He’s extremely durable, but his Damage is still excessively low even for a Zenkai 7 unit, and he’s always at the mercy of. His old stats,  situational toolkit, awful Z-Ability, and the fact that he’s been completely replaced in any viable Team by EX Chilled YEL, SP FF FP Frieza YEL and EX Burter YEL have caused SP FF Frieza YEL’s viability to fall off the face of the Earth. SP SSJ2 Kefla GRN’s addition to Fusion Warrior and Female Warriors skyrockets their Offensive firepower. However, the best theoretical Team is always taken into account for the Tier List, and while he might be hard to get. He was the primary Blue for Androids until SP Android #21 BLU came along. He and SP SSJ2 Gohan RED have invalidated Regeneration, but these 2 paired together on Son Family can destroy anyone. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. He’s an absolute behemoth Defensively, and since he takes so much effort to take down, he gets a lot of usage out of his Unique Ability which increases both his and his allies Damage inflicted when he takes Damage. Ultimately, though, he’s a valued teammate of SP SSJ2 Gohan RED that can cover his weakness to Blue units. He'll fall to Tier 2 for now, but maybe only temporarily. SP Super Trunks GRN’s true power lies in his Main Ability wherein he gets an incredible 75% Boost to Strike Damage for 10 counts.

You get to play different kinds of battles in the game such as Dungeons, Arena, faction wars, Campaigns, etc. His Blast Attack Buffs are outstanding and he comes with an innate increased Card Draw speed that cannot be canceled. ’s reigns of terror make Regeneration a complete liability to run, and GT is nowhere to be seen. His Cover only gets stronger if someone on his Team is defeated, and he trades his Cover Ability in for Damage inflicted when he’s the last one alive. He’s also a superior color for this meta, currently. His Z-Ability leaves much to be desired, but his presence brings out the best in his Saiyan Allies. He does, however, fill the Red void for Sagas Warriors, making the Team more flexible altogether. The value list is split into 3 tiers with the demand. His long-range Flash is excellent for reversing the flow of Combat. Ranged Fighters have always been a step behind Melee Fighters due to how hard it can be to use Blast Arts Cards effectively, but SP SSJ Kid Goku GRN makes utilizing his Ranged toolkit a breeze. The fact that he snuck into S Tier even with SP SSJ2 Gohan RED running around is impressive, but it’s hard to consider him safe in the Tier itself.

While they have the Female Warrior Tag, they don’t actually buff the Tag. Even now he’s still fine to use, but only if the Player does not own SP SSB Vegito BLU. was always the preferable Green for Regeneration anyway.

He struggles to do consistent Damage before 45 timer counts, but does do extra Damage to, and has an obscenely powerful Ultimate Move. With best theoretical teams taken into account, he's lost his spot anywhere and is only good for his Z-Ability. His “Lover of Justice” Unique Ability gives him a 15% Damage inflicted Buff per Teammate when he enters the battlefield, adding to his already high Blast Attack stat. Enregistrer mon nom, mon e-mail et mon site web dans le navigateur pour mon prochain commentaire. First glance at the game and you will be able to figure out the high-quality graphics and design ideas that have integrated along with mechanics that are worth praising. His Extra Move--which can be drawn through his Main Ability--is incredibly useful now, but he himself as been power crept. SP FP Frieza RED makes PVP matches against Saiyans significantly easier, and with a 50% Strike Buff on entry, can remain relevant even against non-Saiyan Teams. He shines Offensively with ferocious Combo potential and can defend himself as well. SP Gotenks GRN was never that great to begin with, the Fusion Team has too many better bench spots to consider him there, and SP Super 17 GRN is miles better on the core. The most used Roles for Support are Fighter and Tank. Her Z-Ability doesn’t Buff herself until she’s limit broken to 5 stars. She has reduced Strike Arts cost and a Main Ability that increases Damage inflicted and draws her a Special Move Arts Card within 5 timer counts. He also has a very inexpensive and helpful Extra Move that can set up his powerful. His Extra Move makes him ridiculously hard to play against as well, as it is an AOE -- similar to SP Omega Shenron RED and SP SSJ Youth Gohan YEL -- but Majin Vegeta draws a random card when he does it too, which can often ensure he can keep his combo going. SP SSJ Broly PUR was an iconic Fighter and had his time at the top for many months. His Z-Ability is not good enough for a bench spot, so he's landing in Tier 5. Unlike SP SSJ2 Gohan RED, however, SP Hit YEL’s very low base Defenses and Health make him very fragile on top of it all. SP SSJ Gotenks RED has amazing well rounded Damage potential, Combo potential, and a means to defend himself via his Cover and Ki Reduction. Bardock having to wait for his Transformation is a bit of a detriment. Her toolkit, Equip options, and Support qualities make her very versatile as she can fit into many Teams. He’s good, but not great. While he's an exceptionally powerful unit in the right hands, he has no consistent home and has to drop to Tier 2. Only relevant enemy who can pull that off is loris. Now that it's been disbanded, he's found his way onto the general tier list. He's been power crept. He’s at the tail end of Tier 1 for now, but if Movies don’t get other additions soon he can fall right back down. He has an excellent Z-Ability that Buffs Strike and Blast Attack at all star levels. , but that’s a pretty close call. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, Copyright © 2020 JeuMobi.com. Ability that can activate twice, and his Impact resistance gives him an additional 5% Defense against most Blast and Strike Attacks. Type : Melee SP Kaioken Goku BLU has an extremely powerful Transformation that lasts for 60 seconds and can really put the pressure on Enemies--and because of his “I’m Gettin’ Excited…!” Unique Ability, the more they evade him the stronger he becomes. Dragon Ball Legends Writer. Nous sommes désolés que cet article ne vous ait pas été utile ! and can alleviate some damage from opposing Gohans. Consistent top 100 since the game's inception: highest rank in a season was 7th. His Unique and Main Abilities stack for good amounts of Damage to make his Blast Attacks hit hard. somewhat, the rest of his team gets absolutely stomped beyond comprehension. Tags : Saiyan, Son Family,…. JeuMobi.com est LE site de référence sur les jeux mobile. He’s just a bench Fighter after being replaced by. It’s very important to note he’s considered at Zenkai 1 on this tier list as a way to reflect what the average player could have, although he’s clearly superior at Zenkai 7. on steroids. Being a renowned gaming developing company, Plarium has been able to provide the world with a number of exciting games that have given the company a high reputation. His Support qualities are remarkable, most notably giving a Team-wide Heal of 10% every time he’s switched out. Luckily his buffs don’t discriminate and are based on damage in general, so it’s not too detrimental.

Dragon Ball Legends is Copyright BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. All images and names owned and trademarked by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. are property of BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. ZENKAI, 1% UNITS, AND LEGENDS LIMITED UNIT EXPLANATION, 18-0 in both LBRs, top 1k in PVP ever since they started giving CC out for it, immune to anecdotal evidence, 250 pound bench press for reps. dblegends.gamepress.gg site lead. This is the best one you could ever find! Can anyone help me with pvp team for this meta also can u tell me is…, image640×1136 2.5 MB Tier List des meilleurs champions de type rare . He has no spot on any Teams core or bench. The absolute best Fighters in the game. His Main Ability restores his own Health by a massive 30%, gives him 50 Ki instantly, increases his Damage inflicted and draws an Ultimate Arts Card. GT hasn’t been able to compete consistently despite him being a core member of the team, so he falls to Tier 2. While he can negate color disadvantage with his main ability, he must be kept far away from. Regeneration is in need of a new Blue Fighter and he still can’t compete anymore. are basically 1A and 1B on Future, which ultimately depends on how fast the Meta is. Ability and Synergizes very well with SP Perfect Cell YEL, but is now too old. That being said, he’s very one dimensional in his Attack, has quite low Health, and SP SSJ4 Vegeta RED just kicked him out of the core of the only Team he works in. SP Broly: Cheelai BLU also has a lot of appeal as the primary blue on the team over him, seeing as they actually buff the Tag. He can reduce Enemy Ki Recovery Speed and increase his own Vanish Step gauge through his Main Ability. He isn’t the absolute worst, but there’s really no reason to use him over. They provide good support and are underrated in terms of damage relative to other support units. He has tons of potent and flexible Strike Damage Buffs, but his base Strike Attack stat is pretty average. The aforementioned releases definitely go a long way in helping revive Movies, but they still need a bit more. His Ultimate Move destroys all of his Cards upon activation but becomes a nuke based on the number of Cards destroyed. I am a day one player looking for some players (no matter how new or old) to do…, Is the new ss3 zenkai goku any good? still presents a terrifying matchup for him, but he also pairs amazingly with him, as well as the Zenkai 7. It will be a very uphill battle for him to escape Tier 2. Truth be told, both options are correct as the primary Blue for the team. This Extra Move Debuffs the entire opposing Team while simultaneously Buffing her own allies.

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