Since everyone can potentially access their 5☆ Awakening and Doppel form, no particular magical girl should suffer from being terribly underpowered. So who all managed to log in for all 494 days of na? Those who don't are referred to as "invisible icon". The characters of the Magia record game are categorized into seven groups, we update the Magia record tier list on a monthly basis.

Those Common Magical Girls that gained their 5☆ Awakening and Doppel are moved to the 5☆ PvE Tier List. well, I managed to log in for all 495…, Im relative newbie so I still dont know whats the best, I heard shes a good support…, is she weaker than Homura glasses or really not worth mentioning, I’m not really that…, hi, I’m new to the gamepress forum so apologies if I’ve posted this in the wrong place…,魔法紀錄-魔法少女小圓外傳/com.komoe.madokagp Why isn't normal Homura included in any tier list?

A girl will not counter an attack she evaded.

The Guaranteed Bewitch on Emiri Kisaki's Connect frequently wastes enemy turns, while also increasing the damage they take from the element they’re weak to. Ren has a powerful single-target Magia, and her Dark attribute ensures no enemy will resist her attacks. Defense units tend to not have great attack stats, but her connect will grant you endure so that her teammates won't die immediately, but it's use is limited. Mami Tomoe's unique memoria draws all of her own discs, guaranteeing a Puella combo and a connect on the next turn. Magical Girls with very powerful stats for their rarity or something unique in their abilities that makes them a strong pick for certain teams. PVE Rare Tier List.

Join us to … The guaranteed charm on Kanoko Yayoi's Connect can completely disable target enemies.

Once she uses it, she’s just an extremely mediocre healer. r/magiarecord: A subreddit dedicated to the anime series, manga and mobile game "Puella Magi Madoka☆Magica Side Story: Magia Record".

Active and passive memoriae will be listed separately, and there is no relation between the tiers in the lists.

Great connect that inflicts multiple status effects and increases attack,  along with two blast and two accele discs make her great for battles, especially against bosses.

In other words, do not blindly assume a memoria in a higher tier is great for all intents and purposes. I’m always thirsty for more memoria resources, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the magiarecord community.

Event Shop Item Tier List. Alina Gray (アリナ・グレイ): 2nd Highest ATK in the game, top tier disc choices, poison dazzle stun and atk up all in one connect, decent magia providing high damage for the whole team.

Stat distribution is more important for active memoriae than for passive memoriae, due to their effect seeing less use. She's not a very good support. This combined with her Connect’s Damage Up allows her to support teammates offensively while also allowing them to dodge attacks. While this is called a tier list, and the memoriae will be listed in tiers, the key aspect can be found in the notes on the memoriae. Common Magical Girls includes 2☆~3☆ Magical Girls, the heroine Iroha Tamaki, and other Event Magical Girls such as Homura Akemi (Glasses). This means that while, Effects are evaluated based on their impact and limitations as described in.

Due to being the only Magical Girl capped at 3 stars currently, Iroha Tamaki has some of the lowest stats in the game right now. Nanaka in particular is better in PvP than all the 5* girls here, IMO, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the magiarecord community.

Can be used in virtually any team. Her kit is built towards Magia spamming - with Monopolize Draw Memoria, MP Restore Magia,and even an ACCELE UP Connect for boosting her fellow Magia-focused teammates. Screenshot_20201031-0200421920×1080 487 KB and no Damage Cut from the receiving girl when choosing targets, this means that any evade, guardian etc. Umika boasts strong supportive capabilities, with the ability to heal her teammates as well as cut the amount of damage they'll take. Her connect increases blast damage and ignores the enemies' defense whereas her magia increases her own MP and allows her to quickly spam more magia attacks. Versatile stats means she can be used in a variety of teams.

Notes are described with - for negative note, + for positive note and ~ for average. However, her regen ability can be useful for longer boss battles.

The appmedia tier list isn't exactly reflective of the PvP meta (Kirika and Kokoro in C rank when you see them fielded more than most girls on the list? Gamepress has some really nice tier lists, and I found this one to be the most helpful: PVE Common Tier List. Strong emphasis on using status effects. Having her 3 Charge discs polluting your deck will hinder almost any team she’s on.

However, her magia puts the Curse debuff on Darc for a turn so be careful when using her magia without having an anti-curse memoria equipped. Explanations are finished for the NA launch magical girls, so the initial Gamepress tier list is finally ready! Cooldowns are considered halved and rounded down when considered, mirroring how they work in mirror. Her magia is empty however, and only deals increased elemental damage. Her only advantage is easily 4-slotted due to being a welfare girl. This page is created by TFF. Accele Draw personal Memoria and healing Connect, Kako Natsume functions as a budget Madoka that boosts the team's MP gain.

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