The National Cheerleading Championship, more popularly known by its abbreviated name NCC, is the Philippines’ first and oldest National cheerleading competition. 2020 Championship coverage including results, features and articles:

NCC is a member of the Philippine Cheerleading Alliance (PCA), the official governing body for cheerleading in the Philippines. The National Cheerleading Championship's mission are:[5], The National Cheerleading Championship's vision is to become the premier organization for the advancement of cheerleading as a sport through developing and training world-class Filipino cheerleading athletes by providing international-standard training methods, services, and facilities, and a venue for a national cheerleading tournament.[5]. You can change your selection in preferences later. In 2011, the divisions were expanded more to eight, and the National Dance Championship was inaugurated with 23 teams participating.[4]. To promote the sport of International Competitive cheerleading as a means to raise the caliber of local cheerleading; To promote the ideas of good sportsmanship, personal integrity and accountability, team cooperation and community activities; To develop cheerleaders that possess world-class cheerleading skills and abilities; To develop cheerleading coaches adept and knowledgeable in world class training methods and expertise; To standardize and inculcate the rules and regulations of competitive cheerleading and develop world-class and international quality training methods and skills; To establish the National Cheerleading Organization to provide products and services and a means for networking for the cheerleading community; To hold annually the country’s Premiere Cheerleading Tournament as a means to showcase the country’s cheerleading skills and talents; and to be able to send a Filipino contingent to international cheerleading competitions. The inaugural event was judged by invited American judges, such as Joe Jackson of the Cheerleaders of America (COA),[3] as well with known Filipino names in Philippine cheerleading.[4]. Teams that move to a lower level prior to attending NCA Nationals are allowed to do so, provided they competed at least once in their new level at a USASF competition prior to NCA Nationals. ", "National cheerleading championship slated",, National championships in the Philippines, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Carlos Valdes III and Emiliano Caruncho IV, SM Mall of Asia, Music Hall / Market-Market Activity Center (2019), Lanao Del Norte National High School - Wildcats. Inaugurated the competition since 2010-2011 Season. 2014 - University of Kentucky. These nominees will also be considered for the NCA & NDA Go Be Great Award. 2021 International Eligibility Roster Form:

Historical Championship Winning Teams: 2020 - Kyle Scruggs. These individuals will be recognized for promoting the positive aspects of All Star cheerleading based on the characteristics of Teamwork, Dedication, Confidence & Leadership. Cheer Athletics ThroneCats IONTC6; Georgia Heat Black Ice XSC6; Champion Cheer Lady Light XS6; Twist & Shout Obsession XS6; Steele Athletics Slate SOSC6 If you have questions about your Varsity All Star account, please reach out to your Varsity All Star Advisor or contact. We love featuring teams on social media! Dance. Inaugurated the competition since 2010-2011 Season. This award promotes the positive aspects of All Star cheerleading such as Teamwork, Dedication, Confidence and Leadership.

The inaugural event started in 2006 at Araneta Coliseum with 10 participating teams (5 College and 5 High School Teams) and as of 2018 ... Poms Division. Athletes competing in an International division may not crossover to another International division. We strive to celebrate differences and inspire a brighter future of global acceptance, understanding, and unity through our Cheerabilities Division at the NCA All-Star National Championship. Event Coverage, 640 Shiloh Road, Building 2, Suite 200Plano, TX 75074. The annual competition, which started in 2006, is modeled after U.S. competitive cheerleading competitions.[1]. Cheerleading. 2021 Level Eligibility Policy Should a team’s Level Eligibility be questioned by another program, NCA will request documentation of that team’s participation at a previous event. Stunts. At some point, we will shut down online registration and move to PDF registration. National Cheerleading Championship started as a one-day invitational cheerleading championship in 2006. Our mission is to encourage athletes to find joy, confidence and fulfillment as they perform under the Dallas spotlight. Learn More. February 26-28, 2021, Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center 650 S Griffin St, Dallas, TX 75202.

It started with two divisions, College and High School divisions, composed of ten teams and, was held in Araneta Coliseum. Please take a few moments to tell us more about your program. About NCA All-Star Nationals. Nominate an individual athlete, team or program for the Varsity Pinnacle Award at NCA All-Star Nationals. 2013 - University of Kentucky.

Athletes competing in an All Star Prep division or Novice division are not bound by the crossover rules listed above, but may not crossover to an All Star Elite division.

The University of Kentucky is the most winning team with 24 national titles. Crossovers WILL BE ALLOWED at NCA All-Star Nationals given the restrictions listed below. Submit a Team Bio. 2021 Varsity Pinnacle Award Nominations Coming Soon! In 2018, the NCC saw more than 200 teams participate in the Nationals and also in 2018 NCC Philippines now allows teams competing from international teams from China for the first time. 2019 - University of Kentucky. Partner Stunts division opened in 2010, while the Group Stunts division started the following year and both division since 2012.

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