Rap Musician.

– E-mail Matthias Gafni at mgafni@thnewsnet.com or call 553-6825. "He was interested in all kinds of people," she says, "and in the differences in people.

But when it came to Hicks' death, he said, the rumor had legs.

A few feet away, 22-year-old Jermaine Akins -- a friend who was a fugitive from federal cocaine-selling charges -- also lay dead after being shot 13 times. A dark-colored SUV was seen speeding away. His music continues to be released posthumously.

“When we do get it, we”re going to try and do something to make it very difficult to remove,” the official said. Dow remains on the lam, sought on a no-bail warrant issued after the indictment, and may be featured soon on TV's "America's Most Wanted." Vallejo rapper Andre "Mac Dre" Hicks wasn't on MTV, on magazine covers or in movies.But his clever, hardcore rhymes had an underground following, and when he … "The thing about Andre as a child," she says, "was that he was always very, very outgoing and outspoken.

He'd been shot about 20 times and was slumped over the front seats of a blue 1992 Toyota Tercel, according to grand jury testimony.

~ Jason Thurston. A lot of people are just crazy about Mac Dre,” his uncle said. The 22-year-old friend of Watkins was shot 13 times. A day later, a white 2000 Pontiac Sunfire convertible was found burning in Vallejo. His problems were behind him when he was killed, Salvatto said, and he talked about mentoring teenagers to keep them flying straight. Hicks and his friends began dragging home large rolls of linoleum to use for break dancing in the garage.

He was instrumental in the emergence of hyphy, a cultural movement in the Bay Area hip hopscene that emerged in the early 2000s. Meanwhile, another car -- a white Pontiac Sunfire -- was spotted speeding away from the scene. He was shot and killed on a Kansas City, Mo. Las Vegas investigators tracked her down in July, and during an interview in San Francisco, Hendrix said he and another detective begged her to cooperate, even offering assistance to help her regain her life. "I knew that he would be successful," Salvatto says, "because he was really, really smart--a lot of just common sense.". But his clever, hardcore rhymes had an underground following, and when he was killed on a Kansas City freeway last November, hip-hop radio stations mourned him at length.

Laursen was pronounced dead at the scene from a head wound.

He had been performing in the city, and he and other Bay Area rappers enjoyed second-home popularity there. The car even bore a "Bush Lost" bumper sticker. The tombstone has since been replaced. We paid a pretty penny for that headstone, they don”t come cheap. Shocking disparity in polling places between SF,... California propositions: Live election results. His Las Vegas attorney, Keith Brower, was not available for comment. Hicks was sentenced to five years in prison in 1992. 2.2 (DJ Rick Lee Presents) [Hosted By Yukmouth], Thizz South - The Hurricane Iz Entering the Bay, Chop That H** (feat. Following those albums, Hicks met with Executive Producer Bernard Gourley and recorded the classic album "Rapper Gone Bad" with the help of with production from Tone Cappone, Lev Berlak, and Warren G. This started a new beginning for Mac Dre as he began to release albums steadily, building a huge catalog of music recorded at The Grill Studios in Oakland, CA.

One of Vallejo's early pioneers, Michael "the Mac" Robinson, released the groundbreaking album The Game Is Thick in 1988; its influence is still felt throughout the Northern California rap scene. In prison, Hicks gained some notoriety by recording the lyrics to songs directly over the Fresno County jail inmate telephone. Will California know the winner of the presidential election before bedtime Tuesday? They come to our office and ask, ”Where”s Andre Hicks?” ”. Mac Dre”s body lay in a platinum-plated stainless steel basket lined with cardinal red crushed velvet, protected by a fiberglass shield. Andre Hicks, aka Mac Dre, soared through his brief life with a focused playfulness ever hinting at the violence in the background. His name always came up," Babcock said. Considered one of the pioneers of the region's hyphy movement, Mac Dre constantly hyped the Bay Area. The 34-year-old Vallejo resident, who made more than 20 underground albums, was killed Nov. 1, 2004, during a trip to Kansas City, where he was performing.

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