“But my life’s purpose has been so rooted in advocacy for marginalized people that I wanted to talk about systemic racism.”. She grew concerned that Buttigieg and black people seemed to be mentioned together in the same sentence only in regard to how badly he was doing in his polling numbers. By signing up you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, Feature reporter covering national politics, In the latest Washington Post-ABC News poll, Democratic nominee Joe Biden leads President Trump, Absentee and mail ballots are two terms for the same thing, we may not have a result in the presidential election. She read his Douglass Plan, “which is quite literally the answer to the question that black people have asked every presidential candidate for decades: What are you going to do for me?”. He’d said the right things, but they were just starting to know him. *Questions and answers were edited for clarity and brevity. Maybe notable that Bloomberg is at 9%.

All Rights Reserved. He accepted accountability for a failure on his watch, and emphasized that national leadership has to fully address racial inequity across America. I think it’s really important that we scrutinize him, especially Black media and Black voters, right? Buttigieg has had several verbal gaffes regarding race. The “-isms” I thought we all publicly regarded as passé enough to at least be relegated to the shadows have suddenly shifted to open bigotry. Like most of us, I’m accustomed to politicians rolling out the theatrics to court Black voters: popping up at every soul food spot in town, scheduling the always bizarre photo opp in a local barber’s chair, and paying lip service to improving quality of life for Black folks — only to forget us after Election day. She learned that his campaign staff is 40 percent people of color. A portion of Woke Twitter recently dragged Pete for suggesting that being a gay man helps him relate to Black Americans.

Furthermore, we have a responsibility to ourselves and to the future of Black America to explore those options, to question the conventional wisdom about who we should support, and to scrutinize the (sometimes long and problematic) record of any candidate who purports to deserve our loyalty. memories get foggy when recalling the institutional inequities, dismantling the financial incentives central to our criminal justice system, Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg declares, ‘Black Lives Matter’ at NAN Convention, our votes have been taken for granted by candidates, OPINION: The Democratic Party seems to want Black votes, but discouraged by the making of another Black president. They agreed that black people needed to be deliberate in their voting, because otherwise they’d find themselves once again abandoned by politicians who only used them to get ahead in the primary. In this room, though, you’d think this was a two-way race between billionaire Tom Steyer, who has spent $18.7 million advertising in South Carolina and whom everyone here just calls Tom, and former vice president Joe Biden, who real estate agent Jeffrey Wilder, 56, calls “Barack Backup! “I noticed he turned on a Southern drawl.”. Who actually votes, and who do they vote for?

She also liked that he seemed to be listening and trying to come to a better understanding of something he hasn’t experienced, not to figure out how to respond to her criticisms and questions. “I don’t fault anyone for reporting that story. Now, it is not news to anyone that Mayor Pete is struggling in this state where more than 60 percent of likely Democratic voters are black. I was skeptical that is, until I found myself struck by one leader who I believe to be different: who’s young and brilliant, a war veteran who answers questions directly and speaks to people like people.

It would surely be easier to keep my head down and not weigh in. The same clap back would be applied to someone saying I was abandoned as a child thus, — Diego Torres (@Socaldiced) November 29, 2019. If we keep saying, Black people don’t support him, then that kind of becomes a non-starter for Black voters to even consider him. He made spoke on being homosexual helping him relate to the Black struggle. Today, she leads the TAKE UP SPACE MVMT, a social impact campaign centered around affirming the right of marginalized people to exist authentically and unapologetically and her company, Ellington Lafayette Co. is building a new type of tech incubator, focusing exclusively on startups that drive social equity for women and communities of color. Murray asked anyone new to the church to stand. “It’s one version of Pete’s story they’ve told and it ignores the overwhelming number of folks who are saying something, the overwhelming number of folks from South Bend who are saying something that’s contrary to what’s in that narrative. Black voters are right to demand that Presidential candidates put forth an agenda that specifically serves us. So, what have we gotten wrong and how we can be more accurate in covering Pete Buttigieg? At that time, women of color were still barred from the predominantly white pageant’s stage.

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