Kyle questions his strengths, spirituality, and if he's the same person as he once was, or even a good person.

I hope they could bring the show back or as some have said make a movie for the ending.

It's not fair to your viewers. Watch out Josh and great job with Avengers and Agents of shield .....but you just may be in the same situation that you were in with Firefly , Dollhouse and Buffy .....LOOKS LIKE DISNEY FOLLOWING FOXES FOOTSTEPS!!! Josh decides to keep a list of things that prove Kyle is an alien lost from space, while Nicole tries to help him find his past.

I am 50 years old, surely not the demographic, but I really loved this show. Then the show stoped, I went back in to that hole of mine.

By the way ABC Family have you ever read GOOD MYSTERY and get to the end of the book and someone has removed the last two chapters. the actors of the show are getting older and doing other stuff!

then the show came on. Thanks.....awaiting an ending. It would be nice if they could do a kickstarter and have a movie to tie it all up. I was glued to it never seen anything this is probably my top favourite show / movie whatever u want ti call it :-) loved it! If I had a Important name... i would ask for it and bring it back! I beg ABC family to return kxy.....please please pleaseeeee!! please the end of this film cannot be predicted you people are thrilling us. I feel like it should be their responsibility to ring it back. Amanda can be happy with someone else, and that Kyle is goint to stop loving her but they are still friends.

I am upset at ABC family because they are affiliated with Disney and to me Kyle XY had way more Disney reputation. This is what has happened with KYLE XY.ABC Family NEEDS A RULE written in the TV series contracts where a story is linked to the next episode. Maybe Matt and Jaimie as Adam and Sarah!! He also reveals to Kyle and Jessi a secret facility in a remote area that Adam Baylen put in his will for them. What an original and brilliant concept, I don't know of another story that has captured my imagination so intensely and been so ultimately positive. In order for people in this world, now, to have the kind of education not received but desperately needed, Kyle XY has the potential to help give people hope and guide them to collaboration towards peace and sustainability. me and my mum fell in love with the show, we watched every episode it was our get away into a heart warming show. I appreciate Julie Plec for answering our questions, but the show was not given a proper ending!

Come on guys(and girls) lets start getting more people to PROVE how much we love this show!

Kyle decides against using his abilities publicly, and keeps them in secret, only helping people when they don't know he's helping them.

for god's sake. The sf side worked brilliantly, too. i don't want it to end like this please, Kyle XY is so amazing and interesting. I loved this so much I hope they can bring it back I'll even donate money for this show to come back for a season 14 I loved kyle and Declan and loved how foss was always there for kyle.

Kyle guessed that the code was the tune to D4, the code on the back of the photograph of Adam and "S" and the missing 45rpm record at the diner.

Her and Kyle's relationship should of always been 1-sided with a brief relationship leading Amanda and Kyle to be friends like Lori and Declan.

They move in together in the house that Adam left for them, and the camera pans away from the house as the sun is setting just in the background, glinting through the windows. I only caught fleeting moments of episodes when I was a kid in between channel surfing for cartoons. Fue capaz de tocar la fibra de los corazone de tantas persona, de nacionalidades,razas,edades y géneros diferentes.

Did someone just say that he/she has watched it all? There is so much love towards Kyle XY, I still don't understand why ABC Family won't bring back the show.

There will be funds for this - just look more widely, and see it as a mission for helping the world at its most vulnerable. Little make-up magic and may I suggest a razor ? It was an amazing show. Getting to the last unresolved "ending" was awful.

Grats to all! I hope the show comes back soon. am saani from ghana.kylxy was and is the best series have enjoy watching over and over again.we are begging the executives to bring it back to us or better the next season so that we can see and know it is educative and fun.we hope you will consider our grievancies.thank you.

Kyle learns that Adam is his genetic father for an experiment in prolonged gestation in an artificial womb that was at his secret research facility called Zzyzx, funded by an organization of scientists named Latnok. I have spent the last week watching this show. The show also seems to transcend age groups as my mother enjoyed it just as much; and I'm 28.

LOVE to the KYLE XY series and its cast and crew.Warm regards,Jolynn YatesSouthern Utah.

I loved the show I ducks it was cancelled. I hate the ending i want kyle xy back or make a movie!

I hope someday people could come together and protest and finally get it back on as well , if we all just tried together. Why didn't the people figure out ways to keep Kyle cycle on TV?

The man who has been watching Kyle from the beginning becomes the security guard for the neighborhood, allowing him access to the house and everything about Kyle's life. I appreciate Julie Plec for answering our questions but the other commenters are right!!!! kyle xy was an awesome series ever !!!! I pray to see a proper ending of kyle xy. ABC family always cancel the good shows such us Kyle XY and MIOBI >:[ people should stop watching shows on that channel, then wait 'til they bring Kyle XY back!

Thank you MDW... Blessings from PR!

A large house in the mountains for them to work on their own researches, to live in, and to create a life for themselves, to make a difference in the world, the reason they were created.

Has anyone thought about the company that brought the daytime soaps ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE?

Go check it out. Nothing like it out there. I still HOPE there's a chance to bring it back. and kyle desrve an normal life with the tragers. Sorry it's the way of Western Culture.

Don't think this will ever happen though, very sad.

But I don't think you guys completely understand what you're talking about.

This show by far is the most amazing show i've ever seen. I feel like they are my people.For the cast and the writer - you should know that by stopping this series, you have refused part of the reason why you are here on Earth.KYLE XY is revealing, enlightening, everything. Just finished watching with my daughter... WE LOVED IT!!! I'm so upset. Ever. An old man claimed that he had seen them in there a while back, (25 years to be exact) but his granddaughter explained that he just thought they looked familiar. I personally think that Matt did an amazing job with Kyle's character he truly brought it alive and I want to thank you for that. I've just finished all three seasons on netflix. and they should start up a new season :) it would make a lot of people happy, its so unfair that abc shut down the would be great if it went on. Beautiful characters and life events - captured an honesty I haven't felt in other shows. it ended that way!! Jessi touched it just as Amanda came in. its unfair what you did to the fans, leaving us in suspense.

I would not recommend this to somebody to start watching.

In that time I came to love Kyle XY. I am very saddened by the fact that it ended like it did, but really I'm sad for not being able to watch good actors, do a good story.

I feel sorry for the cast and crew who had been a lot closer to everything . -.- come on guys!!!! This is the ONLY show I've ever did so much research on. Make it happen ABC! I feel in love with everything about it. !I ALWAYS SAVE THE DAY.

Kyle paced back and forth with Josh trying to come up with an answer about Jessi and when Amanda came to visit, she told him about her schooling. Kyle returns safely home and tells the Tragers everything from his birth to Jessi assumed death. Anyway I hope at some point they at least come out with a movie to wrap things up or start the show back up. I'd really like for abc family to make a final more explainable episode. Season Finali part 1. The show was amazing and i thank the people who thought of it. This show touched people in a special way. Pls pls pls... To be honest: when I started watching Kyle XY , I was well aware of the fact that it only consisted of 3 seasons with no real ending .

The guy that didn't like Kyle when he started working at latnok.Andy you were also great. I wish Kyle XY would come back on, it is like the best show ever.I have watched the series over and over again.I just love all the action and drama it brings.I cant be leave ABC Family would cancel this show it is so great.I hope they will bring it back,but they probably wont. This evening my husband could not wait, he said " I've been thinking about it all day.

The networks keep constantly spending money on countless TV series and movies that just don't work.

In not so long time ago, i diden't care about other then me, but after i have seen this show, ii have changed, i help people if they need it, i look at the bright shide. He very soon shows that he is special by catching a snake as it is striking, then letting it crawl away. ABC FAMILY. This was so refreshing. Later, Kyle continued to train with Tom Foss while simultaneously trying to tell Amanda the truth about Charlie.

Simple theme.

If you don't bring this show back, or at least do a movie that will tie up all those loose ends you left us with, you don't deserve to do any more shows at all.

I'm really sad, i can't understand that, there isen't a ending, it just stop.

We would love to see a movie about Kyle. Ive sat and watched the 4 seasons of this in the last 3 days and its touched me inside.

'Jersey Shore' has 2 spin offs and Kyle XY gets suddenly axed.

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