...  read more, Mars will transit from 03 November 2015 to 24 December 2015 in Virgo Sign. Depression is part of our life. Such native are perfect in administration and can handle any odd situation.

You could feel overpowered by the assignments, and you may be enticed to put them off. You may revel in nourishment and drink. It has power to grant great political power. Native may be very well in speech. ...  read more, Ketu is known as a planet for salvation. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Each planet has Gem Stone of its own according to colour and the capacity of the gem ...  read more, First house indicates mind, personality and face, second house voice, third house arms and chest, fourth house heart etc and so on. You may face problems with your higher authorities.

You should also be alert at your workplace as someone at workplace may plan against you...  read more, Like past month, most of the planets are still moving in favorable houses and as such this month can also prove to be a favorable month for those who are born with Aquarius as their Moon Sign. Natives with Ketu in 11th house are blessed with good wealth and strong position in social arena. Therefore, Saturn is considered the most auspicious and give desired benefic results...  read more, Ketu is planets known for spirituality. At that point there might be no profit from child or house. These natives when confront much stress and worries from life in this placement.

I am going to talk about … Here are the transit results of Mars during this period. This is also known as Morning Star and can be easily recognized when seen in the north direction early in the morning...    read more, Sun represent father, moon mother, Mars and Mercury younger brother and sisters and Jupiter elder brother. 11th house is upchaya house and any malefic planet in upchaya house is consider good regarding materialistic matters. You may remain restless which may cause unnecessary disturbance in family life. It is quite likely some mischievous writers and publishers may steal their writings and these natives seldom seek or get compensation or legal damages for the theft. A malefic ketu brings problems in abdomen of person and mental stress is high. ... Weariness and lack of concern could entice you to raced to the shopping center and spend a ton of cash on extravagances. The problems of Ketu in the 9th house can be solved by proper remedies. He may be trapped in some conspiracy. A few circumstances will arise, of migration, travel and journey which will be productive, monetarily and professionally. Ketu in 11th house may cause for mental stress. Moon placed in Scorpio. He worries a lot for his future and may suffer from stomach diseases. Native’s children may be smart and intelligent. You will feel enlightened and will be inclined to earn more knowledge...  read more, For Aries: Result of Rahu Transit in Virgo from 12th July 2014:- Rahu would be occupying sixth house of your chart. He will battle hard to turn out such circumstances with much confidence in diligent work, religion and god. Followings are the results of Mars in difference houses of the chart...  read more, Seventh lord Venus is in good position with Jupiter. 2. You may feel somewhat entranced, Scorpio, as you don't realize what to do to pass the time. During year 2018, Sun will start its transit from Capricorn Sign on 14th January 2018...  read more, Mercury transit for most of the time in eleventh house will give positive results. ... Over the top sustenance and drink could make them feel rather drowsy and apathetic regarding everything. There may be difference of opinions with spouse...  read more, Mercury will transit in its debilitated Sign of Pisces on 28th March. Saturn will be transiting in Sagittarius Sign in the beginning of the year 2020. You should be careful while dealing with your seniors and over enthusiasm should be totally avoided...  read more, Your professional front may also not show positive results.

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