After putting everything away, they soon found out that Gad had all these things out to give to charity!

Can my parents not see,

A friend's pastries go missing and BG turns detective to find them. Kayla (French: Carla) is Billy's brunette younger sister.

[citation needed] Her brother George has a very active[citation needed] personality and dotes[citation needed] on his pet hamster Albert.

This shot is from the opening. He often hangs out with BG in the treehouse. After BG discovers their clubhouse has had an intruder, she goes overboard as she upgrades its security system. But things go wrong when BG lets 'fame' go to her head. When Brittany-Ann baby-sits Kayla's hamster, Titus, she plays a trick on the other kids which convinces them that Titus can do math. When BG learns that her Mom's taking a short business trip to Africa, she uses the exciting news as an excuse for not doing her homework.

Then she gets lazy and stops practicing. George then tells BG she has mail and it turns out she did get chocolates. Miss BG (short for Big Girl), is a 3-D animated series based on the "Gudule" French children's book series published by Hachette-Jeunesse, authored by Fanny Joly and illustrated by Roser Capdevila.The original English version was later dubbed in French under the retitle Bravo Gudule.. Gad's father, Mr. Mansour, owns[citation needed] the neighborhood market while Alex's older brother Robbie is a teenager[citation needed] who often lends a hand when the children need the aid of an older person,[when?] BG tests out Terri, the new babysitter, but soon discovers that Terri has some very cool talents! BG and George help Brittany-Ann find the perfect present for her Mom. BG needs to fix the 'broken telephone' and set things right. But when she doesn't invite Brittany-Ann, her nemesis decides to throw a party of her own. BG mistakenly opens Brittany-Ann's gift when it is accidentally delivered to her house in the mail, and she tries to wrap it back up before anyone finds out. He also runs a toy drive in "Show and Tell". But Alex is so near-sighted that he gets into big trouble on the trip, and BG learns that it is better to admit a mistake right away, rather than try to hide it. From George’s point of view we hear his struggles of being small, but the ability to overcome them when you’ve got a best friend, who’s always there.

Together, they learn that safety and having fun are the most important parts of Skateboarding. Aunt Alice finds an old pair of her beloved childhood pants and gives them to BG.

Ouma Mansour (French: Djeda) is Gad's grandmother, who lives with him and his Dad. BG shows her friends how to look after and respect other people’s things. This light hearted song has the girls feuding over everything from who’s faster, to who jumps further, to who can sing louder than who; just an average day for these two competitors.

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