THAT HURTS. It’s because of this universal belief and expectation that we find it  difficult to wrap our head around the reasons why a parent might sabotage the mental, physical, and emotional well being of their children. The shame in feeling this way about your parent goes across the board. Whether it is the fear of abandonment or the need to be needed, an infantilizing parent is threatened by and acts to undermine the child’s age-appropriate emerging independence (Bogolub, 1984). Do not try and change your mother. What if we continue living in abusive conditions to the detriment of our own emotional well being or the emotional well being of our children? You know, I remember being a little girl and you telling me stories about how awful it was being a child of an alcoholic, that it was humiliating, that there was no one to trust, no stability.. That you would sit and eat sandwiches for dinner in the backyard alone because your mother was passed out in the living room and hated YOU. Part I: Union, Micah’s Twin Flame Journey.

We’re made to feel bad and unjustified for even suggesting mothers’ could be like this as it is such a taboo. Copyright © 2017.Powered by WordPress.Design by Amor Team. Control: There is a high need for control with mothers dealing with a personality disorder.

When you are able to recognize these disorders through a movie they stick out in the real world much more. Psychological disorders are behavior patterns or mental processes that cause serious personal suffering or interfere with a person’s ability to cope with everyday life. This can be a hard disorder to find because. Once you understand your mother’s personality disorder and see her for her limitations, your anger and resentment will fade. Thank you for your comment. Personality disorders are patterns of inflexible traits that disrupt social life or work and may distress the affected individual (Rathus, 2016). All rights reserved by Jazz Hands Productions, LLC.

She would cry and tell me that what I was saying was so hurtful to her. My stepfather had gotten much heavier into drinking during these years and he had a tendency to be violent when he drank.

Additionally, Dr. Sekandari is a published author and lecturer. You might say “I love you” when you hang up the phone with me but you don’t love me enough to try to be a better mother. No matter what kind of disorder a person may possess their lives are affected everyday by them, it takes over their body and consumes them as a person. The article provides some really good tips on what to do but also check out the book “Will I ever be good enough”, listed in the reference section.

If you see my mother tell her that I miss her and I need her and I want her to be a part of my life more than she could ever imagine. After 14 years of marriage a few times my mother also abused me and humiliated me in front of my husband and mother in law. One day I remember I came home from school and I went to the bathroom. The two fight over financial problems quite a lot and the relationship ends when Steele dies. When she would get angry at me (which was pretty often), she would call me by my biological father’s first name as if to insinuate that I was just like him. In other words, a person may be obsessed with perfection in their work, however this does not mean they have obsessive-compulsive disorder.

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