Chef Musselmani has also competed on the 15th season of Hell's Kitchen. Notes: Every contestant was a "street food chef" from Houston, Texas. Chef Kerri previously worked with regular Chopped judge Alex Guarnaschelli and Chopped grand champion Chris Holland. Appetizer: gingerbread wreath, nutmeg with mace, Entrée: marshmallow treat snowman, Hanukkah gelt, red Anjou pears, cloves, Dessert: snow globe cake, cinnamon tree leaves, blood oranges, clam-flavored candy canes, Mathew Rice, Executive Pastry Chef from Nashville Tennessee (, Ashley Holt, Pastry Chef & Owner from Brooklyn, NY (, Thiago Silva, Executive Pastry Chef from New York, NY (, Melodie Asseraf, Pastry Chef & Owner from New York, NY (, Appetizer: waffle caviar bites, shrimp cocktail, baby spinach, mignonette sauce, Entrée: A5 Wagyu beef, stone crab claws, asparagus with Hollandaise sauce, truffle pasta, Dessert: long stem strawberries, champagne jelly flutes, bundt cake, 24 karat gold candy bar, Katy Smith, Executive Chef from San Diego, CA (eliminated after the appetizer), Gustavo Gutierrez, Executive Chef from Airmont, NY (eliminated after the entrée), Amanda Colello, Specialty Chef from Valley Center, CA (eliminated after the dessert), Chris Carriker, Executive Chef from San Diego, CA (winner), Appetizer: fish sticks, barbecue sauce, (canned) mandarin oranges, edamame, Entrée: imperfect okra, brown lentils, canned tomatoes, chicken feet, Dessert: vanilla cake mix, black beans, plantains, $2.00 Cabernet Sauvignon, Andrew De Lello, Private Chef from New York, NY (eliminated after the appetizer), Jeremy "Rock" Smith, Executive Chef from Stockbridge, MA (eliminated after the entrée), Drew Bent, Executive Chef from San Diego, CA (eliminated after the dessert), Fernanda Tapia, Chef and Co-Owner from Boston, MA (winner), Appetizer: vegan pork, pecan kringle, mixed beet blush, moringa powder, Entrée: lamb shoulder, spaghetti sushi, burrata, baby artichokes, Humberto Guallpa, Executive Chef from New York, NY (eliminated after the appetizer), Michael Serpa, Owner & Executive Chef from Boston, MA (eliminated after the entrée), Christian Speero, Executive Sous Chef from Bensalem, PA (eliminated after the dessert), Michele Hunter, Executive Chef from Saratoga Springs, NY (winner), Appetizer: tuna loin, asparagus, red quinoa, pickle pizza, Entrée: duck breast, snow peas, sweet pepper relish, egg flavored potato chips, Dessert: rose latte, Asian pears, Uzbek naan, peanut brittle, Deborah Schneider, Chef and Owner from Newport Beach, CA (eliminated after the appetizer), Saransh Oberoi, Chef and Owner from San Diego, CA (eliminated after the entrée), Xzherieh Norris, Sous Chef from Brooklyn, NY (eliminated after the dessert), Javier Canteras, Chef and Owner from Portland, OR (winner), Appetizer: cod fillets, spinach, oyster mushroom chips, almond coconut bites, Entrée: grass-fed beef tenderloin, parsnips, green pea guacamole, sprouted watermelon seeds, Dessert: low-cal brownie batter, ginger, cantaloupe cake, dill pickle almonds, Camillo Sabella, Research & Development Chef from New York, NY (eliminated after the appetizer), Melissa Parks, Private Chef from New York, NY (eliminated after the entrée), Frank Camey, Co-Executive Chef from Wappingers Falls, NY (eliminated after the dessert), Julia Chebotar, Chef & Owner from New York, NY (winner), Appetizer: game day subs, tri-color peppers, potato tot skewers, coconut hot sauce, Entrée: chicken wings, spinach artichoke dip, tomatillos, edible beef shooters, Dessert: watermelon helmet, game day cookies, strawberry daiquiri, spiced cereal mix, Greg Coccio, Executive Chef from Cranston, RI (eliminated after the appetizer), Matt Safarowic, Chef Partner from Katonah, NY (eliminated after the entrée), Melissa McMillan, Chef and Owner from Portland, OR (eliminated after the dessert), Jackie Rothong, Chef and Food Stylist from New York, NY (winner), Appetizer: chicken-stuffed watermelon, mushroom ketchup, egg roll wrappers, bok choy, Entrée: lamb neck, natto, white nectarines, street corn nachos, Dessert: longan fruit, matcha cream puffs, chocolate coconut almonds, chow mein noodles, Appetizer: cotenne, red frilly mustard greens, cookie butter, zito lungo, Entrée: tilefish, pickled sausage, corn on the cob, freeze-dried ice cream, Dessert: Caesar salad cake, strawberry gochujang, quince, instant coffee powder, Appetizer: chicken hearts, spaghetti ring ice pops, black summer truffles, avocado fries, Entrée: fried chicken bao, turkey breast, horseradish leaves, instant lemon pudding mix, Dessert: babka cheesecake, pickled cherry blossoms, canary melon, bacon brittle, Appetizer: geoduck, cucumber kimchi, spring onion, biscuits & sausage gravy, Entrée: squab, chocolate fish, poblano peppers, canned jackfruit, Dessert: dessert pizza, sun-dried bell peppers, huckleberries, purple sweet potatoes, Dessert: yogurt soda, carved melons, Serrano ham, ice cream tacos, Appetizer: milk & chocolate chip cookies, chocolate-covered shrimp chips, fermented honey, tamarillos, Entrée: kumquats, miso, chocolate ganache tart, spicy chocolate chicken wings.

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