They would backpack in Central Asia but skip war-torn Afghanistan. With little to occupy them, the children were lethargic and had trouble sleeping. When a Canadian family judge several months later gave Coleman permission to take the children to the United States, she left the same day. Coleman said her husband worried about how their captors would respond when they learned they had been deceived. Coleman attended college for a year before she was kidnapped and hopes to pursue a career in psychology when the children are older. Taliban representatives told reporters that they intended to use Coleman and Boyle as leverage to secure the release of militant prisoners in Afghanistan. He declined to comment for this article. Back home in Pennsylvania after the trip, she began divorce proceedings, but the couple reunited the following spring. How a woman from a small town in Pennsylvania ended up in a South Asian militant compound, giving birth in captivity, is a story of subjugation, suffering and, ultimately, resilience. The son of an Ontario lawyer who later became a tax judge, Boyle had also been home-schooled before attending a Mennonite high school. The sudden unraveling of Boyle and Coleman’s captivity brought little clarity to what many U.S. officials had long believed: that parts of the Pakistani government had links to the Haqqani network and may have known about the kidnapping. “The whole captivity with the Haqqani network, obviously it was horrible,” she said.

“Josh never held a gun to my head and said, ‘Go to Afghanistan or die,’ ” she said.

Boyle then became a spokesman for the family of Omar Khadr, a Canadian who was the youngest inmate at the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, when he arrived there at 15. Mark Coleman showed ridiculous athletic ability far before he became the first heavyweight champion in Ultimate Fighting Championship history.

Another daughter, Joy, was born after Coleman arrived in the United States in 2018. Author. As she grew increasingly unwell as her pregnancy progressed, she felt less equipped to resist his plan. According to Coleman, Boyle began dictating what she should wear, whom she talked to and what she said in emails after their wedding. A list of demands that prosecutors allege Boyles made of his wife. Social services didn’t seem equipped to address what had happened to her and the kids. Her father, Jim, said he was “kind of a weird dude.” Boyle’s mother described her son to a reporter as smart, proud and “very odd.”. Her first child, a boy, was born shortly after they were taken captive.

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