On a cold night in Cleveland, Tanisha became disoriented and repeatedly tried to leave the house without shoes and wearing only a nightgown.

At the time she was murdered, Jefferson had been playing video games with her 8-year-old neighbor. Campbell later claimed that he fired shots in self-defense because the driver had attempted to run him over. AAPF’s #SayHerName campaign seeks reforms that can make a difference in everyone’s lives. Dupra,” Garrett’s notice of claim (a legal precursor to a lawsuit) reads, “used lethal deadly force on Michelle when he could have easily receded. After Livingston spent 20 hours in the cell, police finally called for medical assistance when they claimed to notice that she was suffering from “apparent seizures.” She was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital. It was mid-afternoon when police—who were court ordered to transport Cusseaux to an inpatient mental-health facility—reached Graybriar Condominiums. This should not be impossible, and could be borne by a caring community in the midst of crises. “Of 58 shooting claims,” the Republic noted, “four received bodily-injury pay and three received money for property damage.” Two other cases revolving around fatal shootings were awarded nothing. One officer planted marijuana in Johnston’s house and cocaine in the evidence file. The city of Atlanta paid a $4.8 million settlement to Johnston’s family. Fran Garrett drew attention in August 2014 by marching her daughter’s casket from City Hall through downtown Phoenix, to protest inaction and lack of investigation into her daughter’s shooting death by police. I am a member of the African American Policy Forum’s #SayHerName Mothers Network—five years old and growing—who insist on commemorating our lost angels’ lives, and reciting their names as a call for reforming police.

A month prior to the day officers descended on her home, Gaines had visited the police station seeking clarification about her court date, only to be told that the officer who had issued the paperwork was unavailable. (You) just know that God was looking from behind those eyes. AZ International Auto Show & New Car Buyer's Guide 2020 Model Year, Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. Her killing was recorded on video, happening six months after Michael Brown.

A recent report by the Arizona Republic shows that in the face of lawsuits with hefty price tags, the City of Phoenix rarely has to pay much, if anything. Her body was left in the car for eight hours. And yes: it is systemic racism—whenever police face unarmed Black women their first response might be “fear”—that’s part of our racial climate, I believe; but their second response cannot be violent or excessive force.

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