After resting in Perth for a short time, he commenced the return journey, which was made for the most part between the 24th and 25th parallels, and again successfully traversed the desert, reaching the overland telegraph line in about seven months. Returning from his journey through South Russia in the happiest state of mind, Pierre carried out an intention he had long had of visiting his friend Bolkonski, whom he had not seen for two years.

Rather than encounter alone the horrors of a four months' journey to Lhasa they resolved to wait for eight months till the arrival of a Tibetan embassy on its return from Peking.

Jacques was the first outcome of the journey to Italy, and in precision and splendour of style it marks a distinct progress.

The journey of life is like a man riding a bicycle. Littledale's first journey ended at Peking; his second, in 1894-1895, took him almost within sight of the sacred walls of Lhasa, but he failed to pass inside.

My university campus is very big. 5 The cave of Adullam has been traditionally placed (since the 12th century) at Khareitun, two hours' journey south of Bethlehem. The signing of the peace of Teschen, which averted a great war with Prussia, on the 13th of May 1779, was the last great act of her reign, and so Maria Theresa judged it to be in a letter to Prince Kaunitz; she said that she had now finished her life's journey and could sing a for she had secured the repose of her people at whatever cost to herself. Though he was unable to reach Khiva the results of the journey afforded a great deal of political, geographical and military information, especially as to the advance of Russia in central Asia.

Probably connected with the Rand i For projected routes, shortening the journey between Europe and Johannesburg, see the Geog.

When he was refreshed with food and sleep, he contemplated his journey again. Without replying either to his wife or his mother-in-law, Pierre late one night prepared for a journey and started for Moscow to see Joseph Alexeevich. 12; Archer, Report on a Journey in the Mekong Valley; Prince Henri d'Orleans, Around Tonkin and Siam (1894); M`Carthy, Report on a Survey in Siam (1894); Bulletins, Paris Geographical Society: H. So far we have spoken only of the Christian use of Syriac. That she had not heard from Prince Andrew himself, Princess Mary attributed to his being too weak to write or to his considering the long journey too hard and too dangerous for her and his son. His third journey Explorers.

The results of his observations during his journey through England and Scotland appeared in a tract De l'Angleterre et des Anglais; and his conversations with distinguished men in those countries contributed to greater correctness in the exposition of principles in the third edition of the Traite, which appeared in 1817.

The passenger traffic, which is in the hands of the Sachsisch-Bohmische Dampfschifffahrtsgesellschaft is limited to Bohemia and Saxony, steamers plying up and down the stream from Dresden to Melnik, occasionally continuing the journey up the Moldau to Prague, and down the river as far as Riesa, near the northern frontier of Saxony, and on the average 12 million passengers are conveyed.

Horace mentions it as the usual halt at the end of the first day's journey from Rome, and describes it as full of boatmen and cheating innkeepers. The soul of a journey is liberty, perfect liberty, to think, feel, do just as one pleases. i.; Diary of a Journey across Tibet (Calcutta, 1893); Miss A. ); another knows of its movements with David and the priest Abiathar (a name closely related to Jether or Jethro; cf.

But the most remarkable journey in this direction was performed by a Dutch traveller named Samuel van de Putte. It is good to have an end to journey toward, but it is the journey that matters in the end. By his own account this journey to Montpellier was in reality a voyage a Cythere in company with a certain Madame de Larnage. Here the sheikh found some of his relations and the matrimonial alliance was soon arranged; but though the object of the journey had been attained, the Blunts were anxious to visit Hail and make the acquaintance of the amir Ibn Rashid, of whose might and generosity they daily heard from their hosts in Jauf.

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