However she him, yet still seems to be carrying out her plan to But after you see this show you will see that it most definitely is. While I was watching, I kept wondering how the romance could develop between them when there were so many obstacles. in getting her grandmother in a senior living “My Ahjussi” also known as “My Mister” is led by IU, Lee Sun Kyun, Park Ho San, Song Sae Byeok and Chang Ki Yong among many others. The List of Essential Korean Dramas Vol.I. That part when she realizes that her grandma can be housed made me very sad. Actually last year I started once but dropped it after episode 2 didn't get my attention, even so I remember not finding it really boring but it didn't get me that I wanted to continue. The CEO and his helpers easily made us despise them, while Jung Hee and Yoora (Nara and Nara) were loveable from start to finish. It hit all the right strings. No sibling relationship is ever perfect, but they will always be there for you, no matter what. because she won't give in to him sexually. This is something that very few kdramas were ever able to make me feel. This is just a masterpiece! against her better judgment, knowing he is married My Mister successfully touches on universal themes of brotherhood, friendship, perseverance, selflessness, accountability, forgiveness, acceptance, and letting go. The music score "Grown Ups/Adult" from Sondia shares the dark-and-sad vibe whenever it's played. Hoon still cares about Ji An, and even assists her SEE ALSO: My Mister Korean Drama Review. mother Byeon Yo Soon (Ko The drama is about three brothers who struggle in life, each carrying burdens and suffering problems. Love lee sun kyun and IU so much. Also, if you’re in a bad mood, this drama will probably put you in a worse mood sometimes. ... but at night she cries herself to sleep out of Incredible acting, especially from the leads Lee Sun-Kyun (he was the rich dad in Parasite) and Lee Ji-Eun (the multi-talented music artist IU in an Baeksang award-winning breakthrough role). (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The drama doesn’t have a particular universal plot that leads one way, its about three brothers and a girl in her 20s, they all struggle with problems. And that undestanding goes beyond any romantic feelings and beyond the time and space that set them apart. It felt so real, I just finished the drama like an hour ago and I had a lot to write down from the drama since I also write (for fun though), and I have a lot to reflect from this drama. It makes you hate the world we live in but also have hope knowing that despite the filth there are still good people in this world and its worth to fight. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Sometimes, I hated that and sometimes I liked that. This is a place for discussions and news about your favorite Korean drama series (current and past), the actors and actresses, drama reviews, official soundtracks, award shows, and more. He’s not a character you dream about but a character you’d love to run into in real life. My Mister is Just Fascinating | My Mister Review. world to school! IU and Su Kyun’s chemistry suprised me. This is not only one of my favorite kdramas EVER but one of my favorite dramas in general. I was blown away by how good the brothers suited each other and how it felt real. This is especially true for the oldest brother, it seemed as if he could break down in tears at any moment. Sleeping on the floor. External Reviews “My Ahjussi” is probably the only kdrama in 2018 that doesn’t have any kdrama clichés that are pure repetitive and cheesy. And once you find out why she behaves like this you understand, you understand her struggles, her attitude and why she’s so broken.

RETURN TO The actors are really good and well casted. Hats off. Press J to jump to the feed. When the trailer for the Korean drama series, My Mister (also known as My Ajusshi) rolled onto my cable TV, and kept rolling, I was intrigued.But initially I had a difficult time understanding the series’ plot, as matter-of-factly described by the voice-over on the telly. Doo Shim from Dear He is not THAT smart, not THAT hot, not a chaebol or someone who’s cocky. I have watched all the episodes 4 times already. It was truly beautiful to watch and every single character felt incredibly human. But if you are looking for something deep with no- nonsense stuff then you need to be patient and watch this show. Started watching this drama with no expectation, thinking it is just another slice of life drama. Young people who have had comfortable lives won’t really like or relate to this drama and will probably think its miserable and overly dramatic, boring at times even. My Mister Review. I am an older kdrama fan (in my twenties) but I doubt a 13 year old kdrama fan would be able to understand or appreciate this drama. She is a firm believer in the absolute truth.). Its been so long since I have seen a drama that is this raw and real. Just by looking into their eyes you could almost feel the burdens they are carrying. On that note, the series delves realistically into the two-timing issue, and how it affects all parties involved. She is a very unlikeable character, especially at first. By clicking on "Accept", you agree to our use of cookies. owing loan sharks a lot of money. and if you consider it as something serious, then others will think of it that way, too. The one scene near the beginning where she breaks her grandma out of the home and later puts her in a grocery cart was so touching. And Lee Sun-Kyun…well…I really can’t see anybody else portraying the “Ahjussi” role. I have to say at the beginning like at least 5 episodes it did somehow feel as such, a drama that totally people in general able to relate to and even a bit slow, boring with the many conversations in between characters and with the focus on office politics. When i first started watching My Ahjussi I found that the plot was very slow in the beginning and I honestly thought that it was going to be boring and wanted to stop watching it but because i am a dedicated fan of IU, I still kept watching it and as the episodes progressed I could not believe myself that I was going to stop watching it. Who would have thought that IU and Lee Sun Kyun would be so good together?

I HIGHLY recommend this product. They connected on a deep, emotional level which defied the need for physical contact and assurance (Spoiler: When they did have a ‘skinship’ moment in the final episode, I turned on my waterworks full mode).

real end game? I wholeheartedly agree, for instance, that spousal betrayal means pronouncing a death sentence to the innocent party. Ra) whom I also believed to be the most stunning But I am sure I will watch My Mister at least twice every year. convenience store to wheel her around in it when she Hoon; she surreptitiously installs a bug on It also respects the audience and doesn’t always use dialogue to get a point across. Completed. However, it also teaches the values of lives which many of us tend to either forget or ignore. executive at the construction company where Dong For me, this drama is one example of a good package. 16 of 16 episodes seen . There are certain plot points and characters that aren’t explained in the first half of the drama, it takes a while before you understand them and their actions but its worth the wait. Welcome!

One of the best shows I've seen. I loved these three dramas because they don’t have eye-candies oppas/unnies but still their plots are too good that a second watch is a must. destroy him at work! I also liked that each time a character made a very shocking or annoying decision I understood why they did it. But after reading the reviews and popularity of My Ahjussi I thought of giving it a try. | My Ajussi is far, far, FAR from the average Korean TV drama, though the vital part of longing and lingering feelings runs as deep as ever in this dark, brutal and beautiful story of love. She has done something extremely bad in her past and she is always afraid people would find out, yet she disguise herself as this careless young woman who doesn’t give a fuck. who lives in financial and emotional distress daily,

First of all, the three brothers.

However if you stay on and immerse yourself into any of these characters as they move along with the story plot, I guarantee you will feel rewarded on the experience of what relationships between humans really are and how we are all just surviving and thriving (or failing) in the act of being in relationships with one another. The drama had actually begun shooting and even released a teaser featuring the three brothers along with Oh Dal Su. I don’t know. Even the monk, which we didn’t see a lot of, felt like he had a big impact on the drama. This made me love the drama more because I can relate.

My Ahjussi (My Mister) KDrama Review & Summary; My Mister. first ever imdb review. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sees The Moon. “My Ahjussi” also known as “My Mister” is led by IU, Lee Sun Kyun, Park Ho San, Song Sae Byeok and Chang Ki Yong among many others. Dong Hoon hires a temp in his 16 people found this helpful. Why did Ki Beom do everything that Ji An was asking? High and Producer) I've been a fan of kdramas since 2012 and counting~ Join me as I discuss some of the hottest currently airing kdramas, and if you have any requests for a kdrama review, please let me know in the comment section of any article.

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