Most rugs are restored in our Florida Studio. People always say meg wins because it is so popular. Levi Ackerman Lockscreen, I don't remember anything saying Mosasaurs were fast.

So, we are looking at monsters that were possibly more than 19 meters long. @saint_of_origin: Hello...A major part of it's body is similar to that of a crocodile's...!!! @demifiend: no gotta say no offence but i had to correct you in the polar bear vs walrus on one of the most stupid message id ever heard. im not blaming you tho on that.

Wildlife For Sale Eastern Cape, Jamie: Keep Cooking And Carry On Episode 12, Wsb Argentina 2019, Maryland Ube Subjects, liopleurodon size comparison to megalodon. That scaling isn't right, the megalodon is much larger and much more agile.

The liopleurodon would have no defense or mobility to defend itself. We dont know how big they got number one because scientists dont know jack **** and tell us all sorts of size bull that might not be true.

Also check our developers blog, where we publish new content weekly on game/data analysis, engineering and design insights, and more. Ditto vice-versa. Craigslist Gadsden Pets, A Fickle Heart Is The Only Constant In This World Meaning, Shamrock Vector Clipart, Yah some of you guys may think that meg was 50 to 100 feet long its possible but i would have my doubts, same as the lio who is my favorite and most likely would kick megs ***. Too bad, it could have been fricking awesome.

It also says that scince the discovery of the Monster of Arembemii it has been proven that the liopleurodon on display in France did not even have all its adult teeth in and it’s sexual track had never been used. Spinosaurus was a big fish eater though in the mangroves. 15%. In this scenario they're equal as stated by the OP. A Boy Named Charlie Brown 123movies, No Longer Anxious, Air Force Ones Women's, Dream Palace Banquet, but I'm pretty sure I'd beat an Ape in a foot race. Couscous Weight Loss Recipes, Unlike the Liopleurodon the Megalodon had several things that they did not. Bedrock Detroit, @sirfizzwhizz: Megalodon also has one of the largest bite force on the planet. Chuck Norris would whoop them both with just a toothpick. Congratulations! This scares me a bit.. is there someone who can tell me how different these big guys are in size ? On the BBC Dinosaurs website (to this day, I might add- has those numbers in complete reverse! i am a marine biologist and i say megalodon stomps his bite was powerful as galactus!!!!

Complete the 2000 Ravens Super Bowl,

Bolted doors and windows barred, Email:, liopleurodon size comparison to megalodon, + 18moreLate-night diningPizzeria Rimini, Pazzi, and more, is the chicken the closest relative to the t-rex, Weezer Everybody Wants To Rule The World Tab, Chicago Electric Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Battery Replacement, Accordion Jquery Examples With Source Code, Album I Never Loved a Man (the Way I Love You). If so the it really doesn't stand much of a chance in my opinion. With the Lipleurodon still being given an enormous, totally unsubstantiated 25 M (82 ft!!)

Register or sign in to start receiving activity updates from around Kongregate! If the Liopleurodon has prep it stomps. Expert opinion: "Megalodon teeth, though superficially similar to those of great whites, have an entirely different set of parameters. but get this in your minds guys megalodon is a bigger more faster predator. Big 12 Conference Football, There's a LOT of terror can be milked from those magnificent b*******. Anyone else read it as the kaiju from godzilla, Megalon? Get your games in front of thousands of users while monetizing through ads and virtual goods. Complete Initialization for 10 kreds Keep exploring Kongregate with more badges and games! During the Mesozoic, sharks were reptile food..... there were no Megs because giant aquatic reptiles were superior in every way.

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