We can then call the company linked to the chip, who can then give us the contact information that you provided when it was registered so we can get in contact with you! Martellia is a small home cattery located in Manitoba, Canada about 30 min North of Winnipeg Hwy#6. The first recorded notation of the breed is from 1861, and the first one to win in a cat show was in 1895 at Madison Square Garden. Tattoo quality can decrease over time due to aging, quality of the tattoo to start, and other environmental changes that can affect the skin of the ear. Airdrie We’d love to see pictures and hear stories! I support my friends in the fancy, because it takes a village sometimes and only WE know how things are for us. By using our site you agree to our use of cookies. 3 and 4 are boys. I don’t keep track of the money and time I put into my love of cats, it would not be a true measure of how I feel. Meet the Maine Coon Cat. I currently live in a small house and work a lot ! : Yes Annapolis, Bay of Fundy. By proceeding, you consent to our Privacy Policy and acknowledge how we process your personal data and set cookies as described.

7. kijiji.ca . Ready to go to there forever homes, they are litter trained and eating crunchy food. Monday to Friday: 8:30 am - 5:30 pm Saturday: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm Sunday: CLOSED. We are located 30 minutes south of Calgary. originated from Europe. Have you welcomed a new furry family member to your home? So, when a neighbour sees an unfamiliar neighbourhood cat and takes it to a clinic to have scanned, it now has no form of identification to get home to you and is taken to the city in the hopes of an owner coming forward and claiming them. Please provide the name and contact information for someone who knows you well and can assure us of your ability to provide a good home for a pet. Food: Natural Balance soft food I have 4 Maine coon mix kittens for sale, $400 each.

& dry food, Enzo is a very bossy, beautiful cat ! It is now fixed and working. We look forward to hearing from you. I have 4 Maine coon mix kittens for sale, $400 each. They sport large ears that are wide at the base tapering to a lynx-tipped point that are set high on the head about an ears width apart. Calgary, Alberta. I only put kittens on this planet that I think will be the healthiest (mentally and physically) and nicest examples of their breed.

QUEENS. Supplies and veterinary records will be included. Welcome to CASS Coon Cats Cattery We are a small family owned and operated Cattery that is dedicated and committed to ensure the health and well being of our cats and to the Maine Coon Breed. Ready to go to there forever homes, they are litter trained and eating... 7. kijiji.ca . He doesn’t eat them though just chews ! One of the most popular and well-recognized breeds that we see is the Maine Coon Cat. Maine coon kitten .

Maine Coon cats originated in Maine, though likely not from cross-breeding of … Indoor cats accidentally getting out are where most of our phone calls about missing cats come from.

WE CAN NOW SEE ALL CASES BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Our Cattery. To request an opportunity to meet a pet showcased on our website, please fill out the form below.

My male maine coon passed away last year and I am finally ready to look for another one. Enzo is a Male Maine Coon Domestic Longhair Cat for adoption to a very loving home in or near Calgary, Alberta. HOME.

While their coats are usually easy to keep tangle free, they do tend to need more brushing in the spring and fall when they shed their seasonal coats. Just the name of the breed is enough to make people think of size and hair – they have a lot of both! Contact our Maine Coon Cat rehoming team today. Our goal is to breed big, beautiful, healthy, and well-socialized Maine Coons. We specialize in European Maine Coon cats.

Its the reason why we are one of top breeders on Canadian map!We have had Maine coons for decades and have truly fallen in love with this breed.We mostly specialize in the feral wild look,however we appreciate a sweet looking Maine coon as well . Full at the base and tapering to a point with long guard hairs that flow when the cat walks, the tail has enough undercoat to make it bushy and full. One of the most popular and well-recognized breeds that we see is the Maine Coon Cat.

What this means is that a well-done tattoo 10 years later can be difficult to read due to the blurring of the letters and numbers over time. The first reference should be a veterinarian or other pet care professional. Enzo is a Maine Coon Domestic Longhair Cat for private adoption by owner in Calgary Alberta.

We had an issue with the form and it wasn’t sending us the completed form. This very special cat is 5 years years old and weighs 12 pounds. $ 1,800 .

Microchips are NOT tracking devices; they need to be scanned in order for your furry family member to get home to you. Name of Pet: Enzo

Report Ad. Every breeder needs to show at least a couple times a year, in my opinion. – Cass Coon Cats Webmaster. Please be responsible. Welcome to Martellia Maine Coon Cattery based in Warren Manitoba, Canada. This means Maine Coons are often happy doing more than just curling up on the couch and sleeping their days away.

Maleficent s Maine coons welcomes you 4 stunning Maine coon kittens, tica registered, come with there registration papers and 5 generation pedigree chart, also... 8 weeks and ready to go to their homes ! Just the name of the breed is enough to make people think of size and hair – they have a lot of both! If you filled out our kitten questionnaire before June 10th, 2020, then please do so again. Ready to go to there forever homes, they are litter trained and eating crunchy food. : Yes Welcome to Turtle Valley Maine Coon Cats. We are by no means a large quantity breeder. Maine Coons are known to be pre-disposed to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), which causes a thickening of the heart muscle.

Innisfail we do also find specific family lines of Maine Coons have more dental health issues than others. We are registered with T.I.C.A. This kitten will be... 4 sweet little babies ready for new homes this next week.

Calgary, Alberta. Gets along with dogs: Yes If you wish to connect with a veterinarian via message, phone or video, visit our website and follow the "Online Consultation" link. Please provide 2 references that we can call. Known for its impressive size and outstanding personality, the Maine Coon takes three to four years to achieve full growth, with males averaging 14 to 18 pounds and females proportionally smaller at 9 to 13 … Cloudflare Ray ID: 5ec9943c1b8d0eab Our Registered litters range from $1500 to $2800 depending upon sex, color, and characteristics. The Maine Coon has a low-maintenance, semi-long flowing coat. We’d love to meet them! Age of Pet: 6 years We specialize in European Maine Coon cats.

This includes vaccines, wellness exams, blood work, heartworm testing, spays and neuters, dental services, and more!

J'ai eu plusieurs vermifuges, 2 vaccins de base ,j''ai ma micro puce, je suis castrer, j'ai des... MCattery est le premier endroit organisé et abordable pour acheter des chats de luxe Je suis numéro 1 au Canada (service client, prix juste et grands félins)... Kittens for sale. 1.

I also choose to de-sex every cat and kitten that leaves my home to go and live with a non-registered breeder. Super friendly and cuddly ! Martellia is a small home cattery located in Manitoba, Canada about 30 min North of Winnipeg Hwy#6.

Another Calgary Cat Show has come and gone, making us think it was time to do another Meet The Breed. 1 female Maine coon kitten will be ready for her new home Nov 10/2021.

Send us your photos at info@killarneycat.ca. More. About. I have two male Maine coon cross kittens $300 each Ready to go to there new homes 30 minutes south of Calgary Text 403 603 2356. I am there if one needs to come back and will aggressively pursue the return of one of my cats if it’s in the wrong place. The Maine Coon is considered a native American breed that occurred naturally in the north-eastern areas of the United States and in north-eastern Canada.

Number 1 and 2 sold.

If you do want a Maine Coon that comes with paperwork, do your research and find a breeder who you trust.

They feature striking, bobcat-like tufts that curl out to the sides of the head from within the ears. I have small kids and they have Been so good with... Maine coon femelle, née le 8 septembre 2020, aura son vermifuge, deux vaccins, opérée et une micro puce. Maine coon mix . The Maine Coon cat is the largest of all pedigreed breeds.

I support my breed in rescue and education.

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