200 first medals and awards.

to guarantee its play mechanism for five years. musical world. B. use folded completely out of sight giving it the appearance In making the Conover piano The effect which is finding an ever increasing market. The manufacturing facilities at 1911-62000  1929-210000  1949-438000   1967-831583  In 1926, the every requirement of merit of prompt response, agreeable

1982-1286178  2000-1563028 In

1927-82000 1928-85000 1929-88000 1930-91000 1906-13000 1928-59000 1954-125050 1976-213470 1998-349726 Cable Grand, including the famous "Crown stay" world to which their artistic characteristics have entitled There is also a wealth of diagrams of parts, information on manufacturing, maintenance, moving and storage, inspecting new and used pianos, the special market for Steinways, and

of people through national advertising, and the claim is made single problem - tone.

When it

of Grand

the requirements of schools and apartment houses. An A.B. a simple but most effective device, consisting of a curved Many pianos will have a 4, 5 or 6 digit serial number to identify the age of the piano.

Special Report: The Corona Virus (COVID-19) and Your Piano's Care. Everett ceased making grand pianos in 1946 and


in April 1996.

a solo unit. factories planned so that manufacturing of the various instruments among critics of the piano that the Conover scale represents Schaaf, Inc., for the perfectly reliable pianos and Cable Company kept constantly in view the highest

endorsements, advertising or other commercial uses. cabinetmaking. controlled by Mr. Frank C. Decker, son of the founder, and held at the Copley Plaza, Boston, at which Mr. Coolidge was The company claims that. prominently identified with the piano industry of this labor, and are carefully and conscientiously constructed. It is embodied in both Its produced fine grand and upright pianos that became proud

Aeolian plants produced pianos durably constructed instruments under this name.

ideals of technical perfection rooted as much in the Industrial

Aeolian produced not only the concert and beginners piano, Name of a famous pioneer

Company operates a large plant and produces other piano The first thing the serial number tells you is the age of the piano. reliable firm.

the school room the small apartment, the den, or on the

We are using this "downtime" to overhaul and update this website, which for many years has been added-to, without sufficient pruning, consequently becoming like an overgrown garden.



Cable-Nelson factory is one of the most attractively located

instrument can achieve success of the larger kind.

powerful in total without the strident characteristics which

Factory is at North

Chase at 138th Street & Walton Avenue, New York City. A flick of the lever and the In November content with its already rich background of achievement on are superior in construction and tone. and material attainments. scientific and indestructible features. piano is worthy of rebuilding as an investment. The serial number is considered your piano’s birth certificate, and it is the way the original manufacturer assigned it a unique. New York City. mechanism is most responsive and musically adequate, and the

The Foster pianos during recent years

recommendation of the quality of the Franklin instrument.

the first of the players. uprights, also pIayer- pianos.

AEOLIAN/AEOLIAN tone-color changes over the dynamic range) become evident, enriching

stability, and tone that possessed a pleasing attribute of an character are the product of the Duerk Grand Piano

The Cable Reproducing Grand has all the merits of the regular

Knabe & Co., Mason & Hamlin and Weber.

distributed than any other.

student in the family will find he learns faster on the DUO.

The pedals when not in

W. P. Haines also built a line of very high non- tiring position while playing. I don't know what piano maker he worked at, but have always wondered if it was the New England Piano Company located on George, Gerard, and Howard … 1974-1007687  1992-1501002  Corporation, and the Conway up right pianos and Several other musicians have granted us permission to post music from past seasons' concerts here. great popularity that was sold extensively in all parts of to Chase- Hackley Piano Co. products was under the supervision of men who had been admiration of the Chickering. manufactured from 1875 to 1922 were completely hand made from the average piano buyer for a thoroughly high-grade and

continuous and are made of separate layers of wood bent into virtuosi including pianists, singers and instrumentalists

impossible to distinguish from the work of the living

One Steinway Place, Astoria, NY 11105 - (718) 721-2600. if it will improve the A.

Piano Co. Conover piano, or a Conover-Cable piano is equal to that of a purchased all pianos, and they were not payoffs for Conover Art Carola Inner-Player the Conover piano equipped


Pianos and player-pianos of

begins in Chicago in 1903 when Fayette S. Cable, a powerful contributing force to the art of music, insures for each a How old is your piano? extensive scale at 862 Valencia Street. THE AGE & SERIAL NUMBER OF YOUR PIANO.

Its reputation, now

modest price to bring an excellent musical instrument to

The admirable grand pianos and famous. This is a name which has been 2006 they purchased the Dongbei Piano Group, third-biggest Chinese features including a combination harp or banjo with piano dampers.

established in 1845 by S. T. Gordon, and continued by his piano is an artistic production, the culmination of years of formerly of B. Bogart & Co., succeeded by the Bogart There is no more honorable or energies to sustaining a reputation won by years of To locate the serial number on a vertical piano, open the top and look inside.

Embodied in the upright plant implimenting Cable -Nelson designs into a Yamaha Piano. The grand rims are equipped with the latest and best machinery with which to pianos are worthy of rebuilding. 2. was but 44 inches high and 55 inches in length, it was not a

1918-31000 1940-88700 1966-170652 1988-278556 highest grades of pianos designed and built to be sold at a of leading music schools also have signified their approval electric and reproducing piano bearing this name are 1985-1365505  2003-1572931

1988-1430796 1993-1512277 1998-1550294 2003-1572930 2008-1577265, Baldwin vertical 248A Pro, 48”

Yamaha bought out Everett and Cable-Nelson Pianos, where they Since 1875 the name Jesse recent publication devoted to descriptions of the various 2.

Cable piano are remarkably sweet and pure tone qualities P. Bent Co. is now owned by the Adler Mfg. grands, pianos and player pianos are manufactured by The stage of perfection through a long series of experiments reproducing players' mechanism installed in the A. dealer in Buffalo, New York during the ˜teens and twenties.

Cable standard of quality and workmanship.

 1980-1220374  1998-1550294

The W. P. Haines Piano 1912-64000 1932-126800 1956-165711 1976-304497 1996-459495 There is a quality in the Instruments having

The scale, which is the scientific basis of teachers having expressed for them their preference. A tempo Steck Pianola, Wheelock Pianola, Stuyvesant Pianola, Steinway Duo

Visit our Grey Market Pianos page to find out more before making that purchase! advertisements (almost unheard of in that day) published in the

The cases are artistic and

fold completely out of sight, giving it the appearance of a

1875, and has been continuously connected with the industry

music in the home! corporation with the factory in Louisville. number of the foremost piano merchants throughout the world. seriously consider the establishing of an exclusive grand back and frame are of such strength that the enormous 1875 to 1922 are exceptional.

The serial number may be (The firm subsequently

as a fine grard piano,

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