You have only 24 hours and 1 GB of bandwidth to test the proxies. Kozilek, Butcher of Truth With all of those applications, there comes a time when you or your business may need proxies from a certain location. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to find free proxies, and the same goes for finding free Chinese proxies. Rishadan Port. Arcbound Ravager Dark Depths All Rights Reserved. Chrome Mox Abrupt Decay from Return to Ravnica Magic the Gathering MTG Proxy Card $ 1.25. Temple Garden With one of the largest proxy networks on the market, this Chinese proxy provider has a little bit of everything, and with a total number of proxies almost reaching 4.5 million, that is becoming clear. If you’re looking for an even more affordable Chinese proxy provider than Smartproxy, Soax is the one you should go with. Goblin Guide Thoughtseize

MAGIC THE GATHERING CARDS PROXIES playable foil, holo, judge promo, modern, edh, commander, legacy, vintage.

Lion’s Eye Diamond Berserk Burning of Xinye

On the performance side of things, most of the free Chinese proxies have the lowest speeds out of all proxy types. The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale As the major improvement of quality, consumers will love it for sure! Savannah (beta) THESE ARE LOWER QUALITY THAN THE OTHER PROXIES LISTED ON THE WEBSITE. Batterskull Verdant Catacombs Magic the Gathering MTG Proxy Cards FROM NOW UNTIL THE END OF OCTOBER, FOR EVERY $40 WORTH OF PROXIES YOU BUY YOU WILL BE ENTERED INTO OUR OCTOBER COONTEST! Elspeth, Knight Errant The pictured cards are the ones that you will receive. Marsh Flats A internet proxy server like, can unblock all possible kinds of web sites such as social networks, news broadcasters, video streaming sites. Again, these are NOT TOURNAMENT QUALITY!! Stomping Ground Shop. Timetwister Sword of Light and Shadow Demonic Tutor Abrupt Decay Flusterstorm Vendillion Clique

Zodiac Dragon Linvala, Keeper of Silence

Godless Shrine Library of Alexandria Maze of Ith Again, these are NOT TOURNAMENT QUALITY!!!

But, they are still good quality for playtesting or “kitchen table” magic. This is a 56 card Magic the Gathering Chinese Blue Core proxy card set. Taiga (beta) Mana Crypt Pair that with the option to get proxies from certain cities throughout China, and you get a very capable and decent contender. No software installation required. Steam Vents

Obviously bradg_17 is a dummy account, but I'm wondering if anyone in the BC community recognizes the name Ray MTG. Again, these are NOT TOURNAMENT QUALITY!! Underground Sea Again, these are NOT TOURNAMENT QUALITY!! This set includes: Bayou (beta)

Grim Tutor Enter Your Decklist. Blue core cards, are the best MTG proxies for partners who do business about MTG proxies cards. Phyrexian Obliterator They said they're out of stock, but a new lands set (Lands 9) will be ready in about a month. A completely opposite kind of Chinese proxy provider is Geosurf, and in some ways, it falls short behind Luminati. Glimpse of Nature You get one of the most advanced geo-targeting solutions, enabling you to get residential or mobile proxies from specific regions or providers. 1. The web proxy servers given below provide you a quick and easy way to browse the internet with an IP address in China.

Scrubland (beta) Grove of the Burnwillows About blue core: We hate spam as you do! The prices and the packages are also impressive, and there are some things that we wish other providers would implement. As the major improvement of quality, consumers will love it for sure! Our powerful software checks over a million proxy servers daily, with most proxies tested at least once every 15 minutes, thus creating one of the most reliable proxy lists on the Internet - all for free. Again, these are NOT TOURNAMENT QUALITY!!! Gauntlet of Might Nether Void But, they are still good quality for playtesting or “kitchen table” magic. Foil Proxies, Hologram Proxies, Vintage Proxies Our list of the best Chinese proxy providers will help you make the right choice. For that reason, we are going to combine the various types of proxies from the providers.

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