Best of all, the seminar promotes “Relationship Leasing,” a sales style that respects each rental prospect as a person with unique needs and wants, not simply a “piece of traffic” or the next leasing commission. Beyond the essential likeability factors and polite, friendly manners, another great way to boost your team’s social skills is to encourage them to step outside of their comfort zone. Maybe it’s being in front of a crowd, networking, or doing a virtual presentation.

Prospects may need some time to consider the commitment and your leasing consultants’ follow-up call, text, or picture of a highlighted feature, could help the prospect move toward signing a lease.

If your leasing consultant needs 9 “no’s” for every “yes,” then a “no” is getting them closer to the “yes” that will inevitably be around the corner with another prospect.

I began doing as many networking events as possible and became more and more comfortable.

This presentation instills new pride in the maintenance person’s importance and contribution to the leasing and resident retention efforts of the property. › online paralegal certificate programs va, › healthcare recruitment certification programs, › best chemical engineering colleges in usa, › southcom human rights awareness training jko, › best undergraduate environmental programs. We design our apartment training to make a measurable difference while also being educational, motivational, and downright fun. efforts of the apartment community. There are always a plethora of leasing consultant books, ebooks, manuals, and guides that are published as well … A successful leasing consultant knows when to remain silent and focus on listening.

Also, be sure to keep and update a leasing consultant training manual specific to your property.

You can find the free courses in many fields through Our apartment training seminars’ main focus is resident retention, and our property management seminar topics include basic leasing, lease renewal strategies, and marketing and teamwork, as well as programs for middle management and maintenance personnel. “Even the most outgoing people have a comfort zone when it comes to interacting with others,” Lisa says, “Have your leasing consultant try doing something that makes them a little scared.”, Lisa added, “When I began my vendor career with JWilliams Staffing, I was a pro in the leasing office, but I hadn’t done much in the networking and event arena. You can coach your leasing team to improve their empathy. All our presentations can be customized to fit your company’s specific policies, philosophies, and corporate culture. “It allows you to improve communication between you and your team, promote valuable skills, gain new perspectives, and improve your training ability.”.

Great leasing consultants understand that selling value generates customer interest in the beginning and, for residents, results in satisfaction, loyalty, and even advocacy. Most people pay attention to improving their efficiency at work, but they fail to understand that they lack excellent communication ski... Career Management: Misconceptions You Should Avoid. . Yes, they are legitimate - some of the time - but you have to be sure that you've done your research because typically online universities, 1.

If you are a property manager, filling vacancies and meeting budgets is your top priority. Many people have already succeeded with blogging as it is considered quicker and easier to complete the blogging courses. If you are a property manager, filling vacancies and meeting budgets is your top priority.

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