The Kruger National Park Have you heard about the Kruger National Park in South Africa? Use prefixes to create antonyms. • According to you, what type of person was he? Nelson Spelling: Pupil Book 5 (PDF) View larger image. Mr. Romi taught them techniques to score goals.Rishabh and Eric, the goal keepers, had to stop the ball fromentering the goal posts.Camille, Ashish, Mira, Sarah, Shameem, Neelesh, Reenaand their friends played volleyball.

__________________________________________________________________________ 4. • Is there someone that you admire? If this continues, many plants will disappear and animals will lose their homes. 1 Read the text below and answer the questions. (to chase away) ______________: …………………………………................................................……………….. Sammy: What is the tiger doing? When is he playing?You/They/We You are playing. I am nine years old. Sales Representatives. This is animportant aspect of reading and pupils must be made aware that all readers do not react to textsin the same way and that one must respect the opinion of others.VocabularyEach unit has three vocabulary activities. Find out how conjunctions join words together. Theywere disappointed when the bell rang. Take a look, Year 4 | Age 8–9. vii, Table of contentsPage 1-34 35 - 72 73 - 104Unit 2: Games and toys 3: Islands 1: Let’s go to Africa Speaking: Chain story Speaking: Survival kit Speaking: Introducing activity oneself Listening: ‘Mr Romi’ Listening: ‘Come and fly toCommunication Skills Speaking: Conversation my island’Reading for Listening: ‘Sammy’s ‘The Physical ‘My beloved island Agalega’Understanding holidays’ Education Class’ Email Informal letterWriting ‘Safari in Kenya’ Fill in the blanks Match words with their definition Postcard Find the meaning of words Match words with Match island with their meaning Find the root words nationality of islandersVocabulary Fill in the blanks with key vocabulary Relate vocabulary to Past Simple Tense Find the synonym the theme Past Simple Tense Nouns in the plural form Collective Nouns Past Continuous Tense Past Continuous TenseGrammar Present Simple Tense Adjectives - Comparative & Adjectives - Comparative & Present Continuous Tense Superlative forms Superlative forms Using ‘and’ & ‘but’ Using ‘and’ & ‘but’ Phrasal verbs Adjectives in the Comparative and Superlative forms Prepositions (during, at, towards, to & on)Reading for Pleasure ‘The Kruger National Park’ ‘My childhood toys’ Determiner ‘the’and AppreciationDid you know? I was very excited to go there with my family during my last holidays. Answer the questions below. __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ 4, Unit 1Activity 1d: Choose the correct answer and circle the appropriate letter.1. Do you think animals are cruel when they kill other animals?Activity 2: VocabularyActivity 2a: Find the words in the text and match them with their meaning. The children had lots of fun playing with so many ______________.A monkeys B monkeyesC monkies D monkey7. Where does the story take place? I learnt alot about African rainforests.Activity 5c: Fill in the blanks with the plural form of the nouns in brackets. More information on school accounts. Pupils learn to produce different types of texts. Nelson English helps your child learn core literacy skills: comprehension, writing, grammar, punctuation, spelling, and vocabulary. According to the guide, why doesn’t the elephant attack the passengers in the jeep? Added. Look for these symbols: Canadian Content. people a ____________________. Listen to Sammy and carry out the activity below.Activity 12a: Listen to Sammy and tick the correct answer while listening.1.Sammy is talking to his friends parents .2.He is talking about his school holidays .3.Sammy travelled to Kenya by airplane jeep .4.Sammy almost fell into the river lake when he went rafting.5.There were two many flamingoes in Lake Nakuru.26, Unit 1 Did you know?Elephants can get sun burnt. African rainforests African rainforests are home to many animals. You are Are you playing? When he was studyingat a missionary school*, his name waschanged to ‘Nelson’. What do you think they do? He says thatwild animals can ________________ at my jeep and _________________ me into the jungle.“What a joke!” I tell him.Activity 2c: Say whether the items below are related to safaris.snake binoculars first aid kittorch passport camera 7, Unit 1 Activity 3: Communication skills: Speaking activity During the safari, Sammy meets other tourists. “Something ispricking me but I can’t see it.”The buffaloes and hippos also feel something pinching them sharply. Explore how pronouns can lead to ambiguity.

(i) Why are the animals disappointed when they leave the river?__________________________________________________________________________ (ii) Why do you think the snakes are biting all the animals? Take a look, Year 5 | Age 9–10. Sammy: At what time do the animal keepers prepare food for the animals? Take a look, Year 1 | Age 5–6.

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