It kills every bacterial disease. But if you never used it and prefer cut, burn and poison therapies then do that. If you have time, try and download Jim's first book (I think it's a freebie) MMS Part 1 or Breakthrough: The Miracle Mineral Solution Of The Twenty First Century Pts 1&2 4th edition. Last week, I noted that I’m back after a nearly three week hiatus for a little cervical spine surgery. That is what we will be doing but there is a lot more to it than that…”, What is Miracle Mineral Supplement/Solution?What was once known as Miracle Mineral Supplement, but for legal reasons had to change its name to Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS), is a 28% sodium chlorite solution in distilled water currently being sold online as a cure-all tonic.

I used to think that if people were prepared to go to jail for violating FDA rules, they were genuine. Another thing besides a shared belief in aliens, is that they both became fabulously wealthy by selling their claims to the most gullible of the gullible. To this day, Nash adamantly believes that the MMS mixture his wife took hours before dying led to her death. However, it has to be said that scientific studies are always associated with high costs. Chlorine dioxide has been said, by a chemist society, to be the best anti-pathogen. It was in fact extremely much too weak, since Jim increased the concentration in his Miracle Mineral Supplement roughly tenfold. I hope the person asking about this years ago got an answer :).

There are many more wild, unsubstantiated claims and plain untruths in that PDF. Of course you can believe in miracles and believe "Bishop Humble" on his honest-to-God word, since this do-gooder, in his own words, descends from a line of priests all the way to Jesus. I received many emails from Mr. Humble, trying to intimidate me into deleting this article. In some countries chlorine dioxide is already used as disinfection. It’s horrifyingly unethical and reeks of racism and preying on vulnerable populations. Every few years, it’s worth explaining what MMS is and why it’s still sold; and this resurrection of the topic in international news presents the perfect opportunity, particularly since I didn’t bite (at least not here) last year when a father in Indianapolis accused his wife of giving their child MMS. Bleach is sodium hypo chlorite, cannot be injected, poison. On the other hand if you do rinse within 5 minutes the burn will heal in 1/4 the time normally required to heal. The products known as the Miracle Mineral Supplement, Miracle Mineral Solution, MMS, MMS1 & the like should be researched as far as due diligence goes - any product taken in the capacity of a health supplement should be researched carefully. As always, Earth Clinic does not sell herbal remedies or health supplements, but we are always open to spreading the word about promising new treatments that have brought improved health and natural cures to members of our community. It also destroys benign bacteria which are essential for our body and it can also lead to chemical burns. A 90 day study on rats found a No Adverse Effect Level at 1 mg/kg. If I had a deadly disease, I would use it even at somewhat damaging levels. Red blood cells have glutathione to protect them from oxidation, but cell levels can be decreased with prolonged treatment. I figured if he was game to do it, I was too. They sell chlorine dioxide with the health warning of chemical burns. First, Big Pharma will not allow this to happen and neither will the AMA. You have just killed medicine and now you kill Earth Clinic. Andrew Weil gives it a big thumbs down. You can absolutely spray the mms solution on your skin. I went thru this few times, my MMS Protocol 1000 replacing the antibiotics ! Spray the red area, wait 1 to 5 minutes, and rinse off. So with current electronic techniques, they basically sweep freqs "carpet bombing". Bob .. 4 packs/day, wow that's a lot. It describes a remedy with an extraordinary high impact against microbes. I don't see how size comes into the idea of acting on bacteria. Diseases can sprout by the existence of different germs. I never used the FDA's opinion as proof of anything. 2020 EARTH CLINIC. I recomend you e-mail to Jim Humble's website and ask for a specific protocol for your case. I've been emailed cases where people died because Mr. Humble (whom I've communicated extensively with) persuaded them to give up medial treatment and exclusively take MMS. It would be one thing if Humble just thought he was a billion year old god from Andromeda who was part of the space navy watching over earth. I do not believe that JH needs to back off, remembering his conclusion been based on zillions of experiences. In addition, there’s apparently another seminar scheduled for August 17 in Eden, NY.

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