Naval Ravikant: You can't have a reasonable conversation about climate science anymore.

What the fu- Do you put that much time in your kids?". But the act of pursuing them is actually really useful because then it gives you certain intrinsic understanding in your life that brings a level of peace.

Naval Ravikant: Where you're like the third middle manager down.

There's nothing beyond. So there is no answer. You know, are we nature, are we nurture. Single mom, two kids, working day and night, go to school. But don't have too many. So specialization of labor, we trade, that's built into the human species. Naval Ravikant: It's a sneaky — Yeah. But that's — for people that are working for someone, there's not really that option. So the entire news media has shifted into pedaling opinions and entertainment. … If we start to see ETFs really emerge, this fund would struggle.” However, he acknowledges, it’s not clear if or when that would happen. Naval Ravikant: Yeah, it's somebody else's fault. And then you have a fraction that commit suicide or detonate.

You're a biological creature, stands up and says, "I can do something. Joe Rogan: Wow. A one party system ran the United States, and the United States ran the world. Social media makes mass organization and resistance possible. Joe Rogan: Right. You'd renounce children. So for example, if you want a censorship on Twitter or Facebook, you should build that system, and then hand it over to the other side to run. Naval Ravikant: Yeah. But Ravikant has continued to wax eloquent about the long-term promise of blockchain tokens on social media and at conferences, lending gravitas to the chaotic scene.

But it was a video where he sort of doctored Nancy Pelosi talking, and made it look like she was drunk. We should be all for playing positive some ethical games. I mean, it's really exciting when you just have incremental progress in something that you're completely new to. I mean, I don't know if you've been paying attention to this, but there was a guy who — he made a video. Naval Ravikant: Everyone's got their minds made up already.

Naval Ravikant: So that's unfortunately the the rub, right? Right?

When you're finally wealthy, you'll realize that it wasn't what you were seeking in the first place. Naval Ravikant: That's right. I appreciate it.

Learn to build.

These companies are too big. More broadly, in an economy still recovering from the 2008 financial crisis, many in the business community felt that decades-old investor protections were impeding capital formation and due for a digital-age update. It's also about status. Naval Ravikant: That's kind of where my tweet storm starts.

And incalculable, favorable mass media exposure. But when you see that, when you realize that, when you understand something, then it naturally calms you down. What's the meaning of lifei if this is my life?". One side is talking about the right to bear arms in case a tyrannical ruler or King drastic over the country. Because if they get a photo of you, then that boost their social media profile. Crime happens in other people’s neighborhoods.

Naval Ravikant: — [inaudible 1:28:22] technologies. It's like, "How much time did you put in this? Same with immigration. You can't just basically say, "I'm gonna be, you know nuanced about it." Joe Rogan: There's a balance going on. Joe Rogan: I want $45,000 a year. It is what clutters my mind. This is how it's being portrayed by Andrew Yang who's running for president. And meaning comes through education and capability. Joe Rogan: I couldn't agree more. Click here to view more by the artist, and to check out the official CoinDesk Most Influential T-shirt. Status is your place in the social hierarchy. Naval Ravikant: Allegedly. If you think, you think; if you don't think, you don't think. Naval Ravikant: But if you can't — And this is where Twitter is great for me, is I try to understand something. It's making you into a model thinker. To actually model general intelligence, you run into all kinds of problems. Naval Ravikant: Absolutely. So you can take that too. Right?

Naval Ravikant: Right? Joe Rogan: No. But that's not the kind of celebrity I think most people set out to get.

And I do think that these times where you just think about things, just be alone and think about things are so rare these days. So we need a way to iterate on nuclear fission, and eventually fusion, and get them working, safely, cleanly, passive failure, et cetera. You know, stop struggling while I'm hitting you.

Finite space. “Having an option like this that charges 2% with plain vanilla exposure to the top 10 makes a lot of sense,” says Spencer Bogart, head of research at blockchain startup and token venture firm Blockchain Capital, who was previously an analyst at Joe Rogan: Yeah it's also usually highly educated people that are involved in technology in the first place. And it's got to be personal, right? Because really, when people are putting up photos on Twitter, Instagram, and look at my pile of books that I'm reading, it's a show off thing.

And as it pertains to race, is always a weird one, right? Like old times, I may have starved.

Naval Ravikant: Yes. Labor leverage will impress your parents, but don’t waste your life chasing it. Like, if you evolved — if you raised a human being at concrete cell with no input from the outside, they wouldn't have any feedback from the real world. It's like the Bruce Springsteen Glory Days song, right? In fact the more highs you get, the harder it gets to go around the wheel, the more bored you get of it, the harder it goes to go back up. Well, you're not the poor Brazilian farmer. The way to retire is actually to find the thing that you know how to do better than anybody. And so I used to do that forcibly and then I trained it until it became second nature. It's not a zero sum game. You're not saving. And there are people who don't believe that it's possible because then it creates a responsibility on them. So people — once someone can solve their money problems, either by lowering their lifestyle or by making enough money, and, you know essentially, what you want to get everybody to the retirement. I was working since the age of eleven on and off here and there. This is not a smart way to interact with people." Every time somebody pays you or me a compliment and we're like, "Oh, well, thank you." Naval Ravikant: And so you have to learn how — First of all, society has to get over this idea of outrage.

"Well, which God?" Sorry if I went on a tangent there. Enter Bitwise Asset Management, which is launching the HOLD 10, a new passively managed index fund of the top 10 cryptocurrencies by inflation-adjusted market capitalization. There's always effort in equality. Naval Ravikant: Art is this creativity.

Arm yourself with specific knowledge, accountability, and leverage. Naval Ravikant: — what the meaning of life is or how we got here. Where's the transition?

Naval Ravikant: I can still get taken out. That's so common. Researchers worry it will add to widespread distrust in the voting process. Okay? Really? Naval Ravikant: Yeah. And so I just became extremely jealous of my time. You want to be the guy or the gal who gets there calmly, you know, quietly, without struggle. It’s a fundamentally decentralized Internet.”. So if you're a right wing, you want to suppress the left wing. Like, one of my tweets is — these are all reminders to myself, is, "You want to be rich and anonymous, not poor and famous.". You may opt-out by.

Why are you trying to make money? Because then you'll be at peace because your people will have won.. Joe Rogan: It's a daunting task to get your shit together. Naval Ravikant: But what's hilarious is mostly the people who are yelling racist are not the minorities.

And lastly it's nonsense to hand 15 K out to everybody, you want to means test people. So what the internet does — A lot of this is internet driven. You're having fun. Joe Rogan: You do that one very small podcast where you just have small with three or four minute clips.

It's like the phone company. Maybe there is a tradeoff, right? I think you need the principle that if you absorbed these, and you work hard over 10 years, you'll get what you want. Naval Ravikant: The problem with fission — nuclear fission is that, you know, nature creates energy through nuclear energy. And I think it's because at some level, all humans are broad. Naval Ravikant: Yeah, we just don't know how intelligence works. How do you stop the natural progression that people have of, you know, "Oh, you know, I have got a nice Chevrolet. Joe Rogan: But it's just so silly. And I know there's a lot of virtue sitting that goes on, like we don't want money and, you know, I don't care about being happy, and happiness is for stupid people. Like we get into this model of, "I must work for other people, working my way up the ladder. Joe Rogan: And the best way to change the world is to change yourself. Because he made something funny that made people seem drunk? YouTube killed TV and Twitter ate the news. Right? And in fact, I would say that's also like an experience that you can start craving which will then actually take you out of meditation, where you really — and I'm not enlightened or anything close to it, so not even in the ballpark.

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