But the curious atmospherical effects and illusions of John Robert Cozens's watercolours, some of which were present in Monro's house, went far further than the neat renderings of topography. [46] The programme aired on 17 December 1974, during the Turner Bicentenary Exhibition in London. Revised Mar 2008 - Connecting my Family Research to Marriages post 1901.. Orange Family from Wakefield, ORANGE FAMILY OF DEWSBURY, YORKSHIRE Children: Turner’s masterpiece of this period is the Dort, or Dortrecht: The Dort Packet Boat from Rotterdam Becalmed (1817–18), a tribute to Cuyp. Turner is buried in Saint Paul's Cathedral, London. Galloway Tree from Norfolk, Middx, Wales , not yet connected Families from Camberwell - not my family line!

HACKETT FAMILY RESEARCH .. NEW for APR 2008 .. Merritt Families From Cornwall & London to Durham, Jackman Spouses

[27], Turner formed a short but intense friendship with the artist Edward Thomas Daniell. [7] A younger sister, Mary Ann, was born in September 1778 but died in August 1783. CADE[1], CATERER[1], CATHERALL[1], CATHERINE[1], CLARK[10], COOK[4], COULTHARD[18] Kenneth Garlick and Angus Macintryre eds.. Evelyn Newby, ‘Joseph Farington (1747–1821)’, in Evelyn Joll, Martin Butlin and Luke Herrmann eds.. Beaumont, via Farington[5 June 1815], quoted by Martin Butlin and Evelyn Joll. He showed an early interest in architecture, but was advised by Thomas Hardwick to focus on painting. GALLOWAY[10], GARLICK[1], GODLIMAN[3] Letter from Lawrence to Dawson Turner, 26 April 1809, quoted by W.T. KITTO[1] Interior of Turner's Gallery: the Artist showing his Works, Samuel Rogers at his Breakfast Table, engraved by Charles Mottram, Petworth: the White Library, looking down the Enfilade from the Alcove, 1827, Berlin: The Internal Courtyard of the Schloss, Berlin: View down Unter den Linden and across the Lustgarten to the Zeughaus, Lustgarten, Fountain, Museum and Domkirche, from the North-Eastern Corner of the Schloss (Detail of Schloss Façade in Sky), The Dogano, San Giorgio, Citella, from the Steps of the Europa, House of J.M.W.Turner, 6 Davis Place, Chelsea, 47 Queen Anne Street West, photographed in the 1880s, Turner's Body lying in State, 29 December 1851, Plaster cast of death-mask of J.M.W. JMW Turner bequeathed about 300 paintings and 30,000 sketches to the nation, which he requested were housed in a 'Turner's Gallery'. [3] He lived in squalor and poor health from 1845, and died in London in 1851 aged 76.

Jacques b1723 his children & grandchildren

Parents: Nathaniel Church, Judith Bosworth [1] He was championed by the leading English art critic John Ruskin from 1840, and is today regarded as having elevated landscape painting to an eminence rivalling history painting.[2]. He would later call Malton "My real master". Turner's plates were meant to be widely disseminated, and categorised the genre into six types: Marine, Mountainous, Pastoral, Historical, Architectural, and Elevated or Epic Pastoral. 543; E. Shanes, Turner's England 1810-38, 1990 , p. 77, no. He was born in Maiden Lane, Covent Garden, in London, England. Turner. on this Link. [6] His mother, Mary Marshall, came from a family of butchers. He is also generally regarded as a precursor of abstract painting. He never married but had a relationship with an older widow, Sarah Danby (1760 or 1766 (christened) –1861). [24], Turner was a habitual user of snuff; in 1838, Louis Philippe I, King of the French presented a gold snuff box to him.

Whitley. Salt Lake City, Utah: FamilySearch, 2013.

A comparison of The Bay of Baiae, with Apollo and the Sibyl (1823) with any of the earlier pictures reveals a far more iridescent treatment resembling the transparency of a watercolour.

London and Ireland

In 1825 Fawkes died.

Turner traveled widely in Europe, starting with France and Switzerland in 1802 and studying in the Louvre in Paris in the same year. COULTHARD RELATIVES: //ARNOLD / ANDERSON/ BELL / BEWLEY / SEYMOUR / TERRY /CLARK/COATES /COOK NORTH EAST ENGLAND AND AUSTRALIA/ DAVISON /DOWSON / DURHAM/ GEDLING / HALL / HUDSON / KNIGHT / NEASHAM / NEWTON / NIXON / SCOTT / SLOPER SPROATS / TAYLOR / THOMPSON / WAINWRIGHT / WATSON / WHELDON / WHITLEY [40] By 1930, there was concern that both his oils and his watercolours were fading. WATTS[1], WILLCOCKS[1].

Explore Turner genealogy and family history in the World's Largest Family Tree. He travelled to Europe from 1802, typically returning with voluminous sketchbooks.

His father, William Turner was a barber and wig maker and his mother, Mary Marshall, came from a family of butchers. In situ at Petworth House, support: 910 x 1215 mm; frame: 1264 x 1573 x 170 mm, support: 1930 x 1651 mm; frame: 2060 x 2350 x 180 mm, support: 1702 x 2388 mm; frame: 2150 x 2840 x 200mm. Turner, engraved by W.B. After the society endorsed the Tate Gallery's Clore Gallery wing (on the lines of the Duveen wing of 1910), as the solution to the controversy of what should be done with the Turner Bequest, Selby Whittingham resigned and founded the Independent Turner Society. Home Children, Hudson Family of Winlaton, Gateshead, Durham, WEBSITE in ROOTSWEB REVIEW - 19 March 2008, Vol. The surname dates back to the late 12th Century (see below), and early recordings include Ralph le Turner (1191 - 1192) in the Pipe Rolls of Leicestershire, and Bernard Turnehare in the Curia Regis Rolls of Staffordshire in 1224.

[4] His father, William Turner (1745 – 21 September 1829), was a barber and wig maker. His finished paintings were bequeathed to the British nation, and he intended that a special gallery would be built to house them. Turner entered the Royal Academy of Art in 1789, aged 14,[15] and was accepted into the academy a year later by Sir Joshua Reynolds. [7] His father boasted to the artist Thomas Stothard that: "My son, sir, is going to be a painter". Joseph Mallord William Turner was born on 23 April 1775 and baptised on 14 May. Thus, for example, Berliner for a person who came from Berlin. HAISELDEN[1], HALLETT[17] Petworth House still displays a number of paintings.

Hamilton suggests that this "fit of illness" may have been an early sign of her madness. Financial independence allowed Turner to innovate freely; his mature work is characterised by a chromatic palette and broadly applied atmospheric washes of paint.

ORANGE SEARCH EUROPE, Jean Baptiste b 1728 his children and grandchildren [16] In 1793, he showed the watercolour titled The Rising Squall – Hot Wells from St Vincent's Rock Bristol (now lost), which foreshadowed his later climatic effects. LOEBER Family from Germany to London (new) see Orange Family A~ Z tree at Ancestry,, link above on this page.. GEDLING[2], GREY[1] Orange Directory of Occupations, Addresses & Emmigration

Presented to J M W Turner R.A. in 1838 by Louis-Philippe of France. 53 . STEVENS RELATIVES: CAUDLE CUNNINGHAM COULTHARD LEPPARD HALLETT MEACHIN PACKHAM PAGE PUTTICK, SCHOLZ (FROM SILESIA, POLAND), SEARLE= LONDON / SMITH / GALLOWAY = LONDON / FEAR / GARLICK / HACKETT = LONDON / KITTO = LONDON / BAIGENT = SURREY & NEW ZEALAND, Before you enter My Family tree, you may wish to take a look at the People & Places I am Researching Index Updated 16 December 2008 ~ keeping this here,, but Ive come along way since 2008 with the family research! JOHNSON[1], JONES[1] Joseph Mallord William Turner was born on 23 April 1775 and baptised on 14 May. ), J.M.W. Articles from Britannica Encyclopedias for elementary and high school students.

War Casualties, a special place to knowledge those that were once Forgotten.

Turner, 1979, p. 543, no. In Hannibal Crossing the Alps (1812), an emphasis on the destructive power of nature has already come into play. Dorcas, Emma Turner was born on month day 1887, at birth place, Mississippi, to James, William Massey and Martha, L. Canzy Jane Massey. Abigail Church He earned a steady income from commissions and sales, which due to his troubled, contrary nature, were often begrudgingly accepted. GALLOWAY FAMILY RESEARCH

The stormy backdrop of Hannibal Crossing The Alps is reputed to have been inspired by a storm over the Chevin in Otley while he was staying at Farnley Hall. His early work is topographical (concerned with the accurate depiction of places) in character and traditional in technique, imitating the best English masters of the day. The most famous bearer of the name was probably J. M. W. Turner (1775 - 1851), the English landscape painter and master of water colours. After a trip to the field of Waterloo and the Rhine in 1817, Turner set out in the summer of 1819 on his first visit to Italy. Living in London Tree The founder of CNN, the first 24-hour cable news channel, Ted Turner is an American media biggie.

125th Anniversary of the Confederation of Canada Medal, World War One: United Kingdom & Ireland HQ, "Time and Truth" (Barque) - Colonists to South Australia in 1854, Wisconsin in the US Civil War (USA) 1861-1865, Leaders of the Official Opposition (Canada), United States House of Representatives from Ohio, Current Members of the United States House of Representatives, Not Very Neighborly: the 1864 Political Murders in Columbus, Polk County, North Carolina, West Virginia with Counties, Cities, and Towns Project, Arkansas in the US Civil War (CSA) 1861-1865, Missouri in the US Civil War (CSA) 1861-1865, Texas and Counties, Cities, and Towns Project, Tauranga Methodist and Children's Cemetery, New Zealand, Pyes Pa Memorial Park, Tauranga, New Zealand, World War One: Armed Forces - New Zealand, New Zealand Settler Ships - Zealandia 1861, Beechwood Cemetery, The National Cemetery of Canada, Westmeath Union Cemetery - Westmeath Township, Renfrew County, Ontario, Canada, Durham Cemetery - Bentinck Township, Grey Township, Ontario, Canada, World War Two (1939-1945): Armed Forces - England, TAG for Leanne for Australian Pioneers (Free Settlers), Convicts and Naval Personnel on the First Fleet, Australia, 1788, "Prince of Wales" 1788 (Convict Ship) First Fleet (England to NSW, Australia), "Alexander" 1788 (Convict Ship) First Fleet (England to NSW, Australia), "Friendship" 1788 (Convict Ship) First Fleet (England to NSW, Australia), "HMS Sirius" 1788 (Navy Escort) First Fleet (England to NSW, Australia), "Samuel Boddington" (ship) Colonists to Victoria 1842, Women's Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) in World War II, "Scarborough" 1788 (Convict Ship) First Fleet (England to NSW, Australia), New Zealand Settler Ships - Viscount Canning 1864/5, Illinois with Counties, Cities, and Towns Project, Deputy and lieutenant governors of the State of Rhode Island, Scottish Rite The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Shriners International / Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, Great Migration: Passengers of the Mayflower, 1620, The Jewish Choctaw - Tracking Their Trek from Edisto Island, "Lady Juliana" 1790 (Convict Ship) Second Fleet (England to NSW, Australia), Convicts, Naval Personnel and Free Settlers on the Second Fleet, Australia, 1789, "Perseus" 1802 (Convict Ship) England to NSW, Australia, Portrait Artist of the Year (UK) - Sky Arts, Searching for my Parents / Op soek na my Ouers, Middletown Meeting (formerly Neshamina) early Quaker settlers of Bucks County, Settle MM first quakers of the 17th and 18th centuries, South Africa - Farm Attack Victims: 2017 to 2018, St. Louis City (Independent City), Missouri, Reich Refugees during Holocaust 1933-1945, We're Related to Royalty and Famous People, Revolutionary War Soldiers Buried in Dickson County, Tennessee, United States Military Academy (Notable Graduates), Railroad Transportation in the United States, The Battle of Antietam, MD September 17, 1862 US Civil War, United States House of Representatives from Georgia, South Africa - Farm Attack Victims: 2019 - 2020.

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