Thanks in advance! Hey you! Date ideas during Covid. You can have a romantic walk by the water after a few drinks. Other than Port Credit or some of the waterfront parks there’s nothing interesting in Mississauga, go to Toronto. Also inexpensive ideas would be great. Today’s question is about date ideas in Mississauga. I'm trying to figure out stuff to do in square one area tomorrow with my girlfriend. Whats the usual age of the crowd there ? Provided you can still game. This iconic Chinese indoor mall is the closest thing you'll get to walking the streets of Hong Kong—in Markham. And with each comment you make the racism you have is coming out. I myself am Twenty-five. 10 great date ideas in Toronto when you don't want to spend a lot of money. There's no shame in this either.

Glow in the Dark mini golf at Winston Churchill and QEW, or the one on Dixie (I think it's there). Second this. Out of the games I listed my current favourite would be Wildlings, but I am really excited to try Shadowrun Anarchy. I have literally no idea what there is to do there in terms of date ideas, any suggestions lads and lassies?

Raw Aura is a plant-based and gluten-free organic restaurant that offers a variety of culturally influenced flavors – Mediterranean, Thai, Mexican, Japanese, to stimulate the palate and keep it exciting. haven't been to oakville, but it looks very nice to walk around too.

Arcade bars have withstood the test of time as one of the best date night options. Dinner is also long, awkward, and expensive if you two just aren't hitting it off. I assume you'll want mostly indoor activities? To help stave off boredom (and another night at Snakes & Lattes), here are Toronto date ideas to you get through the winter months.

Also near the highway/GO for easy access. That's what I did with my now wife, good way to talk and have fun.

| English; limit my search to r/mississauga. I second JJQ's its pay by the minute, and they serve up some great wings. Wanted to reach out to see what date ideas people have for Mississauga and surrounding areas.

Then head into Port Credit, there's some nice restaurants: Pappa Giuseppis, Snug Harbor, Port 229. Close.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Why not go and play some pool? I would stay away from the Port Credit area on late weekend nights because there are a lot of fights breaking out on Lakeshore. Gorge on cheap Asian snacks and spend the day perusing the cool heritage section on the upper floor or the cheap counterfeit DVDs downstairs. In terms of travel - if you are relying on public transit, the Square One (downtown Mississauga) area is the perfect place to start your night out. I saw past threads, and a lot of people have recommended port credit/lakeshore, as there is a lot to do, nice scenery, cool dessert places etc. awww you guys got married? You’ll find heaping salad bowls, a pesto panini, stoned baked pizzas, and plenty of veg-suitable share plates for you and your date at this relaxed lounge full of ambience. Embrace the cheesy memories. Address: 229 Lakeshore Road E. Phone: 905-274-5777Website, Caesar salad with our smoked coconut bits and creamy Caesar dressing . I'm plum out of ideas for things to do and I feel like we're starting to do the same things. :). It's been years since I've been in these areas. Unsubscribe anytime or, Sign up for our free email newsletter so you’re always in the know. I am actually in the exact same predicament as op. So you're pretty much covered. But sometimes the most stressful part is finding a good place to go. Do you care if weed is smoked on the balcony?

Stroll down the street, check out the lake, hit a bar and/or coffee shop for a drink.

You can unsubscribe anytime or. I did a search, and the hits are old enough that the q should be asked again. I second that, especially if you go northwards along the credit river.

Is there a nice place to visit for a first date in Mississauga or Oakville? Streetsville would be another decent option. I am located near that station specifically, but the Train route I was referring to is the Lakeshore West train route. That was the standard maybe cough 20 or so years ago LOL. High quality and reasonable pricing. Hello there, link to the Facebook group can be found in a pm. Hey guys.

I don't know the city and I'm just looking for ideas. I'm seeing this chick and things are going well. . The Bata Shoe Museum is PWYC on Thursdays evenings. Also would be a good first date spot in the sense that if everything works out it is also has excellent food so you could a nice dinner there. Port credit is an awesome first date spot.

Toronto has no shortage of board game spots offering games like Monopoly, Jenga and Settlers of Catan. After your stroll, post up on one of the benches for more intimate one-on-one time with your boo.

Although you don't want it to be "just" a coffee date, at some point you should go to the Apricot Tree for coffee and dessert. I'm sort of surprised at the responses... not to criticize them... but is what 1st dates are nowadays? Hi there :) I'm not familiar with "Lakeshore West Go Transit"; do you mean the Port Credit Go station? Good restaurants and nice places to walk around. Address: 4646 Heritage Hills Blvd #3 Phone: 905-507-2444Website, Enjoy an authentic Indian and Thai culinary experience at Mango Rain – a casual restaurant for delicious gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian dishes like vegetable biryani, pad thai, and fragrant vegetarian tom kha. but what if she is a psycho? Toronto has a number of great arcade games bars that let you throw down on NBA Jam and Mario Kart for cheap. Rich vegetarian curries and dishes will warm your heart, and sweet traditional desserts will end your night on a high note.

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