Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in, Automotive Replacement Batteries & Accessories, Price and other details may vary based on size and color, U27-12XP Valence Lithium Battery 12V 138A, Tenergy E6AC 50W AC/DC Balance Charger for NiMH NiCd LiPo Li-ion LiFePO4 Battery Packs, Hampton Bay Lithium Phosphate 1000mAh Solar Rechargeable 18500 3.2V LiFePO4 Batteries (2-Pack), Victron Energy BMV-712 Smart Battery Monitor (Grey), Blackvue B-124 Power Magic Ultra Battery Vehicle Battery Discharge Prevention, Victron Energy Blue Smart IP65 12/24-Volt 5-15 amp Battery Charger (Bluetooth), Nitecore i2 Intellicharge Charger for 18650 AAA AA Li-Ion/NiMH Battery, Prepper's Total Grid Failure Handbook: Alternative Power, Energy Storage, Low Voltage Appliances and Other Lifesaving Strategies for Self-Sufficient Living, Advanced Materials Science and Engineering of Carbon, in Computer Uninterruptible Power Supply Units, APC UPS, 600VA UPS Battery Backup & Surge Protector, BE600M1 Backup Battery Power Supply, USB Charger, Back-UPS Series Uninterruptible Power Supply, CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD Intelligent LCD UPS System, 1500VA/900W, 12 Outlets, AVR, Mini-Tower, LiFePO4 - Next step to a stronger power solution. LiFePO4 Marine Battery - 180 Ah 12.8 Volt 150 amp BMS with Bluetooth Monitoring, LiFePO4 Marine Battery - 200 Ah 12.8 Volt 120 amp BMS with Bluetooth Monitoring, LiFePO4 Marine Starting Battery - 100 Ah 12.8 Volt 1,200 CCA, LiFePO4 Marine Battery - 150 Ah 25.6 Volt 120 amp BMS with Bluetooth, Rigid Panel Mounting System - Top OF Pole, Marine Solar Panel Sizing Calculator Tool.

(15) 15 product ratings - Valence U-Charge RT Series U1-12RT LifePo4 Battery 12V 40Ah 512wh. Power Sonic offer an extensive range of battery sizes and configurations that support various applications. Lithium Battery Store offers affordable lithium batteries for sale worldwide.

$104.30. The batteries arrived well packaged along with all the bus bars ordered. It has a built in 100 amp continuous draw Battery Management System (BMS) and is plug compatible with most lead acid and AGM charging systems. This 12 V150 Ah LiFePO4 battery is designed for both house and engine start marine and RV applications. 35 sold.

12 Volt 100Ah Lithium Deep Cycle Battery. Our lithium RV batteries are rated to last 5,000 cycles, which should easily last 10 years, and up to 50, assuming 100 cycles per year. A 12.8V battery therefore has 4 cells connected in series and a 25.6V battery … Be the first to find out about new products, promotions, and product information, Call Us: 704-360-9311 -- Free Shipping in The US, {"cart_token":"","hash":"","cart_data":""}, Explore longer and farther with Ionic LiFePO4 lithium deep cycle RV batteries, Benefits of Lithium Batteries For Your RV, Power Your Travels With Reliable Ionic Lithium RV Batteries, Ionic Lithium RV Batteries - A Better Investment, Ionic 12V 100Ah Lithium Deep Cycle RV Battery. This means many appliances will  operate more efficiently throughout the discharge cycle using LiFePO4 batteries. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in, Automotive Replacement Batteries & Accessories, Price and other details may vary based on size and color. They can also be discharged past 80% state of charge while lead acid batteries can only be discharged down to 50% before it does damage to the battery. That said, lithium RV batteries biggest benefit is peace of mind. In addition to cell monitoring and management, the BMS will prevent over-discharging of cells by disconnecting the load and will prevent cell over-charging by reducing charge current or stopping the charge process. If you need to place your battery bank inside a small compartment, lithium may (literally) be a better fit for you. But with solar-lithium you dodge the avalanche of non stop maintenance, and you can finally lose the “battery anxiety” that comes from waiting 6 to 12 hours for your lead acid batteries to charge, constantly checking so you don’t overcharge your battery into an early grave. A Bluetooth battery monitor system for monitoring the state-of-charge of the battery with a free app is included. Ionic Lithium RV batteries are fast, efficient, lightweight, and easy to use. Bluetooth battery monitor app. 4 Pack- Shockli AA Size LiFePo4 650mAh Battery, Lithium Iron Phosphate Rechargeable 3.2V Solar B… LifePO4 Lithium batteries stay at a voltage of 13 to 13.4 volts during discharge of up to a 95+%.

Connect multiple Lithium Deep Cycle RV Batteries and run as many as needed in parallel, Ionic Lithium Deep Cycle RV Batteries self discharge at only about 2% per month compared to lead-acid 30%. LiFePO4 batteries are safe, powerful and plug compatible with most lead acid and AGM battery charging systems. Because it will provide just as much power as a larger solar setup would with a lead acid battery bank. Our Ionic lithium RV batteries have a 99% charge efficiency vs lead acid’s 85%, and charge 4-6x faster. 12.8V and 25.6V Lithium Iron Phosphate battery range with built in Protection Circuit Module (PCM) delivering a high cycle life and exceptional performance over a wide range of temperatures. Not only that, you can buy a smaller and less expensive solar array. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. Sometimes you need less weight on your hitch.

Our focused approach to exceptional end to end customer experience sets us apart from the competition. Let our lithium battery experts help you find the right battery. Power Sonic’s lithium batteries are drop-in replacements to lead acid batteries and are available with some of the most innovative features in the industry including advanced battery management systems (BMS), Bluetooth® communication and active intelligent monitoring.

Equalization voltage: Do not equalize LiFePO4, turn off the equalize function, but in case it ever runs a cycle or equalization can’t be turned off set to 14.4 volts. ... Sale! There's a problem loading this menu right now. This 12 V100 Ah LiFePO4 battery is designed for house marine applications to operate basic appliances. The true value of our Ionic LiFePO4 deep cycle RV batteries becomes increasingly obvious over the life of your battery bank. A lithium battery's capacity is independent from the discharge rate and provides constant power throughout it's discharge. This battery measures 18.9x6.7x9.5 inches 480x170x240mm. You’re seeing this ad based on the product’s relevance to your search query. Our LiFePO4 batteries are up to 70% lighter, charge 4-6x faster & are maintenance free. These benefits make Lithium Iron Phosphate the chemistry of choice for the most demanding applications. No more worrying about whether your lead-acid battery is charged and ready to go or wondering what level the charge is at. It has a built in 150 amp continuous draw Battery Management System (BMS) and is plug compatible with most lead acid and AGM charging systems. They don’t give off toxic fumes of any kind — no fumes, no venting. Order now! LiFePO4 batteries pack a punch.

This battery technology offers, "C" is the rated Amp Hour BMS Discharge Capacity (150 Amps), LiFePO4 Marine Battery - 100 Ah 12.8 Volt 100 amp BMS with Bluetooth, LiFePO4 Marine Battery - 100 Ah 12.8 Volt 150 amp BMS with Bluetooth Monitoring, LiFePO4 Marine Battery - 120 Ah 12.8 Volt 150 amp BMS with Bluetooth Monitoring, LiFePO4 Marine Battery - 150 Ah 12.8 Volt 150 amp BMS with Bluetooth Monitoring. Your 12-volt DC system powers the necessities that require less power, like your: Your 12-volt battery bank will charge while it’s hooked up to shore power, your generator, or solar, and also as you drive. Learn More - CMPower Marine Battery Manual.

Need some help determining exactly which batteries you need for your bass boat, RV, scooter, or other application? Here’s why. Ionic Lithium RV batteries weigh roughly ⅓ of a similarly sized lead acid battery. Voltage then drops off rapidly. Features include advanced battery management systems (BMS), Bluetooth® communication and active intelligent monitoring. The Ionic Batteries bluetooth app replaces guesswork with precise battery info, literally at your fingertips.

Selecting single cells with good consistency and reliability, as well as quality BMS, we can customize 12V LiFePO4 battery packs for light bikes, 24V and 36V for … If you are looking for a custom battery, we have those too! Your RV is powered by two systems, 120-volt AC and 12-volt DC. Our Ionic deep cycle lithium RV batteries are created with the highest quality materials and assembly. To start, this app connects to your battery to show you how much life your battery has, and how long it’ll take to fully charge. This battery measures 13x6.7x8.3 inches 330x170x210mm. Prismatic and cylindrical LiFePO4 cells including energy cells that deliver sustained current over a long period of time and power cells that deliver high current loads over a short period of time. Our lithium RV batteries can take a lot more punishment than lead acid batteries, and usually last 2-4x longer as a result (some have even reported lasting 10x longer). Both systems need shore power or generator power, unless you go off the grid and harness the power of the sun itself with solar (more below). Lastly, Lithium charging follows a similar charging profile as SLA, Constant Current Constant Voltage (CC/CV). LiFePO4 Battery Showing Cells and BMS Electronics, Click Here to learn about our lithium trolling motor batteries. You have to use your limited energy as efficiently as possible so you don’t run out, and lithium is the perfect answer. Our Ionic lithium RV batteries weigh ½ of lead acid batteries with equal capacity. For those applications that require unique power requirements our expert engineers can help design, develop, test and manufacture custom battery solutions for the specific needs of almost any application. Fortune 100AH LiFePO4 Cells Looking to add storage capacity to an off-grid lithium based system, these Fortune 100ah cells were selected and purchased from on 5-5-2020. RELiON’s selection of lithium batteries.

Our manufacturer has advised us that the quality of the cells and quality of the BMS is key to the longevity and performance of a LiFePo4 battery. 12.8V Lithium powersport battery range with an integrated management system that monitors and reacts to multiple voltage, current and temperature events to maximize performance, battery life and safety. That makes lithium a wiser investment. Heagstat 5.5A 6V/12V 8-Stages Automatic Car Battery Charger, Battery Maintainer and Battery Desulfator for AGM GEL Lead Acid and Lithium(LiFePO4) Batteries, With Winter Mode and IP65 Waterproof, Beleeb Battery Charger,12V/24V/36V/48V/60V/72V Voltage and Current Manually Adjusted,Automotive Charger and Maintainer for Car, Golf Cart, Lawn Mower, Marine, Boat, Snowmobile, ATV, RV, SLA AGM GEL CE, FLY5L-BS 12V CCA 180A 36Wh LiFePO4 Motorcycle Engine Start Battery with BMS Smart Battery 12V Lithium Iron Phosphate Scooter Batteries 4.5x2.8x4.1inch Left Positive, OptiMATE Lithium 4s 0.8A, TM-471, 8-step 12.8V 0.8A sealed battery saving charger & maintainer, 4 Cell 12.8V LiFePo4 LFP Battery Charger,1.3A Charger For 4S LiFePo4 Pack(Charge to 14.4V), FLYPOWER LiFePO4 Motorcycle Engine Battery FLY4L-BS 12V 160A with BMS Smart Battery 12V Lithium Iron Phosphate Scooter Batteries, 2S ~3S 5S 10S ~17S Li-ion Lifepo4 LTO Battery Active Equalizer BMS 1.2A Balancer, Foxsur Multiple Battery Types Smart Battery Charger for Lithium, LiFePO4, Lead-Acid, AGM Batteries,7-Stage 12V/6A 24V/3A Automatic Car Battery Charger/Maintainer for ATVs/Golf Cart/Motorcycle/Car, Optimate TM-291 5 Amp HIGH POWER LiFePO4 LFP 12 Volt Lithium Battery Charger Maintainer RECOVERY SYSTEM Tender - Automatic - CAPABLE OF RECOVERING LITHIUM BATTERIES, Victron Energy SmartSolar MPPT 100-Volt 50 amp Solar Charge Controller (Bluetooth), Zeasun Smart Battery Charger for 14500 16340 18650 26650 AA AAA 18490 18350 17670 17500 LCD Display USB Universal Battery Charger for Li-ion Ni-MH Ni-CD LiFePO4 Rechargeable Batteries, LiFePO4 - Next step to a stronger power solution, YTZ7S Replacement Sealed AGM Powersport Batteries.

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