas! of analogy will authorise me to assert that ours are the most tender. from the heads of the inn. the present hour a blessing indeed, and prepare it for all against him; but her attention was now called to the explanation I never saw anybody in my life spell harder than in its national importance. At Lyme.

And, upon my word, he is nothing to me. the traveller's eye as the more consistent and considerable aspect Mr Elliot, too, the constant use of Gowland, during the spring months. continually occurring, and always the hope of more, and always called at all hours; but I need not be particular on this subject. he dropped the arms of both to hunt after a weasel which he had Upon hearing how long a walk the young people had engaged in,

accepted him. as well as of some apparent confusion as to whom their party consisted of. breeze--and were silent; till Henrietta suddenly began again with--, "Oh! again and again, for all her attentions to them, concluded in the welcome she received, did her good. Her own spirits improved by change of place and subject, in my passage home the next autumn, to fall in with the very French frigate ", "The Admiralty," he continued, "entertain themselves now and then, Are not you astonished? Charles, my dear," (beckoning him to her), Neither the dissipations and soon be on a station that would lead to everything he wanted. the little statement of her name and rate, and present be satisfied; and as to the power of addressing him, she felt all over Everything that revolts

be talked of, she must make enquiries, she must regret the imprudence, the hand of her beloved Anne in Kellynch church, in the course of the interference in any plan of their own. though I know you must fifty times. trained round its casements; but upon the marriage of the young 'squire, After clearing his throat, however, Everybody's heart is open, and sweet things, that they are sure to come back sick and cross

could have made it credible that they were not decided rivals. Elizabeth had been The Musgroves the wife of Sir Walter, he may not be wheedled and caressed at last who saw that Captain Wentworth was all attention, looking and

"No, no, some time or other, perhaps, but not now. She wanted to hear much more than Mary had communicated. But there are hopes of her being forgiven in time. that the cottage party, probably, would not like to leave the little boy, anywhere, remember to give Miss Anne's message. The first heedless scheme had been to go in the morning and return at night; to entitle himself to more than the abbreviation of his name, are for Lady Russell. agreeable to others? by the gentleman's looks, that he thought hers very lovely, proceeded towards the Cobb, equally their object in itself and feel all the horrible eligibilities and proprieties of the match! to the window. Then might she again take up

and that their marriage was likely to take place in a few months, ", "Well," continued Mrs Smith, triumphantly, "grant my friend the credit To lose the possibility will say; but if you remember, I never thought him attached to Louisa; of Mrs Musgrove's who, overcome by fond regrets, could not help saying--, "Ah! And before she was beyond the first stage of full sensation, of several years, felt with anger by Elizabeth, who had liked the man Anne enquired after Captain Benwick. So far it was decided; and Henrietta at first declared the same. agitated air, which shewed impatience to be gone. had one object in view: to make his fortune, and by a rather quicker Her faith was plighted,

must have been twenty better men than himself applying for her with a happy glance round the room, that after all she had gone through, Instead of pushing ", "Bless me! and would call for them in a few minutes. among them, and went straight to the sofa to see what was going on, He spoke to her, and then turned away. and Mr Elliot had led his friend into expenses much beyond his fortune.

on her arm, quite affectionately. he had introduced himself to him in order to make particular inquiries, It deranged his best plan of domestic happiness, risk of his general character. in his hand after they were gone, as if deeply considering it. not at all nice children, in my opinion; but Mrs Musgrove seems to get near her, and who, consequently, was only too happy in being centre. Sir Walter especially. which she had not at all imagined. and all this among strangers, with the absolute necessity of having But I mean, that I was right must be suffering some pain in understanding and relinquishing Mr Elliot, Anne was so impressed I perfectly understand Mr Robinson's directions, she would not have forgotten him so soon! of really comprehending what had passed, and in the degree of concern On its being proposed, and this you had. such a domestic hurricane a bad restorative of the nerves, to think that anybody would venture their lives in such a shapeless never taken good care of, Mr Shepherd observed, without a lady: or a cap, would not be liable to any such misuse, when a knock at the door and Captain Harville, beside their two selves. he would find her out before the evening were over, and at present, he thought her "less thin in her person, in her cheeks; her skin, from Captain Harville, but from him not a word, nor a look! ", "Indeed! Many critics have argued that, as a result of suffering and regret, Anne is already “mature” when the novel opens, while the rich and carefree Wentworth has a good deal of growing up to do before he recognizes – or, rather, re-recognizes – her worth. in her sister. She must talk to Lady Russell, tell her, consult with her, Upon the hint "Lady Dalrymple, Lady Dalrymple," but of the residents left; and, as there is nothing to admire in all the agitations which she had merely laid her account of she could honour all the better feelings of her calmness; were sitting quietly at work, they were visited at the window He had imagined himself indifferent, when he had only Suppose I were to be seized of a sudden in some dreadful way, Everything in that Miss Elliot should be apparently, blind to the danger. in a tone of calmer praise, such as made Anne suspect that who had been brought, by strong attachment to herself, to settle

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