It took us a little bit to figure it all out, but once we did, yeah. When I edit, we’ve still been using that old GarageBand for editing.

On the other hand, we’re still using [Audio-Technica] AT2020s for voice and things like that. On “Sidelong,” Sarah Shook & the Disarmers fill raucous country songs with tales of hard living.

The Cowmen, Devin and Doug's debut album with their other band, The GBs. One of these days we’ll get out of this place We used a Tascam US-322 [interface]. I've been told death works this way [Laughs] Yeah.

From there I went to East Village Radio as a fill-in guy. Now I'm sittin' on her tombstone all alone We’re about to actually add a new one.

Yeah! But I drank too much whiskey, now it's all broken glass

Drinkin' 3. I had a horse Maggie left the house at the age of sixteen Why build a ball on a hill? Also, Sabian for high hats.

There’s another: Which bassist was it that killed his mother with an axe? 'Cause she's the ghost that haunts you My mother was a pale horse known only to ancient Sumerian children sacrificed in the name of Beelzebub, the 11th Scourge of God Mr. Barteneder don't be so slow Or you'll be staring down the barrel of a goddamned gun First To Go 4. Packed up my Chevy now I'm ready to go She's the ghost that haunts you I don't believe you He spends up to 200 hours a week in his Pop-tart-powered Man Cave, scouring both print and online resources for every Interesting Fact available. She's the ghost that haunts me 2.8K likes. Maggie liked her cigarettes Virginia Slim and long And she was thrown out of hell and tumbled a thousand miles on the road to Russiatown where she landed in the Devil's Dirt

Every day, Had a pretty lady by the name of Red

Boot stomp Let’s see, Last Podcast [Network] is now at what, 12 podcasts? How did you circumvent that? We’ve geared our system and our entire setup to be as simple as it can be. I had five years of radio experience before then and then when I got here I started doing work for The Onion, for Onion Radio News. Actually about half of my life I’ve been in radio. Doug's EP with Brian Flood back in 2011.

I think, where are we at right now? It keeps everything simple and lets everyone else in the band breathe and take the front stage. What program were you using for editing early on? The easy designation is gallows humor, but it’s more like the executioners took off their black hoods for a trip to the bar to tell jokes before another rope goes up. and when you're thirsty you eat Burned on the cross by the Ku Klux Klan I learned how to cry and I learned how to fuck I talked with Marcus Parks, one of the central figures in Last Podcast Network, about his experience in radio, making a professional production with next to nothing, and how to best serve a band as a drummer while you’re covered in blood. Oops, looks like you forgot something. And the Devil belongs to me You puked in your sleep so I rolled you over My wife got pregnant with a bottle of a Schnapps So give me a shot of what's left of the gin

Yeah, I’ve been in radio since I was 18 years old. Across the street from Satan's Old Saloon What were the biggest hurdles starting out and podcasting on your own? We still use GarageBand. I see her a goddamned lot The problem with the DIY aesthetic is that sometimes you end up doing things the hardest way possible because you don’t know what you’re doing. Then he hopped on a horse It’s a really fun world to play around with. I think that’s another important part of producing: making your sound consistent. And rape occurs almost constantly S-K-E-L-E TON DAN!!! The other thing about it is that we were always working on an extremely tight budget, so we just kind of had to figure out what to do with the equipment that we had. The devil belongs to me What does it mean to be a producer?

Like he liked to be mean He used to host the Round Table of Gentlemen with Ben Kissel. Skeleton Dan 7. They're written in blood, booze, and skeleton bones But them goddamned coyotes won't leave me alone And then I introduced you to hell The Last Podcast On The Left Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. Throughout the years, the thing about podcasts is that there’s really no model for it. Marcus, thanks so much for talking to me. Jimmy the Noose, he tried to cheat me at cards I don't believe you So give me a shot of what's left of the gin That's the last time anybody ever saw her clean Boot Stomp And decided to flee This entire medium is totally new. He plays the bones in his skeleton band And we can't kick this alone Devin and Doug's debut album with their other band, The GBs. Skeleton Dan, he plays kick the can and if you Honkey tonk heels and a snake skin dress

Now the boys call him Ole Jimmy the Scar Telling us we can't drink, gamble, or whore For cymbals that I use, I prefer Sabian for a crash, Zildjian for a ride. Every day The light in your eyes flew away with the flies So give me a shot of what's left of the gin, Can I pay for some gifts so I can share 'em We’re still using GarageBand—I think 10.8—for all of our recordings. But I never wished to see her walking out of that door

Get out of that fat man's truck, Bill was a preacher that rode into town

We’ve been playing around with Adobe recently, Adobe Audition, but I just haven’t had the time to sit down and really get used to it and really play with it. Boot stomp Her goat head did rage in the loins of the Morning Star where she drowned in Satan's black placenta and demos.

listen here! Marcus' current interests and hobbies include eating pickles, researching for the episodes, digging holes, watching horror movies, listening to great music, playing in his band, touring with the Last Podcast cast, and having bones decorate his apartment.

If drinkin's a sin, the devil's my friend I see her in the cancer boy's tomb Steel Roll was dyin' Thanks guys! We can actually add drums to the band." Eighteen years old [Laughs] Good. Do you have any other spooky themed artists you’ve got coming up in mind for future episodes? Henry is permanently in LA now. Why, oh why, Ol' Bill (Why ol' Bill) We can't kick this together That Scarlett stuff is so clean. You get pretty much zero latency, right? [When] I originally started, I had a large marching bass drum that I started playing at their live shows because it used to just be three guys playing stand-up comedy shows, so they’d bring you out with a bass drum. A professional killer So I think you just have to get creative with it.

Maggie was cute but she sure was profane Spin the bottle you can kiss the man But she's the ghost that haunts me

Bad News, They were sisters three And we can't kick this alone That takes up the time that I could use to learn a new program—I need to devote it to the book. Eventually we got to where we started using sound cards. What were some of the kinks that you ran into starting out with in the way of say, interfaces or mics? But then she decided to cheat He was incarcerated for tying to make love to the moon

After we hang that boy Maggie's gonna get hurt, and Maggie's gonna die Ask me 'bout the legacy that I left behind Glifton, he loves to beat his wife

I don't want to see you die tomorrow

No way to get home We don’t necessarily have dedicated producers for each show, so the setup needs to be as simple as humanly possible. Yeah. Russiatown 2.

I'll tell ya seven dead men and a cocaine line, I had a horse That way we get a consistent sound and it makes us sound like we’re all in the same room as much as we possibly can.

That’s the other thing about being a drummer in New York: you have to work a lot of times with whatever kit the venue gives you. Our songwriters Doug [Austin] and Holden [McNeely] wrote most of the songs for that album and they really did a great job of playing with this world and writing really interesting lyrics and really interesting music. There’s plenty of weird murders and things like that to be mined in the occult world.

He found a lot by the cancer boy's tomb They all lead off to hell

We just had to improvise on the fly so much, but in the process of doing that, we’ve learned a lot. We wanted to make sure everything sounded up to standards.

But the kinfolk of the town, they hated his guts Get out of that fat man's truck and being a skinsman in various beat-rock combos.

He works without a whip or a gun

He understands the dead man's plans -The Last Podcast On The Left- Animated-,, Marcus had a pair of badger paws from a badger that he shot, which hung in his truck, Marcus was valedictorian in his graduating class, Marcus and Carolina have a dog named Georgie, Marcus shares a birthday with Dolly Parton, Marcus is the drummer for a band called the Cow Men, If Marcus was to be assigned a serial killer, he would be Richard Ramirez. I’m there to keep the beat.

For years we’ve been doing things like blankets. For inspiration, we’ve kind of looked towards books like Our Band Could Be Your Life to look at what indie record labels did to kind of get off ground, looking at what they did right and more importantly, what they did wrong and using that as a template for what we’re doing.

Unlike other Creepy Mutants such as Virginias or Armsies, Cowmen have facial features and don't appear to be formed by multiple bodies though they are also taller, wider, and stronger than Mutants. Last Podcast on the Left's Marcus Parks on How to Make a Weird, Successful Podcast. Our lives are now worn out and weary Snakes I can’t remember exactly the type of sound hood that it was, but I have the same one in my apartment now to record ad spots and things like that. They wanted you to use GarageBand for podcasts but then in the last few updates, they’ve turned it into a beat-looping program.

Hoof strong Skeleton Dan, he was playing in the sand Maggie come home

I don’t know about spooky-themed [episodes], but music-related cases. I think for me, as far as drumming goes, I just want to get out of everyone else’s way. Maggie was a bitch and Maggie was a whore That worked well for a while but we just upgraded actually last week to a Scarlett 18i20. The Cowmen. Last Podcast on the Left Episode 208: David Bowie and the Occult. He tasted like a broken man It’s no latency at all. Thank Christ he married Old Granddad on ice Eventually one day I was like "You guys know I can play a trap kit right? She murdered fifty men Marcus Parks and Carolina Hidalgo own a dog together named Georgie (likely referencing the character from Stephen King's IT). That Philippine mahogany gives you such a full tone even from a 20" kick. And pain, well it weighs a ton People just take you more seriously. Doug's EP with Brian Flood back in 2011. I'm not coming home (for Xmas this year), Mamma said son, "You know drinking is bad." Maggie 5. Maggie was a hottie but Maggie was a child, Give it a spin! Ghost Who Haunts Me 8.

I love the back and forth between the candidates, especially hearing all of Hiram McDaniel's five heads, the Faceless Old Woman was wonderful, Kevin's surprise appearance was amazing and his eerily happy voice created a visual of a creepy smiling man.

Our band is a combination of country and punk which can be two of the simplest drum styles that there are. Tried to check her pulse but she was already dead The other thing about it too is that we have a lot of people that will produce their own shows here. The devil belongs to me We didn’t necessarily do it on purpose: we just did it because we had to do it.

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