After the first few stages, I thought the gameplay was actually pretty solid. @Kalmaro I’ve had tactics advance way back when and really entourage it. Thanks though. Early this year, when the three Mercenaries Saga games were brought together in the Chronicles collection on Switch, it offered impressive value for money if you were hungry for some Final Fantasy Tactics/Tactics Ogre-esque gameplay – although there were already other options. While there is nothing particularly bad about this game, it never manages to go so far as to stand out amidst its peers. However, the gameplay is almost exactly the same as the previous three games in the series.

This is a list of classes in Mercenaries Saga.

He spoke only of things unseen by the Many, and spun tales that were held as heresy by all. The nice looking character portraits make the cutscenes a little nicer to watch over Mercenaries Saga’s more average art, but it’s not nearly enough to salvage the actual story. Also, easy gives you eight full turns to retreat in case of a KO, and normal gives five. Get the latest game reviews, news, features, and more straight to your inbox. So the question is: does pretty decent SRPG gameplay compensate for very budget everything-else? After a certain point, you are able to choose the way the story unfolds, opting for one fork or another, so the replay value does exist if you want to see where the mercenaries may end up if they align with the other faction. We know where this is going, we’re here for the mechanics and the strategy therein.

New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. Mercenaries Wings focuses on the Crimson Birds, a mercenary band led by Jeremy the Phoenix.

Chronicles will give you the first three games and phoenix is the next one that ties in with the 3rd game with some similar characters and locales.

Earlier this year, Circle Entertainment released Mercenaries Saga Chronicles on Switch, offering the first three games of their SRPG series at a low price. The ability to zoom or rotate the camera would have been nice – there’s no grid, so working out if you’re in the same row as an enemy can be difficult. This is a wiki for the Mercenaries Saga series of games: Will of the White Lions, Order of the Silver Eagle and Gray Wolves of War.

My play order was 2 > 3 > Phoenix > Maybe 1 some day. Locked in an isometric-style view, you’ll guide a multi-disciplined, growing party around battlefields, attacking enemies (preferably one-at-a-time) in turn-based combat.

The Kingdom of Dryden has an incredible history thanks to the story of a Phoenix facing down enemies generations ago; now, buoyed by that legacy, King Harold continually seeks conflict.

Text and menus are sharp and the fundamental gameplay is solid (if familiar) fare. Yeah.. you're right.

While the story may not match the heights of the genre, the characters are likable and it’s well-paced to keep moving toward the next mission. I tried having the volume up to get a better sense of the atmosphere and the world of Dryden, and the result was “Wow, this is exactly the music I imagined, and I’ve heard it before”. Mercenaries Wings: The False Phoenix is a serviceable SRPG that brings little new to the table but might satisfy an old-school itch. Plus the pixel cropping makes me cringe... Just gave up and uninstalled it... Disgaea will scratch that itch better even if its not like FFT! What about one of the Banner Saga titles, or even God Wars? This is a list of classes in Mercenaries Saga. However, this is a game you really play because you love the combat and want to keep running it through. Looks like they're reusing some of the arenas from previous games.I got only halfway through the trilogy and lost interest. There's quite a few options you can use, most stages were fairly interesting and I had a good time throughout (I've went through both story paths of the first game, and started the second one). I thought the gameplay was pretty good once you get a few levels in and start unlocking a wider range of abilities. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. It has great combat that incorporates ample customization and depth without being intimidating or getting bogged down with needless subsystems that ultimately add little. Can I be pointed in a direction of the better tactics games? Story-wise, it’s remarkably generic, too. The juddering camera follows the action – that is, when it’s not instantly snap-cutting between enemies. "... we’d recommend tactics fans investigate Mercenaries Wings: The False Phoenix, at least until something better came along, but something better did come along – several things, in fact", This is how I felt about the 2018 Switch line-up in general , I played GodWars on VITA, and it was pretty good on the GO. Also note that story for me is secondary: as long as a story isn't full of plotholes and makes sense, I'm fine with it. I suggest reading my review of Mercenaries Saga Chronicles if you are interested in this series, because most of the descriptions there follow through in this latest entry. Then you realize that Mercenaries Wings is a tangential sequel to the Mercenaries Saga Chronicles, and it all suddenly makes sense.

This title does have a couple new changes to the formula from the three Chronicles titles, but ultimately it’s not enough to alleviate Mercenaries Wings beyond the realm of mediocrity that the series exists in. Feature: Best Nintendo Switch Horror Games. Let’s start with the positives, though. That's what I did.

Definitely not picking that one. Animal Crossing: New Horizons: November Fish And Bugs - C... Guide: Pokémon Sword And Shield - All Ash’s Pikachu Codes. While the story is effectively entertaining between maps, the combat is at the heart of this tactical RPG. Mercenaries Wings: The False Phoenix is a fun, tactical game that is ultimately let down by its stereotypical, plain characters and a dull storyline. Between stages, you’ll have time to visit a store that has no storefront, equip items that you find on the battlefield or just purchase, and rerun old missions if you really want to grind yourself up prior to the next character, which you might as well do because there’s nothing else to see here.

From the pinnacle of in-depth (Fire Emblem) to the bizarre but fantastic (Mario vs. Rabbids) and everything inbetween, there’s been no shortage of these sorts of titles.

The games can be fun as a time sink, but they are very, very simple in regards to world building and story complexity. The band gets hired on to take care of some rebels, but it becomes evident quickly that nothing is as it seems. Without a strong story, Mercenaries Wings needs solid gameplay to have any hope of standing out. Likewise, it’s missing many of the little quality-of-life enhancements we expect in modern games – enemy phases, for example, are unskippable. The music isn’t bad, but it’s repetitive and very forgettable. Graphics and animations are pretty bad, and the music is repetitive and mediocre on the whole. The avatars are a bit too pixelated, the weapons are all very generic in thumbnails, and the entirety of the visual budget is blown on the portraits during the story text, which, again, I’m severely less interested in.

Thanks for recommending. I played Mercenaries Saga trilogy and didn't regret it, but it's hard to argue that these games are anything but average. There’s not much to engage the player here--almost everything about the game is completely average. 8 I was a huge fan of FF Tactics back in the day, but never got into this series when it came out.

It was better than I thought it would be, but still fairly bland and generic. Hold on there, you need to login to post a comment... What's Up With The Frame Rate In The Hyrule Warriors: Age Of Calamity Demo? It’s no-frills and fine, but with a veritable buffet of tasty, interesting alternatives, who wants a sausage on a stick?

Important game path changing decisions happen earlier on, which is nice for replaying… if you want to replay the game again in the first place.

You play as Cecil and Jeremy, a sister and brother team who lead an ever growing group of rag-tag mercenaries, and you’re trying to make a buck helping out the kingdom of Dryden, which is in the midst of a war and has a problem with shrinking army ranks. Mercenaries Wings has 674% more meows than previous Mercenaries games. To start with, you’ve got a pretty generic setting and plotline that feels like someone watched Final Fantasy Tactics and then tried to make their own take on things. Final Fantasy IX Is Getting A Physical Release On Nintend... SMITE Adds Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles As Playable Chara... Join 1,060,680 people following Nintendo Life: © 2020 Nlife Media, partner of Gamer Network. The window of opportunity that Mercenaries Saga Chronicles snuck through has well and truly closed. Disgaea 1 or 5 Complete will do you very nicely. There’s a bog-standard mix of melee and ranged attacks/weapons, plus the usual complement of equippable gear to buy and sell which alters your stats. but, again, its $15 and from a small team. Gavin loves a bit of couch co-op, especially when he gets to delegate roles, bark instructions and give much-appreciated performance feedback at the end. The game does attempt an early game-changing decision and a subsequent plot twist that attempts to get players invested in the story, but with the overall bland writing and stereotypical characters, this SRPG fails at giving anyone a reason to care. Most battles can be bulldozed with the right characters/class combos. It feels a bit ridiculous and deeply unbalances how combat goes, especially once you buff up a couple of tanks to throw into the mix. “it’s a supermarket meal deal or a plate of cocktail sausages”This is why I love Nintendo Life reviews. To start with, you’ve got a pretty generic setting and plotline that feels like someone watched Final Fantasy Tactics and then tried to make their own take on things. It’s much less polished but I still enjoyed all 3 games. The story is honestly pretty forgettable, and most people will just want to skip through the exposition that talks about how the guy who says he’s helping you but seems suspicious is actually a bad guy. We know where this is going, we’re here for the mechanics and the strategy therein. The enemy AI of Mercenaries Wings: The False Phoenix is incredibly straightforward and blunt in all cases, with very little strategy baked into what they bring to the field. What really irks me is that Mercenaries Wings doesn’t even look particularly great.

It's more crazy and fast paced than FFT.

The actual gameplay is utterly unremarkable, but fine. There are some fights (and the final few battles in each game) that really require you to focus and strategize who is doing what.

The classes of each character come with stat changes, abilities and allow the use of specific equipment. Mercenaries Wings: The False Phoenix Review by Elizabeth Henges on 27 November, 2018 Earlier this year, Circle Entertainment released Mercenaries Saga Chronicles … The music isn’t bad, but it’s repetitive and very forgettable.

Then you realize that Mercenaries Wings is a tangential sequel to the.

I played both 3DS games (Mercenaries Saga 2 and 3) and just discover the existance of Mercenaries Wing False Phoenix.

All I know is, there must be a better Switch title in this genre.

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