The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. All yielded nothing. The agent knew it would look suspicious to follow, and so he returned to the capital. Speaking in an ABC News television interview March 13, he said of his uncle, ''I think he's dead.''

After Martha Mengele married Josef, Karl-Heinz became Dr. Mengele's stepson as well as nephew. Two were Brazilian, but one was clearly European. Just two years before, in 1960, he was part of the team that had sensationally kidnapped Adolf Eichmann from outside his modest home in Buenos Aires and spirited him back to Israel, where the man known as the ‘architect of the Holocaust’ was put on trial and hanged. Such a drag! ‘In any case, you can’t do anything upon first sighting.

The file reveals one of the most extraordinary clandestine manhunts ever undertaken, which stretched some 40 years until 1985, when Mengele — albeit his corpse of six years — was tracked down to an obscure graveyard in the Sao Paulo satellite town of Embu.

The newspaper said Luigi Pezzei, the chief of the Italy's paramilitary national police, believes Mengele was in Meran in 1982.

For Wolfgang Gerhard was none other than the link man between the outside world and a man whose name continues to chill even to this day — Dr Josef Mengele. Eventually, they hit on the idea of a picnic, and so one Sunday, Aharoni and two other agents drove up the track, and somewhat brazenly started to eat some sandwiches near a small group of farm buildings.

For many years, it has long been suspected that the spy agency had decided to devote its resources either towards the hunt for an eight-year-old boy who had been abducted out of Israel, or against the German scientists developing rockets in Egypt that could be used against the Jewish state. The Israelis tapped Rolf’s phone, hoping to record a conversation between the two men on their birthday, March 16. The agent knew a lot about him, and there was a lot he didn’t like.

Dr Josef Mengele: A man whose name continues to chill even to this day (pictured in 1942). Occasionally the digitization process introduces transcription errors or other problems; we are continuing to work to improve these archived versions. Mr. Klarsfeld, a Paris lawyer, said he had been informed more than a year ago that Rolf Mengele, a lawyer in Freiburg, West Germany, had traveled with a false West German passport in the name of Wilfried Busse to Brazil from Aug. 11 to 23, 1977.

In the end, it was not the Israelis who found Mengele. The father died in 1959. Surely this was a scalp too valuable for the Israelis to give up on? ''I would like to talk to him too you know,'' he said. Rolf’s mail was intercepted, his home broken into, his documents photographed. She still lives in Freiburg. Published: 01:54 GMT, 9 September 2017 | Updated: 02:18 GMT, 9 September 2017. He hid in a two-bit town called Hohenau in the southeast of the country, living among poor farmers of German ancestry whom Mengele openly regarded as hicks. Mr. Klarsfeld said he did not know where Mr. Busse could be found now. ‘A lot of years and time and many attempts went into trying to trap Mengele and it’s a shame they didn’t reach the desired goal,’ Yosef Chen said this week. After the success of the trip, an emboldened Mengele returned to Buenos Aires and — astonishingly — registered himself at the West German embassy under his real name, and actual place and date of birth. Unbeknown to Mengele, Mossad was not giving up. Mengele’s skull and bones were soon unearthed from the Embu graveyard under the gaze of the world’s media. But this week, thanks to the release by Mossad of their bulging three-volume file on Mengele, we are finally able not only to learn the truth of why the hunt was abandoned in 1962, but also how the Israelis would later resume their search in the late Seventies. For a short while, all was well. It said she probably settled in Meran because of the political mood there, and because the Mengele family agricultural machinery firm has a branch there. Russian dance troupe under investigation after twerking performance goes viral. Dr Mengele pictured third from left at a picnic in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Martha Mengele, now 65 years old, lives alone in Merano, a German-speaking resort city in northern Italy. She is a member of the Meran Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, has a dog and drives a silver-gray Volkswagen, the newspaper said. The hitherto secret minutes of a cabinet meeting held that year conclude with the ominous words: ‘We decided to instruct Mossad to renew the search for Nazi war criminals, especially Josef Mengele, with a view to bring them to trial in Israel.

Nevertheless, an increasingly anxious Mengele decided that he wanted to create a new life.

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