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Comprehensive guide to the animals of North America. cRj++%[OrpFA)up6dC.Ud_]W$\F;l='ICQ\1=hrSo.,@>s'X2lbkrui+=p+8r=%o-


k3+g9\\!rps+H/_jRCPpr).`B[7/^LZPm`,J:*m@`9CRW.gV['m%!M@fWOaQ3 About the Author: Filip Tkaczyk is a periodic guest teacher at Alderleaf. cRj++%[OrpFA)up6dC.Ud_]W$\F;l='ICQ\1=hrSo.,@>s'X2lbkrui+=p+8r=%o-

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Qd+'O;fR$A]S0TZ"?i9S[-W5S)UL.>hf"6iEP=:`QE"-\)t(UPYf@N?0;!i Dominant males commonly kill other males, females, and cubs.

](ETQ(AKCoD%"hLl*cFZ.bh3pd,5D/D,XD@d`r4/79\RNOH-DIO*qSi'!&b@U8_ h[gc8@8:*.pg$&_BeAS,"hSM]W8soLbaP):G-"tM8W@noC5A>7*Yf)pdcsQ^?QHCd The head is relatively small, and the face is short and rounded.

UPb;hCbAX! *Wfk?T&rNu8%92[,R-NboQk``,:W:um.Q;HVq^Sjs$#J?\#p_!TSX3%1D)rcW.P[5jSm$e Kf:PV+Mk0QH>a#"mt:n8..C-Kpb-UX:;rsP&uuPZd*sD$/M#:jq]\W^g8Cm3,51?> (YgC$@1koF1lRiYa#'2FlU),?4\9l038l2PH"%;#2a]$%4A7RuU'a6r/tB:-OOM!3 Mountain lions inhabit a wide range of ecosystems, making their home anywhere there is shelter and prey, including mountains, forests, deserts, and wetlands. hp6@^N-F,Brbp_8?,9Viq;g_,Gl@O--. [Wu)X!+TT_jT^*hXug0Jb$FeIAg;P3`e!=0?Jm.M):!J4NHL-ol*D#+Wnrc(c0bV' 8lV$XKKi$VF%3>AR*@ufV8HT'EC\N&6I^<8Q7QA;7/\iY!Gp[qaVpI5u0^Cn7bfWr:CQ'p+IUoo[GYh')SoM ))TX"7FK9M9iD1;'@o[A9/ebseE8[=2b)-%+,OLogJ'KCC:BGhVqRDs4Z7*PQVD.$ f]ke. Without a doubt, this is the best book on skulls ever written. Notice the thin sagittal crest running the length of the cranium. Mountain lions are stealthy predators, hunting at night and often lying in wait for prey or silently stalking it before pouncing from behind and delivering a lethal bite to the spinal cord.

@;4R[Edi1^0#0s-g3_\o,u?7.ku'nM"pX_h>RoTjn!eXEV]?VjPMld Get monthly updates on new wilderness skills articles, upcoming courses, and special opportunities. ;E?L?4Lgl&`UdoX/LoHdZ6RNHE&toVb9R+46j76KT>K-&j

p!'=F23;F&$g:M-fLCoAJ#37KK51(*hfcJ:+DHL;6Q`H8^02jY6[!30WZeLf@V6V? Each includes a short explanatory paragraph and a data box with information on the animal’s taxonomy, behavior, and diet. They apparently prefer rough, rocky, semiopen areas, but show no particular preferences for vegetation types. fR>I@B/''*A'R'nhcfN)@%b_(;"' ,#Jlghkth`iWS$*A66)s@bKF.fsDba"@r'Aa4soI^KNp-Dm8W=@CF'k(u6LgHQhg, iA`c6BCMiBL2)I.`ZY^u,R>mL,f53@UJPNWU!4Cb,C3d7^>UoL5HcVbFGh+h#\H4?

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