Surprise! then they might actually stay the hell on. She has molded hair this time too. With 25 additional surprises and functionalities, clearly this plane is also a must-have for 2020. it just generates more waste. Wouldn't it be better to have them organised? Still gross though. it's a cute inverted bob with an undercut. They are straight out of a music video or music concert, taking the level of fun and imagination to another level. Come on. It's gonna take fucking forever to open but it's the LOL Remix super surprise 8 pack! Fierce's outfit was in fact the LAST thing I opened, it was number 67 of the "surprises".

it's hard to get off again. Her lips are purple and she has a pale complexion. var _g1; She has two lines shaved into one eyebrow and gold and brown animal print eyeshadow. She also has a lot of caution tape. And guess what? Random. All rights reserved. 4 viewed per hour. I looked but all the dolls seem to have all their bits so i'm not totally sure what was supposed to be in the empty compartment. Who has this bracelet?". The instruments alone are pretty good fun even if they are rather obnoxious in the noises they make. The official release date is October 4, 2020, but we’ve got awesome, awesome news for you. Fame Queen has one iffy hand where it's a bit fragile on the peg so I can't really yank it off like I can the other dolls. [blog on 4-in-1 plane]. Bhaddie likewise doesn't appear to have a colour change gimmick (her original doll turned green in water). The hour it took me to debox all this honestly added nothing to the "play" element. It disappoints me and is imo a huge design flaw to what would otherwise have worked fairly well as a cardboard playset. The Opening Act and The Super Sonix. There's also some plastic flashing on Fame Queen's metal hand and Bhad Girl's fingernails on one hand aren't painted correctly. What I find interesting about this is that it says not to open till september 25th but these didn't come into stock till October 4th anyway. LOL Dolls She kept her socks, her bracelets (they're simple little black bands with pink like.. nubbins on em) and her corset but the rest is Shadow's outfit. She has dark purple lips. To use social login you have to agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. _g1.setAttribute('src', _g1.getAttribute('data-src') ); The drums come with a harness and some teensy tiny drumsticks that slot into a holder on Bhad Gurl's leg which is kinda cool. Unbox 70+ surprises from the O.M.G. Goo Goo Queen (AKA Lady Gaga) comes CAKED in glitter, like holy shit there's so much glitter. It's a pair of glasses for Goo goo queen! These 4 OMG dolls and 4 Tots Dolls, each have their own musical instruments. Purple_monkfish. Oh, details! The scale of these instruments feels just slightly off, especially with the guitars.

It sheds beads and it's quite a strange piece with massive square shoulders. I like the drawers, both work well to hold the extra bits and bobs when you aren't using them (like the glasses) and the LOLs have their own little stage. Her spiked choker has really long spikes which interfere with her vest's collar which annoys me. Another limitation is the shitty articulation the OMGs have, their arms just don't bend the way human arms do which limits their ability to hold anything in a way that looks natural.

In 2020 we will get new LOL Super Surprise.

It's odd because the puff sleeves of her bodysuit kinda get in the way.

While it's better that it's now all recyclable, it still has to be MADE and then recycled and that takes energy and materials. if ( localStorage.getItem(skinItemId ) ) { It's a stage setup that looks rather like one of those underground sort of clubs rather than a big stadium. Wtf?

Check the price on Amazon, because it changes every day. I will probably reuse the tissue paper for packaging things I sell on ebay but I ended up with a very large pile of the stuff. Remix Super Surprise is a limited edition doll set with 4 OMG Remix Fashion dolls and 4 Remix tots dolls. I don't believe she has a colour change gimmick like her original doll. and a point for the fold out stage for the lols?

On top of them you also get 4 electronic instruments (let's say £5 extra each) and the LOLs which retail at anywhere from £10-15 each now.

I mentioned this in my video but I will say it again, does the target market for these even know what a boombox IS? A couple of the dolls have some smearing to their lips or slight misalignment there and Metal Chick also has some paint spatter on one eye where it looks like maybe the nozzle was running low and kinda spat a bit. OMG Dolls also sport the most extravagant, eye-catching hair, shoes, clothes, and fashion accessories. It's white blonde with yellow streaks underneath. L.O.L. Also it looks like my set wasn't in the correct order. OMG!!

Outrageous. But at least the bags and tissue paper are all colour coded by character. My Shadow had arrived with quite a few errors and I didn't like her red glitter in person at all anyway. The two "speaker" sides hinge open (took me way too long to work that out. July 14, 2020, 5:06 am, by

I'm sure someone else could ID all the other inspiractions but I am not enough of a Gaga obsessive to be able to do so.

With lace, bleached denim, fishnet stockings, colorful crimped hair, killer studded shoes, Pop B.B. But you have to open everything else to get all the OMG accessories and clothes sucker! I just feel like it's a real design failure to have this playset element and then fuck it up with a piece you have to tear pieces off of. it's a different mold as well which is interesting. . 326 Views The platform on them has the same facets that the hat has. Lonestar is the older sister to the first line dancer of LOL Surprise Dolls. it's a strange choice. The single pack Remix OMGS are £40 here and the previous few waves of OMG have been £35 each. She has a plether skirt with warning signs printed onto it and a harness style belt over the top. Also some graffitti saying MC Swag was here and a record that I THINK says "purple tears" which may be a Prince references (Purple rain). The majority of the pieces are wrapped in tissue paper with the few things that needed baggies being in paper bags.

So if you're ordering these for christmas be warned, this is literally how it shipped to me which isn't ideal if you're buying it as a gift for a child within your household. LOL Dolls OMG Remix Super Surprise box looks like an old boombox.

Bhad Gurl has a tv... i think? Condition is "New". I think it would have worked better to just have two sets of the spinny wheels, it's not like there isn't space for another pair either above or below the tubes. I don't fully understand why SOME pieces are plastic when all the rest is card though. I just think it's a real shame it's cardboard and not really designed for long term use. Unboxing the Super Surprise reveals not one but two rock bands! Alright, so why do we care so much about these LOL Surprise Remix OMG Dolls anyway?

Remix Super Surprise including 4 rock instruments that really play music! Hot This box still had the embargo sticker on it. It's finally here! For those obsessed with the flair and fun with the ’80s, you will relate to the totally rad OMG Remix Super Surprise from LOL Surprise Dolls.

Poor girl. Fame Queen is still in her plastic and accessories have not been opened. I'm showing my age. Fame Queen is freaking awesome.

it's heavy! September 21, 2020, 7:04 pm, by There also is little rhyme or reason to what's in what compartment. But, let’s start in the beginning when all of their magic and pazazz began. Her lips are a dark brown tone and slightly glittery.

Her hair feels like it has product in it to keep it smoothed down and it's kinda flat without her hat on. is our personal favorite. So you're ending up with about £50-60 MORE stuff in this box than it'd cost to buy the equivilant individually.

Dolly Parton would be proud. Cool, by It's gonna take fucking forever to open but it's the LOL Remix super surprise 8 pack! The back of it has molded waves for some reason. Her shirt looks like the outfit she wears in the Lady Gaga video for Telephone. OMG Dolls have oversized heads, eyes, and lips – just more fun. It sheds everywhere.

Who's shoe is this? You can collect all previous original OMG Girls here. (We are allowed to admit that, right?).

Due to their busy schedule of ruling the doll world and music world, they custom-designed this plane for the LOL dolls to cut a demo in their built-in recording studio. We also have Shadow and the LOLs of Bhaddie dressed as a monster and 80s bb (aka the Madonna one). They each have a little card lid over the top to prolong the suspense (ooo what will I get? The boots remind me of shoes I had in my old cybergoth days heh. I like that the box has several places to STORE extra things and I like that I can actually fit all 8 dolls back into it once they're deboxed but it's quite a large thing and fairly cumbersome. The cassette piece opens as a drawer and beneath it is, wierdly, a plastic drawer. Even repainting part of her it still just really bugged me but I loved her outfit. 1, the paper baggies.

This set retails at around £140 here in the UK which all things considered isn't too bad a deal.

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