Do not wear camo, or bring long guns, not even in your vehicle. Up till that moment, I was wondering why there was no other indication we were talking about pirates. A Rayban pair of cool sunglasses….That way you can’t see our eyes…makes much more intimidating…, But did soften their decadeslong near-absolutist position on free speech in a way that was almost a non-sequitur, with an exception for armed protesters. Watch ANY ARCHIVE of the We the People Convention Podcast by clicking on "PLAYLIST". If not, why not? The twist, which really isn't much of a twist at all, is that they were lefties.

In this case, they were fronted as leftists that wanted to attack gun owners at the rally in Virginia.

Same reason the NRA should be financing demonstrations calling for gun control.

Just make sure that you’re not being stampeded toward a cliff, by devious political operatives who are more clever and cold-hearted than you. The high percentage of biker casualties resulting from head shots also cause some to believe those shots were fired by LE rifles equipped with magnified optical sights. It’s short on opinions, and long on facts which reinforce the truth about the Jew World Order (World Zionist Globalism). Except no one’s trying to stop their Marxist friends from being heard. Because lefty.

Sanford Levinson described their dilemma in “The Embarrassing Second Amendment”. I would be willing to bet that police will think twice before shooting if there are armed persons not committing crimes and just protesting. Anticipate that the walking route from your parking place to Capitol Square will take you through hostile opponents from Antifa or anti-gun groups. Just one question- when did guns become protected speech?×tamp=1578646191287&uagent=bfdc92fde42d80a1550348ea55729f1409df18b9&signature=f10fffcf14c93699da5c547a8f09c18eb13dfc7e&cachekey=60:04757bc4b4b5c35098de07f122bf1aeb=============================. If you encounter Antifas taunting you or making threats of violence, and you wind up pulling out a pistol to protect yourself, expect to be arrested and held with a very high bail. Expect to be pulled over by the VSP at highway off-ramps on the way into downtown Richmond for mandatory “safety checks,” where you will be asked about any firearms in your car or truck. But lets not delve into history anymore. I don’t think the ACLU has any other strategy than to keep going back to the government and asking again, perhaps in a new venue. If anyone steps out of line, all it takes is one person, it may even be a government plant….if that plant does anything to disrupt the rally, you could/will be arrested as a domestic terrorist.

(Additionally, open-sided multi-level parking garages are very effective urban sniper hides, and they must be fully occupied by LE to prevent their misuse, as occurred in Dallas in 2016 when a radical black racist sniper murdered five police officers and wounded nine others during a Black Lives Matter march. Are they big jug-ears”.

I guesd no one has heard of the secret 2.5th Amendment: The rights of the First Amendment and the Second Amendment shall not be exercised together. The article isn’t arguing that keeping and bearing arms is a First Amendment issue. My worst fear for Lobby Day is the opportunity for a mass-casualty false flag operation conducted by an Antifa-type individual or group, (with or without any connections to a series of government cutouts.)

We already know there is no free speech right to yell “fire” in a crowded theater. BREAKING NEWS: The ACLU finds itself in danger from frailties that plague all human institutions. If it takes Donald Trump to get the left on board with gun rights, then that may be the single best thing his presidency has achieved. Who fired first and why is debatable, but nine bikers were killed, at least four of them by police .223 caliber rifle ammunition, and more than twenty were critically wounded. Reagan used to be Democrat BTW. Diane Reynolds (Paul. And I’d arrange other types of demonstrations, also on favorable friendly ground, using social media to distribute a strong message. Ohio Toledo Blade Newspaper Endorses Trump for President! Depending on their orders, and your decisions, you may never even make it to the Capitol Square. If these are leftists where are their AK-47s? Katherine Mangu-Ward | 8.23.2017 12:30 PM. And here’s that thing that rolled into VA.: The premise of Matt’s article cannot be debated successfully. The police will then ask to inspect them, and to see IDs from everybody with you. An reversed the official censure of a WA Supreme Court Justice (libertarian Richard Sanders) for addressing a pro-life rally in Seattle. This was not unexpected, though, the ACLU has sold out a lot of principles in the past fifteen years to appease Leftists (notably ‘freedom of religion’ and the right of pro-life groups to demonstrate outside of clinics). 5 out of 5 ... John Brown Leftists Own Guns Too Shirt | socialist rifle gun club communist anarchist antifa antifascist LeftFist.

The move was likely a conciliatory gesture offered in response to backlash from local chapters, most notably in California, as well as resignations on the board of the Virginia ACLU chapter that initially assisted Unite the Right with permitting. In 2012, he received the Office of the Director of National Intelligence Award for Excellence in Counterintelligence Operations. Oh, they respect freedom of speech all right, same as Churchill respected Hitler as a capable and scary doe. carrying riot shields, constitute a threat or risk of “clear and present danger?” No. This is a weird line to draw, especially in response to Charlottesville, where the actual deadly weapon employed during the protests was a car, not a firearm. They are kicking things into high gear.

Does the leftist in the middle even have a magazine in her rifle? They have gone out of their way since the Obama years to insure they had us labeled, but it didn’t start with Obama. I think it’s a really useful observation.

3. These big government “arsonists” are the yin to the right-wing “accelerationist” yang.

Everyone carries. Comments do not represent the views of or Reason Foundation. Instead, it will only harden their resolve.

Great minds, huh? How can a place that we're intimately familiar with—more than half of America lives in the suburbs—be so unknowable? From the twitter/facebook thing; “They told me they’re in Phoenix to protect protesters from white nationalists”. The protesters announced, in advance, their intention to protest. Please understand that the January 20th Lobby Day is not owned by the VCDL or the pro-Second Amendment right.

Nothing anyone yelled was unexpected, and there were no innocent people to panic or to injure.

Law Enforcement will lock down the city and make mass arrests before permitting that to happen.

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