A common stereotype of an executioner is a hooded medieval or absolutist executioner. One of the oldest and largest "executioner graveyards" is in the Eyüp district in Istanbul. Unlike in France and many other European countries, far from being shunned, British executioners such as William Marwood, James Berry, Albert Pierrepoint, and Harry Allen were widely known and respected by the public.

The executioner's sword is designed as a cutting weapon rather than stabbing, forged of brass and iron, "Headsman" redirects here. Because of this, many executioners were professional specialists who travelled a circuit or region performing their duty. Sometimes, executioners also taxed lepers and prostitutes, and controlled gaming houses, or cleaned latrines and cesspools. for failing in vital sentinel duty or stealing from a ship's limited food supply.

[5], Robed figure of a medieval public executioner at the Museum of Torture in San Marino, Robed figure of a medieval public executioner at the Museum of Torture, in Żywiec, Poland, Robed figure of a medieval public executioner at the Museum of Biecz Region in Biecz, Poland, Robed figure of a medieval public executioner in Ogrodzieniec Castle, Poland, Print of Execution of King Charles I of England 1649; the executioner is masked, 17th century executioner's sword, Germany ca.

Barnard Castle is a 12th-century fortress passed to the hands of Richard III. As stayed or commuted convicts, executioners consequently lived as inmates in the prisons of the respective towns where they were based. From there on there would be one only executioner to carry out death sentences for entire Algeria.

For the different department numbers, before 1976 Corsica used to be one department only and was codenumbered with 20 by then. In the medieval era, public executions were meant to accomplish two goals: first, to shock spectators and, second, to reaffirm divine and temporal authority. Medieval astrologers were highly respected scholars who believed that the movements of the stars influenced things on earth. Although medieval people used capital punishment far more frequently than we do today, executions were rarely very numerous. Jones between 1909-1913, required by state law to be the executioner of death sentences, Warden D.E. 1600, High Court Executioner's sword with Christian epigram, ca. In the province of Rio Grande do Norte, the executioner had always to be the convict scheduled to die next after an execution, so that province's last execution had to be carried out by a firing squad, after the necessary emergency change of execution protocol. The profession sometimes ran through a family.

1982–1999 – Givens, a corrections officer at Virginia State Penitentiary and later Greensville Correctional Center, served as official executioner for all executions carried out in the state during this time period. In Pakistan, executioners have obligatorily to be Christians. 1906–1926 (Home Office List; assistant to John Ellis from 1906; 1949–early 1950s (assistant) not to be confused with Henry Bernard Allen above; both men were known socially as "Harry Allen". In Japan, executioners have been held in contempt as part of the burakumin class (today executions in Japan are not carried out by professional executioners, but by prison guards).

One afternoon in May 1573, a 19-year-old man named Frantz Schmidt stood in the backyard of his father's house in the German state of Bavaria, preparing to behead a … Common terms for executioners derived from forms of capital punishment—though they often also performed other physical punishments—include hangman (hanging) and headsman (beheading). John J.

Method of execution was public hanging by an ultra-short drop of approximately 90 cm (2' 9 11/2"), with the executioner, after having activated the trap door or pushed the convict, according to the gallows's structure, climbed a ladder and launched himself rope downwards, hitting on the convict's shoulders with his weight.

They sold wine, spices, herbs and medicines. And except for the province of Rio Grande do Norte, executioners had obligatorily to be of African descent.

Darby between 1900-1903, required by state law to be the executioner of death sentences, Warden E. A. Hershey between 1903-1904, required by state law to be the executioner of death sentences, Warden O.B. Wayne K. Patterson – warden at Colorado State Penitentiary who pulled the lever to start execution of Luis Jose Monge on June 2, 1967.

A common stereotype of an executioner is a The profession of executioner sometimes ran through a family, especially in France, where the Sanson family provided six executioners between 1688 and 1847 and the Deibler dynasty provided five between 1879 and its 1981 abolition. In western Europe, executioners were often shunned by their neighbours, but a lot of British ones were widely known and respected by the public. Ireland consisted of the Kingdom of Ireland between 1534 and 1800; it was part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland 1801–1922; after that it was Northern Ireland and the Irish Free State; from 1937 the southern part was the Republic of Ireland.

(former Clermont-en-Beauvaisis, also called Clermont-en-France). The latter's members included Louis Deibler, his son Anatole, Anatole's nephew Jules-Henri Desfourneaux, his other nephew André Obrecht, and André's nephew Marcel Chevalier.[4].

This situation continued until the abolition of capital punishment in Turkey.

In 1870 the Republic of France abolished all local executioners and named the executioner of Algiers, Antoine Rasseneux, Éxécuteur des Arrêts Criminels en Algérie, which became France's official description of the executioner of Algeria's occupation. This is a list of people who have acted as official executioners.

), -1854 (himself executed for murder March 5, 1845), -1374 (murdered by theft victim Peter Agsten after the thief hanged got back to live), 1541 (himself decapitated for murder still in 1541), 1545-1546, 1552 (contract executioner from Berne), ~1652 (also referred to as Balthasar Mengis), August 25, 1939 (official reference to the voluntary executioner of, 1639-1650 (1623-1640 and again after 1650 in, to 1538 (London; in 1538 he was himself hanged for robbery), to 1556 (London; he was himself hanged for theft), 1686 (Bleackley (1929) graphs his name as. At the occasion of his nomination, Heidenreich could choose four among France's former local executioners to be his aides. As the Republic's executioner was required to live in Paris, people soon started to refer to him as "Monsieur de Paris", "The Mister from Paris". Still, executioners were typically consigned to the fringes of society — and even forced to literally live at the edge of town.

In medieval Europe, to the end of the early modern period, executioners were often knackers,[1] since pay from the rare executions was not enough to live off.

Innkeeping was one of the most lucrative occupations of the Middle ages, although it carried also a lot of responsibility. Lady Betty offered to carry out the task in exchange for her death sentence being commuted to a life sentence, and she acted as the county's hangwoman from then on. Because medieval legal system was firmly rooted in Christian theology, executions were not about revenge, but they fundamentally about atonement for the crimes committed. Contrary to popular belief, medieval executioners were rarely hooded (hoods were only used if their identity and anonymity were to be preserved) and were usually not robed in all black.

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