Each time you activate the Portal Stone, there's a chance of getting a shield. Your gun is full of electricity! Increase your rate of fire if you get hurt while in this room. This is a legendary trophy.

Including your inner desires and fears.

Deal melee damage to enemies who make contact with you. A stick of candied hawthorn. Kill enough enemies, and you'll drop extra hearts. There's a chance your bullet will create a beautiful firework. It's so light, it's as if it doesn't exist.

Each time you pick up a bomb, you get an extra one.

For every bullet you get instead a star cape that appears when shooting, that is able to track and damage enemies in it's range.

Cost some coins.

Pull back... Exhale slowly... Let go! Each time you kill an enemy with melee damage, there's a chance you'll receive extra coins. Time is money, right? Easier to aim without glare in your eyes... Increase your weapon's damage. [Active] You have a chance to open locks or hurt yourself. Increase your rate of fire.

Costs 3 crystals. Greatly increase your weapon damage.

We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Kill enough enemies, and you'll get crystals.

[Passive] The more hearts you have, the more bullets you can fire. Instead of throwing a bomb, place a mine on the ground.

Increase your weapon's range and rate of fire. Increase your melee damage every time you get hurt in the current room. Oof. Add a crystal container.

All your bullets now deal ice damage.

There's a chance you'll fire a heat-seeking bullet. Upgrade your weapon. This page was last edited on 3 November 2020, at 16:15. Add a heart container. You have a chance to drop extra shields when you get hurt. There's a chance your bullet will split into extra bullets.

(Can only be used once.). The more times you jump, the more melee damage you do. You got a promotion! Every time you jump, you leave a mine behind you. All your bullets now deal poison damage. The fewer crystals you have, the more damage your weapon does. (Brave And Delicious). The more eggs you have, the further you can shoot.

Added tracking modules but sacrificed the performance. You can gain crystals after killing an enemy. Every time your pet evolves, you'll drop a key. To infinity... Increase your jump height. You have a chance to unlock chests or doors with explosions. Your email address will not be published. Featuring unlimited item synergies and a unique dungeon evolution system, each run diversifies the experience and every choice alters the ruleset.

You have a chance to recover hearts when you get hurt by an explosion. You will drop extra hearts if you hatch an empty egg. [Active] Fall to the ground, cracking any stones below you. [Passive] This weapon deals melee damage. [Active] Drop Random Coins. You will drop an extra bomb if you hatch an empty egg. Be immune to damage for a short time. The crystallization of future technology. Each time you kill an enemy with melee damage, there's a chance an instant bomb will drop. Increase your rate of fire and movement speed. There's a chance you'll fire a piercing bullet.

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No one will ever see you coming.

This is going to hurt... Increase your rate of fire and weapon damage.

Each time you kill an enemy with melee damage, there's a chance to get an egg.

Neon Abyss includes many Weapons that can aid or kill the Player. After each battle, you might receive extra shields.

Try your luck! You get a temporary protective shell per room.

Mow 'em down. Enhance your stats in all areas.

[Active + Passive] Hearts can be stored and thrown out. [Passive] When your bullets hit a coin, it may double, or disappear. This unbelievable bean will recover all your hearts and increase your weapon's range.

[Active] Drop random coins. Shoots 3 to 5 bullets with a random chance for a laser beam. Show all rooms on your map.

But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Every time you pick up a coin, there's a chance you'll get extra hearts. It's time to play! Gain shields after killing enemies with melee damage. Upgrade your weapon. The ultimate weapon...Destroy everything!!

You will get a random item if you get hurt 6 times in the same room. The little wings are so darn cute. If you're down to half a heart, you'll immediately drop a shield.

Bombs explode bigger, brighter, and better. Every time you use a key, there's a chance you'll drop an extra bomb or an instant mine. A beautiful display of death. Do more weapon damage when you attack from behind. Increase your movement speed and weapon damage. Each time you kill an enemy, there's a chance it will explode.

Increase your weapon's range and movement speed. Your melee attacks cause enemies to explode when they die.

There are some questions you can't avoid. You won't know until you die and wake up... and there's a chance you might. We'd like to use cookies to help analyse, improve and personalise our service to you.

Some of your bullets have shields that can block enemy bullets. All your bullets will explode on impact or after they travel a certain distance.

Every time you pick up a coin, there's a chance you'll get extra bombs. All general items have a blue border around its icon. Each time you kill an enemy with melee damage, there's a chance you'll receive extra crystals.

It'll bring tears to your eyes! Add extra bullets per shot and increase your weapon's range. Add shields. An extravagant crystal mask. There's a chance that you'll block bullets fired at you. Greatly increase your rate of fire. Launches 10 bullets after the bomb explodes.

Everything is Permitted. Your bullet will randomly rebound when it hits the wall. [Active] Drop random pickups.


[Passive] When your bullets hit the coin, it may double, or disappear. Kill enough enemies, and you'll drop extra bombs. Cycles through the 4 different projectiles. Yeah!

Mark all secrets on your map. Each time you pick up a key, your weapon damage will increase.

You'll drop extra coins when you use keys. Charging it up will shoot a key that opens all locks.

Waiting for your moment to burst from the clouds.

The more pets you have, the more times you can jump. Eggs will hatch random pickups instead of pets.

[Passive] This weapon deals melee damage.

[Active] Drop random pickups. After recharging, launches a golden key.

Winning is positioning, timing... and being the last alive.

Anyone who survives might learn a lesson.

Add a heart container. It's shopping time! Maps are revealed in every level.

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