Combined with Inaba's super strong toes that allow him to shuffle swiftly from side to side, the creepy assassin's out-there style was hard to communicate in the manga, but truly shone in motion. i love how you specified that they're all at full power. Welcome to the forums! 128kg (282lbs)[3][2] They would both be of similar strength/speed, with Raian perhaps having a slight advantage, but Agito is firmly the better combatant. At some point before the most recent Kengan Annihilation Tournament, Kanoh Agito fought against Tokuno'o Tokumichi. Status: Okubo Is compared to Gaolang a lot in the manga, so although Gaolang would win, Okubo's strength, speed, and skill allows him to pressure Gaolang for a bit, but he would probably lose in the end. Kanō Agito While he was active, he was #1 in the Kengan affiliated fighter ranks. [11], Twenty-three years prior to the events of Kengan Ashura, Agito was discovered by Metsudo to be the result of a Gu ritual which was performed with humans. He was definitely more powerful than Ohma was before he began to learn and adapt, and Fang would've lost eventually had he not gone formless there. 5 Fighters Who Could Have Won The Kengan Annihilation Tournament, Still Haven't Gotten Into One Piece? Birthday: Characteristics

Cookies help us deliver our Services. If you surpass it it was never your real peak. If his opponents fight with blows, then he will as well. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. After achieving victory, he later faced Kuroki Gensai in the semi-finals. Dainippon Bank (Formerly) Kenganverse Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. [17] He used this technique in his fight with Sen to defeat him,[21][15] with the blow being so powerful that Sen was heavily injured and left thinking that it felt like he had been stabbed by a spear. Agito spent two years off the grid, until Himuro Ryo discovered him in a biker bar in America, going under the nickname "AG". RELATED: Netflix’s Kengan Ashura Is The Closest Thing We Have To A Tekken TV Show. The same way a samurai movie amplifies the effect of a sword swishing through the air, every one of Rihito's strikes in the anime sound like they would shear right through anyone he uses it against. Being a part of the bodyguards means he’s already used to working in a group.

[21], Agito has used this technique from the Niko Style. He was one of the fighters who found out, via phone call, that Tokita Ohma was still alive. Total Assets Acquired: Anime After the fight against Gaolang in particular, he threw away his pride and focused on winning. He was the fifth holder of the title Fang of Metsudo (滅 (めつ) 堂 (どう) の牙 (きば) , Metsudō no Kiba) before stepping down following his defeat in the Annihilation Tournament. In the manga, such transitions get lost "between the panels," but in the anime they are on full display.

He cuts apart his opponents with his strikes, leaving them a bleeding mess, and the anime amplifies the effect of the move by making Razor's Edge sound sharp.

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