I love T&R, I like Hardy featuring Zo & Beetle and despise F&M/Jones (Arcand is solid). .”. HOUR 1- Is it time for the Patriots to move on from Tom Brady; Craig is sick and tired of the NFL's so called "insiders" 2-29-20

I look now at Russillo or Jon Anik; I don’t want to sound like the old man here, but there’s a lot of pride for me. WEEI caters to a peculiar segment of society: sports lovers. This is the tale of a defunct sports radio station, one that didn’t survive long, earned only a fleeting flicker in the Arbitron ratings and the consciousness of Boston sports fans, was plagued by a misdirected signal and chronically decreasing corporate support, spent recklessly, and then spent hardly at all. They’d be doing other work that had nothing to do with the show. But it needed humor. Pepe: I came aboard in February 2002, and we had a million-dollar marketing budget, which was fun. View all posts by Bruce Allen. In this demographic, the Red Sox loom large. And this was pretty early Internet. I was so stupid, I was like, “Holy [expletive], 52 grand a year!” I can pay some bills, maybe go away for a week in the summer. Grande, the de facto program director, was crucial in hiring young voices like Simmons. Sporting News was based in Chicago. Larry Johnson’s voice gives me aural diverticulosis. Anything is brutal with Dale, to be fair. But in many ways that too became repetitive. …FINALLY, the “little general” Jason Wolfe sees the light……about time. You knew Russillo was going to be something, be somebody. Yet because of so many talented people who were part of it — many unknown then and well-known now — the station has had a profound and lasting effect on the sports media landscape. So what made the show different was that Yankee fans got a chance to call in and not be slammed on air right from the get-go. Wrong place, wrong time, wrong signal, wrong band, wrong corporate ownership. It’s what radio and TV media people DO; it’s part of their DNA. Holley: I wouldn’t say it was the right station at the wrong time. I can’t hear the station." Follow him on Twitter @GlobeChadFinn. [B]Displaced BJBSJostonian[/B]‏ @[B]Ironhead334[/B], View: https://twitter.com/617Report/status/1179454345580077056, BREAKING NEWS: WEEI Dumps Mustard & Johnson and Hazel Mae to the MLB Network, View: https://twitter.com/617Report/status/1280944578435170305. Their regular callers made the show absolutely unlistenable. The Zone guys were there.

The Zone added a second well-known name to its daily roster in early 2002 when Eddie Andelman, the godfather of Boston sports radio, left his midday role at WEEI when his contract expired and joined the Zone. I used to have those guys come on my show on NECN, and people were like, who is Jon Anik, who is Ryen Russillo, and I’m like, why don’t you pay attention, because if you pay attention, you’ll realize these guys are more prepared than the guys appearing on [Channels] 4 and 7. Felger?

I'm not the biggest Red Sox fan anyways so not missing much in the Summer. This time, however, he’s a bit late, because some security guard asked to see his credential as he was heading back. Mustard and Johnson continues in Sports Radio. If you’re going to pay talented dudes without much money, you’re going to get baggage. But it was Eddie Andelman. And there was a methodical plan in place to continue to challenge WEEI — including by pursuing established WEEI talent. Actor Matt Damon was an early guest. Praise the lord no more Yankee talk… No more larry johnson no more of that Commie Mustard, No more Joey of the northend No more LISTEN TOO ME! weei boasts a roster of Dale Arnold (shudder) and the Big O. Amazing how people continually bitch and bitch about a station, yet they continue to listen to it. They weren’t the Michael Jordan Bulls. If you got one, one of 30, you never gave it up. I filled in, and that was that. It was still a very strange place to work. Ryen, rightfully so, had a little bit of trepidation early on. We were eventually kicked off for making fun of Polar Cola, which was a sponsor, I guess, of the station. That opened up collaboration between Globe writers and The Zone. I thought they’d be great together. From ’01 to ’08, including ESPN 890, there were some very good shows that very few people know about.

You willingly listen to Greg Hill? I’m sure Larry Johnson will still be around…but I bet this is it for Mustard. We probably should’ve seen that coming, but it still hit us hard. Quarter of six, we’re getting ready to go on the air, and [a fellow host] opens the Herald, and Jim Baker’s headline, stripped across the page, is “Adams Off The Air.”. The end, for all intents and purposes, came on Oct. 28, 2005, when Clancy Woods, president of Sporting News Radio, had the 1510 staff gather for the dreaded announcement: The company was pulling the plug on all local programming. Probably not. It’s further proof that the so called “intelligencia of New England” are afraid to let anyone that has a different voice be able to give their opinion. Proof that God does indeed love us. In its first year, the show had significant reasons for optimism. Maybe a half hour in the morning. He could be difficult to work with in those days. In hindsight, they probably feel like they overpaid me and overpaid Eddie Andelman, too. They couldn’t hit us because it would acknowledge our existence, and we couldn’t hit them because we were raising the bar. It was like the beginning of the Drago-Apollo Creed fight [in “Rocky IV”] when neither was hitting each other and it was really bizarre. Since November 2018, the 1510 signal has been silent. Grande: Eddie was counter in so many ways to the concept of the station. Constantly trying to be funny, but never making it. But it is enhanced in its effects if it from time to time to time yields to something different. Kellogg: The cash flow was fine at the beginning. WEEI should have made this move a long time ago. Adams and the show remained on the air until 7:20 a.m., when Adams saw Kellogg walk through the door. It is just a terrible medium at this point as opposed to other options. Foremost was the signal, which was reported to be 50,000 watts during the day, but dropped to 10,000 at night. In a hastily arranged meeting on July 18, the Sporting News announced it was letting 20 staffers go, leaving only 12 full-timers across all departments.

The Red Sox and Ordway were under long-term contracts. They reached out to a lot of people this spring. So I am dismayed that they have been sent packing, and dismayed by the glee evoked by that cancellation. The only problem I really had with the M&J show was it was becoming just as repetitive (in a pro-Yankees way) as all the other pro-Boston shows on EEI. Illustration by Brendan Lynch/Globe Staff (custom credit).

Winn: I called my corporate people and I said, “Hey, can he be our secretary and also do afternoon drive?” And they were like, “Yeah, as long as we don’t pay him any more money, that’s fine.” So, you know, he’d come in, there wasn’t a hell of a lot to do as being like our office manager, and we put him on the air. 4’s pregame show. Scott also touched on Hazel Mae officially landing at MLB TV, something Jessica Heslam also reported in the Herald today. The price was right, too. Baseball is a subtle, elegant sport that attracts possibly the best writing that exists about sport (the old adage: the smaller the ball, the better the prose….golf does in fact also attract great writing.)

Ross Carey, producer: We’d get calls coming in, “I’m five minutes away. Jageler: If you were going to compete with the WEEIs of the world, you had to go in there with a full slate, from basically morning drive to afternoon drive with local programming.

Don’t give the Lost Lil’Bastard(JW) too much credit. The signal issues were particularly problematic during nighttime Celtics games. Sylvester: It’s too bad, because listeners missed some good stuff when Max and Grande were finding their way. Kellogg: We already had Max [Cedric Maxwell] in place as the color analyst.

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