When the Mystery Inc. Hanna's Barber Shop and Barbera's Pizza are named after Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera, the men who started the production company. The pair are rescued by Dee Dee Skyes (Kiersey Clemons), Dynomutt, and the masked superhero, Blue Falcon. The Rottens seem to be named in honor of the Really Rottens, the evil team of cheaters from the series Laff-A-Lypmics.

Huckleberry Hound. A 2020 American computer-animated supernatural mystery comedy film rated "PG". Her favorite heroines include Black Widow, Blake Belladonna, and Sailor Jupiter. They overhear Dastardly plotting a course for the location of the third skull, Messick Mountain.

Therefore, Muttley remained trapped in the underworld, and Dastardly is trying to get him back. He uses the Rottens to kidnap the gang and also pull the Mystery Machine into his ship. Scooby and Shaggy were the captains of one team, The Scooby-Doobies, which was composed of various characters from Hanna-Barbera's many detective shows centering around talking animals and their human companions. SCOOB!

forces its heroes to battle the character. There are also a number of tributes to the creators and actors behind the original Scooby-Doo cartoons. 10 Things You Completely Missed In Scoob! Shaggy brings Scooby home where he gifts him his trademark collar. thanks to their poster right next to the door to the arcade in Funland. ranks as your favorite? Moments later, Velma manages to hack into Dynomutt’s system to deliver a message to Dee Dee about heading to Messick Mountain. Brian says he got the location of the second skull from an anonymous fan. Rotten Tomatoes rating is 48/100.

They also don’t know why the robots were going after Scooby and Shaggy. Mystery Inc. rally other heroes to prevent a dogpocalypse from being unleashed, which will bring about the release of the ghost of Cerberus, and a secret history behind Mystery Inc.'s mascot, Scooby-Doo.

The duration of the film is 94 minutes. He also maintains a personal blog – They arrive at an amusement park, only to find that Dastardly is there and that he’s already gotten the skull. Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime! The 3DCG take on the classic Hanna-Barbera cartoon has been on our radar for months now, and its video-on-demand status makes it easier than ever to watch. Many of the same properties are also highlighted in posters throughout the movie as well.

I have a grand theft gyro in progress. A statue of Alexander and Peritas appears with an inscription he created. read more: Free Scoob Printable Activities Also in the arcade are posters for The Banana Splits' Adventure Hour, The Hex Girls, and Underdog.. Look for a game called the Laff-a-Lympics. As Velma, Daphne and Fred track the missing Scooby and Shaggy to the Takamoto Bowl, another business is visible next-door to the bowling alley/Japanese restaurant; Peebles Pet Shop. Scoob! A one-stop shop for all things video games. A young and lonely Shaggy Rogers (Will Forte) befriends and adopts a talking stray dog, whom he names Scooby-Dooby-Doo. RELATED: Scooby-Doo: 10 Best Episodes Of The Original Cartoon, According To IMDb. Dastardly and his minions then attack the Fury, but Dee Dee manages to get them away from him by flying them out of there in hyperdrive.

This dynamic is reversed in Scoob! They get not one, but three shout-outs in the movie. The talking (and walking) shark appeared in a slew of Hanna-Barbera cartoons and makes a comeback at the end of SCOOB!. Scooby even gets a costume, which meant having to take off his beloved collar. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. Related: Scoob! utilizes characters from not only the Scooby-Doo cartoons, but also from Wacky Races, Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels and Dynomutt, Dog Wonder. The character Penelope Pitstop even has a perfume advertised on a billboard: Pitstop by Penelope. Nexus and The Cult of Nobody. Ten years later, Mystery Inc. goes into business with entrepreneur Simon Cowell as their investor, but Shaggy and Scooby are excluded as Cowell refuses to do business with them, forcing them to quit Mystery Inc. as the gang feel disheartened.

You little mutt!

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Comic Books, Japanese Manga and Cosplay at over a dozen conventions The other two Teen Angels, Taffy and Brenda, don't appear in Scoob! Brian then decides to pull off his big hero moment by saving Scooby from Cerberus by punching the heads repeatedly. The establishment is named in honor of Iwao Takamoto; a legendary animator who started working for Walt Disney Animation Studios in 1945, contributing to films like Cinderella and Lady and the Tramp before joining Hanna-Barbera Productions in 1961.

Fans would do well to pay attention to those games. From then on, the two become the best of friends. He appears dead at first, but the rascal was just joking, and the two villains proceed to pilfer the treasures. As Fred, Daphne and Velma search for Shaggy and Scooby, they pass a billboard advertising a theme-park called Bubbleland, with a cartoonish octopus saying he can be seen there. The Rottens then turn on Dastardly and Muttley, giving them to Brian and Dee Dee to take into custody. It is revealed over the course of Scoob!

Scoob! Scooby and Shaggy find themselves inside the Falcon Fury, Blue Falcon’s super jet. Warner Bros. Pictures on Thursday, March 05, 2020 released the trailer: SCOOB!

Meanwhile, Fred, Daphne, and Velma discover that Shaggy and Scooby are with Blue Falcon before Dastardly is revealed to be Officer Jaffe (Christina Hendricks) in disguise and then imprisons them. All rights reserved. Dastardly reveals his true intentions: He and Muttley were trying to open the portal to the underworld to steal the treasures from there, but he made Muttley go in alone, and although he was able to enter, he couldn’t come out since he was not the “key”. Another billboard visible as Fred, Daphne and Velma go on the hunt for Shaggy and Scooby advertises Jellystone National Park as a vacation destination.

The character appears in a comics collage showing the events which happen directly after the film ends. Like, slow down, dude. One of the arcade games Shaggy and Scooby use to make their barricade is called Laff-A-Lympians. He's the same here, though Velma refers to him as their "tank.". legendary DC Comics digital fanzine Fanzing, RELATED: 10 Best Villains From The Original Scooby-Doo Cartoon. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans.

After Simon Cowell dismisses Scooby and Shaggy's contributions to Mysteries Inc. as unimportant, they storm off to stress eat and bowl at Takamoto Bowl; Venice Beach's only bowling alley/Japanese restaurant. Use the Search Bar or "Tag Cloud" below to find an interesting spoiler! was made in direct response to complaints from parents groups that most of Hanna-Barbera's cartoons at the time were too violent for children. Welker’s critter characters range from “Aladdin’s” Abu to Scooby-Doo in “Scoob.” ... (“Scoob” pays homage itself by setting some of the film’s action on “Messick Mountain.”)

Scooby-Doo: 10 Best Episodes Of The Original Cartoon, According To IMDb, 10 Best Villains From The Original Scooby-Doo Cartoon, Scoob! is packed full of references to other Hanna-Barbera characters, hinting at an even bigger shared universe than what is seen in the movie. Scoob! End-Credits Teases Explained: Every Character Who Appears. The Rise of Skywalker: Who Plays The Old Woman On Tatooine At The End, Scoob: Every Hanna-Barbera Cameo & Easter Egg, All Scoob!

is full of Easter eggs that give credit to creators and animators that have left their mark on the franchise as well as nods to previous Scooby-Doo movies and series. Gang around his lab, and if you look in the back right corner, you will see a high-tech take on Frankenstein Jr., a hero whom Hanna-Barbera created decades ago.

The noise produced is the same whistle which announced when it was time for Fred to get off work in The Flintstones' opening theme.

The film Scoob! The beachside stop is Alexander's Great Gyros. A Hex Girls concert poster can be seen immediately to the right of the arcade entrance and there's a Hex Girls pinball game among the various pinball machines on the right wall.

Slaghoople was the maiden name of Wilma Flintstone before she got married to Fred Flintstone. After solving their first case in Scoob! They decide to go inside the house together, where they come across what appears to be a ghost. You Funland actually made its debut in the Scooby-Doo, Where Are You episode "Foul Play In Funland." This in itself is a nod to Dastardly & Muttley in Their Flying Machines, where Muttley was frequently called upon to save Dastardly but would only do it for the promise of a medal. The newest addition to the Scooby-Doo franchise is Scoob!, an animated movie full of easter eggs.

... From a poster of The Hex Girls to a scene set at Messick Mountain … A lot of the animated characters referenced in the background of the movie see … Other than that last digit, the number corresponds to the titular phone number of a song by Tommy Tutone in which "Jenny" is repeatedly reminded that the singer has her number. On their travels, they meet Captain Caveman (Tracy Morgan). After he gets all the skulls, Dastardly opens the portal and unleashes Cerberus. Captain Caveman has a sizable role in this movie as SCOOB!! It appears the beloved robot might have been created in Quest Labs which would explain why Rosie was considered outdated by the time The Jetsons takese place.

A cone of meat used to make gyros. Gang are looking in Quest Labs, you can see a screen is pulled up with specs for Rosie. First appearing in the 1999 direct-to-video animated film Scooby-Doo and the Witch's Ghost, The Hex Girls are a trio of eco-goth rock stars who befriended the Mysteries Inc. gang while they were investigating rumors of dark magic in Oakhaven, Massachusetts. The show featured new adventures starring the classic Hanna-Barbera action heroes Space Ghost and The Herculoids, plus two new series; Space-Ace and the Space-Mutts and Teen Force. Your guide to the latest plot twists and surprise endings, now playing at a theater near you! Read our full review. The octopus is Squiddly Diddly, who appeared on The Atom Ant/Secret Squirrel Show in 1965. The design for the young Scooby is taken directly from the 1988 animated series A Pup Named Scooby-Doo, which showcased the adventures of the Mysteries Inc. gang when they were still in elementary school.

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