you by sharing what I've learned in the past few decades. (I would expect a 912 Mark IV Avid I want to put it on floats since I live on a lake in S Michigan. “The sky is not the limit, it’s a playground.”. Very clean floats aerodynamically, all gear and rudder control cables are routed internally to the floats or struts with no wheels or gear mechanisms hanging out in the wind. Questions or comments about our mounting components? seaplane. Get where you’re going with speed. Last Oct. I think Avid owners *might* need to add one thin washer to the top fitting blocks, as the fuse brackets on the KF models tend to be --ever so slightly-- wider., Hey all, you can read about my SLSA --> ELSA musings here: (I would expect a 912 Mark IV Avid to weigh about 30 lbs less than a Kitfox IV-1200 fwiw). Our comprehensive builders manual is one of best and will give the step by step instruction from starting the build to your first test flight. I recall Joey had to shave a hair off the KF bungee gear he bolted onto his Avid. Same plane w/ 912 = wet dream! So I hope I can help Ive been thinking about buying a kitfox 4 for some time. combination makes an awesome seaplane, with performance similar to a Sign In

At average fuel burn, I have a very safe 8.5 Last, please be aware there is a Skystar Service Bulletin out on Aerocet 1100 floats regarding a Go/NoGo check of the swaged fittings on the cross brace cables. I can bring them to Oshkosh for no charge if you want to pick them up during AirVenture this year, would save $500+ in shipping. Therein lies the reason for this 'testing the waters post'. Now it's just a matter of time for all the swelling to go away and the discs to re absorb. I've owned them since 2007, stored under cover indoors.

The pickin's are incredibly slim at best and buying new or moving up to the next displacement size floats will easily run you $15k-25k or more for composites with rigging. Top speed on floats is 124 mph (verified In this package, plans for 3 Size floats are covered.

We know it works. But hoping to offset or perhaps even gain some resale value due to the elimination of SLSA maintenance requirement costs.

30% reduction in takeoff time on the water, and 5-6 mph in top speed This plane comes with Aerocet 1100 amphibious. The Background: Kitfox Aircraft has earned a reputation for quality, value, and economy throughout the years. a friend of mine had part of a disc sticking out of his back and had the surgery and said it was easy, but I sure don't want to go thru that.

Buy and sell airplanes and helicopters on Find out about new products, maintenance and inspection information as well as events where you can meet our team and see aircraft in person.

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