Do u have email, I can send it to you.

it worked for me when I turn it on. They’re cute

this models their head is facing upwards for me. You can get the fixed wither dragon addon if you comment on this video: Nevermind, I cannot use links, so go to my channel’s name is McLego Mods, and pls comment on my video to ask for the fixed wither dragon version. I feel like this is the best Dragon mod I have ever used and I would like to see it get finished someday soon. I have a suggestion, there can be a way where our tamed dragons can roam by themselves when we go explore or when we use a different dragon. It can also glow. Please update 1.16 and make wings of Fire add on. Those are my favorite kinds of dragons. I love your add on, Hey, can someone help? And u didn’t put what the dragons need to be tamed is?? This is a huge addon which adds a lot of new. -LegitDragonb0y. The ice dragon has 250 health and spawns in snow biomes. Only Fire and Aether Bow is showing 1 Mod Day of Dragons Addon. To use the fly function look up to fly up and look down to fly down. Another dragon is the water dragon.

I’m working on a dragon mounts addon, adding a fire dragon, tameable ender dragon, and a ghost dragon. Is there a way where you can automatically make the function start instead of using a command block,its kinda annoying when you want to use it for your survival world, I think this add-on is amazing,But it does n’t fit zaff ’s add-on. genius. Great mod though, dragons look amazing. Great Addon! Did u fix the bug with items disappearing from your hot bar when mod is active? Não gostei muito das animações e dos sistemas de voo,achei que superaria o expansive fantasy,mas ta quase. Thank you for reading! i cannot tame dragons or interact with them, I recommend using linkvertise instead of adfly, I have a problem with the tameable sunlight dragon. Like if u agree, I’m disapointed. Just do all tamable with fish aiyo since when dragon eat dragon egg beacon??? The fire scales are called end scales and the fire armor is called “endarmor” And rideable? Is this compatible with windows 10? Maybe a little less dragons.

It spawns in the end, but make sure to tame the ones on the ground, not the big boss. +this aether dragon. definitely keep updating this mod, Maybe add Knight NPC’s you can find near villages or in the wild that fight dragons using Swords, Bows and Magic. did you enable experimental gameplay i hade the same problem.

He wasn’t. I can’t see the Male sunlight dragon too….. What do you need to breed each dragon? The ice dragon shoots projectiles that give you slowness., I love the addon there’s one problem though…I spawned the tamable one its ok but the other one CRASHED MY GAME!…still a good addon! I really want to play it, and it looks super cool, but it sin’t working for me… thanks! However, there are drawbacks. Thank You, I want to see a good work, bye. making them rarer spawns would be better since your nether wont be decimated by them especially in 1.16, also, is it possible to do this addon without needing experimental gameplay? The models and animations were ok, but I can’t even open the dragon’s inventory! btw is a good addon, Thank you for this god sent add-on @legitDragonb0y I would love to see more add-ons like this this is so amazing thank you so much. In the fly world? I can barely explore the world without 5 or more trying to kill me! LegitDragonboy can I have permission to all of your addons? They are very hostile and very powerful, dragons have 4 variant skins, and they spawn on extreme hills, Wyverns have 3 types the fire wyvern, ice wyvern, and poison wyvern they spawn on custom biomes like dragons they are also very hostile and very powerful so make sure before fighting them you have a complete gear and have the stong weapons, now if you manage to defeat the wyvern or the dragon they will transform into dead entity both wyvern and dragons have their own drop items and a 50% chance of dropping eggs when dragon and wyverns are in their dead form you will need to hold an orc axe (a.k.a draxe) to get their loot, all eggs only hatch on their respective blocks, dragon eggs takes 5 minecraft days to hatch, wyvern eggs takes only 3 minecraft days to hatch, Dragons and wyverns from eggs are tameable use salmon to tame them, as minecraft time goes by baby dragons and wyverns will grow or you can speed up its growing by feeding them salmon.

How to collect the dragon eggs to move them around? Can u nerf the wild dragons and make them spawn in not spots that would be good for like building like plains and mountains and make them all tamed with fish but I love the addon alot. My deviljho addon is still a work in progress. If you could please tune down the spawn rate by a lot, I’m sure this can be an even more successful addon. I love your addons! Do you have what it takes to become a dragon master? i love those dragon especially those female dragons. Not gonna lie, it’s a great addon, but when you take the dragons they always teleport to you, so it really gets in the way of building or playing in general, because there’s no way to prevent it short of killing the dragon. Thank you so much for this add-on i love it. I agree please work on orespawns resurgence.. Get the new diamond man plush toy on #diamondman . The Stage 1 version is neutral toward players and the Stage 2 version is hostile and has more health than the first one. Thank you, Hey this is super cool! When you are you going to update? It also spawns underground in large cave systems.

Hey I just want to say dragons spawn way too much.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Knight Gear for players to craft or an armor overhaul, weapons to show stats and be able to be enchanted same for gear, cool mod +1, hi I love your addon.

Make sure youve got experimental gameplay enabled on the world, or it won’t work.

THIS IS AWESOME! Please respond! But one main big problem. The spawn rate is quite low as it will only spawn in caves, but other than that their spawn pattern is quite hard to predict which makes it a fun and dangerous challenge. I can tell you like dragons. How can I find the dragon in survival? All swords have too low durability (you can hit/break something with them only like 3 times each) The moonlight dragon is  opposite of the sunlight dragon. I fixed the wither dragon, and if you want that version, then ask and I will release it. Someone please tell me, Dude at least he can make a really good addon for people who dont have mods and a computer, I wanna see what crazy addon u can make. , I haven’t tried the mod yet but i have seen people use it, can you please update it some things are a bit broken.

Please lower the probability that the dragon will spring!. (1) Chinese Dragon: 270 Health

5) swords break in less than 5 hits. Thanks. New ios update removed the ability to just copy this stuff to minecraft , Just rename the extension file name (.mcaddon, .mcpack, etc.) Seems like there’s a problem with the resource pack…. Yap, King dragon defeat all kinds of dragon

What were you thinking? Por lo demás esta genial sigue así porfi , Are you gona to update this addon?, Because if you do that maybe you can add some diferent kinds of dragons, like a colossal dragon, or something like that, it can he crazy and golf. Can I use your dragon mounts addon for a mcpe modpack? please fix this if so. My dragons are not flying and I can’t get the scale dragon armors and swords, I can’t find the armor, scales, and weapons anymore. Here’s a suggestion; you should make lightning dragons and if they breed with water dragons you get a storm dragon egg, Hey can you make the male Sun dragon visible. (All Claim Requests are reviewed by admins. Add a function so when you are wearing the dragon head it won’t attack you and maybe like follow you because it thinks you’re its mum, that would be so cool. Can you fix that please? If you’re hit by one you will immediately lose some health, and if one hits the ground then it will linger for some seconds and cause damage to all mobs within a close proximity. turn on experimental gameplay then it works! And the ghost dragon doesn’t work right. Like crystal dragon, Nova, Abyss I want to play it with friends in the nether, I know right? The dragons dont exactly fly they glide a bit more making it a tad bit of a annoyance to fly around. Baby Ender Dragons replace Bats and as a result that means you can find them spawning mostly in caves. huhuhu. Or does it just spawn in vanilla mass? This is one of the best addons except the dragons spawn to Much please lower spawn rate, Bạn có thể tạo add-on ice and fire ko,nếu bạn làm được điều đó tôi sẽ thích.

if not, could you make it to be? I don’t care if this addon is dead. the armor for us doesn’t work you cant put it on and the swords dont work. Im still working on the undead mobs.

No Emerald Dragon armor I cant get this addon to work!! Do you not test your mods before you post them on MCPEDL? I really like this addon, Please add Griffin addon too. Super good job! The forest dragon will breath poison, and the ice dragon is still being textured, Nice Thanks fir gearing my suggestion I realy love dragons and also I eill make video about this addon I will put the mcpedl link and I will credit you in the description, Please make them fly otherwise this is great if you want to know how to fly ask zahf22 he has made it without scripts, Bro it kinda weird tamable with beacon!??? Sporting three heads, this beast has 1000 health. Please add daylight dragon has 1,500 health, shoots poisonous fireballs and can be tamed with potion of harming. Safari did not work for me. Dragon Mounts 2 adds 22 new dragons, 14 new swords, 3 custom items, 4 biomes, and cannons! Thank you for making my dream come true, how can tell the difference between a girl skeleton and a guy skeleton. PS: its only a suggestion. I also would like dragons to spawn less. Wait, if you are talking about craysine, then you are correct. By pc I tried to click shift and right click mouse and it doesn’t work. Kinda upsetting, I made YouTube videos about the original dragon mounts mod of yours, and this just looks incredible.

Legit dragon i love the mod but can you fix the armor and swords because the durability is very low and the armor only changes your look and when i try attacking the non tamable wither dragon it crashes but i also have a few suggestions you should add baby dragons and eggs and add snow dragons and forest dragons and make it so they all use fish to tame and can you update the mountains++ mod anyways i love the mod hope you see this , Very good add on but the flying mechanics are really slow, please make it faster and smoother, and the ability to attack with certain types of power depending on dragon overall nice add on, they move at a painfully snails pace when mounted and don’t move at all upon spawn. i keep going up. 3. the ghost dragon has the same issue with it not being able to be tamed and it doesn`t move. No more then a minute into the game there are literally hundreds of the and the game lags. Some crashes You need to try a speedpaint a texture Dragon Mounts 2 for those who want to play in the world of dragons. © 2014-2020 are not affiliated with Mojang AB.Privacy PolicySubscriptionsContact UsAbout Us, hahaha. It can give you weakness. It made me think Minecraft wasn’t boring anymore!! Please.. Now to add a more adventurous to the game if want to tame a dragon you first need to kill a wild dragon after killing the wild dragon it will transform to a dead dragon … Hey LegitDragonb0y, can i use your mod in my youtube video? Also, I seem to be able to avoid them when sprinting. I have 3 ideas it would mean everything if you could add it! the pack keeps crashing my game how do i fix it? No, the people who upload my add-ons to the addons all are addon stealers. please in the next update change this bug, Can you please fix the texture of the tamable wither dragon please and fix the riding of the ghost dragon and fix the taming of the ender dragon thanks for reading, Can you fix the armor it’s invisible and it doesn’t do any thing and the tools break super fast and the lightning sword is invisible it would be great if you fix it but I do have one suggestion can you make the old sitting animation for sitting and the new one for like a dead dragon or a sleeping dragon but really love the mod it’s my favorite mod I hope you can do this thank you, And also make different kind of armor for the Dragons.

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