Achieving this by securing back a sacred dog skin war cloak or Kahu Kuri[3] (dog-skin korowai were the most prestigious of Maori cloaks) also a war club or pounamu mere,[4] items that no other local chief could obtain but by the mana(prestige) of his father Pakaue, who got killed for them anyway by the son of the local Kawhia Chief who was jealous as he was refused the High Chiefly and sacred items.

It should be noted that this report only deals with those riverside sites that are located within the Hamilton City boundary and on Hamilton City Council riverside reserves. Matiu was taken as hostage in 1822, in which after Nga Puhi took him back to Whangarei and he was raised my a Chief there as his own son. Horohora had been built before 1920 privately for the Waihi Gold-mining Company. The iwi of Ngāti Mahuta is associated with 19 marae: The iwi of Ngāti Te Wehi is associated with 9 marae: The hapū of Ngāti Tai, Ngāti Kuiaarangi and Ngāti Whāwhākia are associated with 8 marae: The hapū of Tainui is associated with 7 marae: The hapū of Ngāti Tāhinga is associated with 6 marae: The hapū of Ngāti Apakura is associated with 6 marae: The hāpu of Ngāti Tiipa and Ngāti Āmaru are associated with 6 marae: The hāpu of Ngāti Hauā is associated with 5 marae: The hapū of Ngāti Korokī and Ngāti Raukawa are associated with 5 marae: The hapū of Ngāti Māhanga and Ngāti Tamainupo are associated with 4 marae: The hapū of Ngāi Tai, Ngāti Koheriki, and Ngāti Tamaoho are associated with 4 marae: The hapū of Ngāti Hine, Ngāti Naho and Ngāti Pou are associated with 4 marae: The hapū of Ngāti Te Ata and Ngāti Paretaua are associated with 4 marae: The hapū of Ngāti Makirangi has no marae of its own, but is associated with 4 marae: The hapū of Ngāti Wairere is associated with 2 marae: Māori iwi (tribe) in Aotearoa New Zealand, Ngāti Kuiaarangi, Ngāti Tai and Ngāti Whāwhākia, Ngāi Tai, Ngāti Koheriki, and Ngāti Tamaoho, Waikato-Maniapoto Maori Claims Settlement Act 1946,, Short description is different from Wikidata, Pages using infobox settlement with missing country, Pages using infobox settlement with no map, Pages using infobox settlement with no coordinates, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Ngāti Hikairo, based Waipapa marae in Kawhia, Ngāti Ngutu, based at Mangatoatoa marae in Te Awamutu and Rākaunui marae near Kawhia, Ngāti Paretekawa, based at Mangatoatoa marae in Te Awamutu and Rākaunui marae in Hauturu, Ngāti Puhiawe, based at Waipapa marae in Kawhia, Ngāti Ruru, based at Pārāwera marae near Te Awamutu, Ngāti Werokoko, based at Pārāwera marae near Te Awamutu, Te Ākitai, based at Makaurau marae in Mangere, This page was last edited on 17 October 2020, at 06:35.

Tirimata was given the Chieftess title after the death of her father Mohi Karuwhero a great grandchild of Tahuariki and Tokoreko. Te Kaokaoroa-o-Paatetere. When Tautini-moko returned, Te Wehi was living at Te Maari Aotea Harbour, & when the news reached him that his father's slayer was across the harbour, he decided to kill him. The king movement is based at Turangawaewae marae (meeting place) in Ngāruawāhia. Hukanui connects ancestrally to the Tainui waka and the maunga Taupiri. [6], Ngati Whatua had heard of Kawharu's bravery and strength in battle, and in 1680, asked him north to Kaipara to help fight Te Kawerau. Hukanui marae is located in Gordonton, approximately 15 km northeast of Hamilton. , both living prosperous but then separate lives after a small brotherly scuffle at Kawhia, in which Kawharu went to live with his father Ngaere and his people the Ngāti Tamainupo at Wai-keria. They have used what they retained for their own consumption, in some cases, by simply boiling the wheat; in others, as kororirori, or boiled flour and water; (with sugar, when it could be obtained) and very often in the form of bread. Required fields are marked *, You may use these HTML tags and attributes:
. Hōne Waitere, sons born to Marutehiakina II. Waikato is the tribe

Ko Taamaki ki raro In 1843 Rev. (Te Waitere)[16] Kawhia, Raglan 1839 and now Te Kopua 1840 but not one with the Ngāti Te Wehi at Aotea Harbor.

Many Waikato chiefs, including Te Wherowhero, attended a second meeting on 20 March. Karapiro was started in the late 1930s, but work on the dam was suspended in 1942 because of the Second World War.

Born in Aotea Harbor approx.1799 Te Aotūroa(a.k.a. Rice Ltd, Hamilton Soft Covers, First Edition - Archway Books", "War in Waikato - War in Waikato - NZHistory, New Zealand history online", "Manukau-Kāwhia treaty copy - NZHistory, New Zealand history online", "Te Kopua Block (Wesleyan Mission Station), Waipa District - NZETC", "Wharauroa Block, Whaingaroa District - NZETC", "Pā and pits on old dune country near Aotea Harbour - NZETC",,, "The Provision of Education Services to Maori in Te Rohe Potae, 1840-2010", "NEWS FROM COUNTRY DISTRICTS. [1] It is part of the larger Tainui confederation of Polynesian settlers who arrived to New Zealand on the Tainui waka (migration canoe). He led a series of raids — known as Te Raupatu Tihore, "The Stripping Conquest" — across the Tamaki isthmus, before being killed at a pa at Waiherunga in South Kaipara.[7]. Ko Waikato te iwi Its principal iwi is Ngāti Wairere of Waikato-Tainui. were constructed and occupied by the people of Ngati Wairere or its sub-tribes. According to the 1874 census, Ngati Te Wehi were registered as an iwi.

The Ministry of Works’ decision to build a hydro dam at Arapuni in 1924 helped to reinforce the relationship between Ngāti Koroki, Ngāti Haua and Ngāti Wairere when men from these hapū came to Arapuni seeking work. I am not aware that there has been a single case either of infanticide or murder, as the consequence of witchcraft, in the circuit, since the beginning of 1844.

But hui such as tangi, weddings, 21st birthdays and land meetings draw large numbers of whānau who call Maungatautari home. There are 11 marae (meeting ground) affiliated to Ngati Mahuta. Te Wehi is the founding ancestor of the Ngāti Te Wehi iwi. [9] One of Pita and Tirimata sons was Te Mahara Pita Mahu who was very active in claimant for Ngati Te Wehi. Signed Treaty on 15 June 1840, witnessed by John Whiteley. Soon after with the Ngāti Mahanga & Ngāti Maniapoto Te Moke rounded up 5000 with Pōtatau Te Wherowhero of Ngāti Mahuta plus the Ngāti Hourua and together the Ngāti Koata(Aotea) and Ngāti Toa of Kawhia harbour were cleared out and everlasting peace ensued and all the tangata whenua(people of the land) worked their lands and sold their produce to Auckland pakeha until 1863 when the government wanted the fertile Waikato Basin for themselves so the battles against the British army started.[11]. Uerata & Puakirangi had Rangihoto, Wharetiipeti, Hourua & Tapaue.

This brings us to Rangitaupopoki the son of Waenganui II who is the son of Paiaka & Rangihora, Rangihora being the daughter of the giant Ngaati Koura warloard Hotumauea[8] & Paiaka being the son of the great Te Wehi & his princess wife Mariu, daughter of Hape & Te Angaangawaero who is the daughter of the great chief Wahiao of Te Arawa descendant of Tuhourangi-Ngāti Wahiao, Tuhourangi was 9 ft tall. Hamilton City is now the tribe's largest population centre, but Ngāruawāhia remains the tribe's historical centre and modern capital. Maraetai (first generated power in 1952), Whakamaru (1956), Atiamuri (1958), Waipapa and Ohakuri (1961) and Aratiatia (1964) were all hydro dam projects on the Waikato River. — The Career of Kawharu - NZETC",, "Auckland's 175th anniversary: The place desired by many", "Te Mata - Aotea -- [ District Between Te Mata and Kawhia, Waikato, New Zealand ] by Vernon, R. T. And C. R. Buckeridge: A.O.

The dam was finally completed in 1947. After these battles about 1675, Kawharu & Toa-Rangatira from Marokopa had Kawhia district in their undisputed possession. Ngāti Te Wehi have tribal holdings in Te Taitokerau, Ngati Maniapoto and Aotea. Parehikitanga & husband had three children, Te Urumahue a daughter, Tūtemahurangi & Te Moke. Waikato Tainui, Waikato or Tainui is a group of Māori people iwi (tribal confederation) based in Waikato Region, in the western central region of New Zealand's North Island. They are the principle iwi of the Aotea Harbour iwi, with close ties and connections with Ngati Reko, Ngati Mahuta, Ngati Whawhakia], Ngati Patupo, Ngati Te Uru and Ngati Mahanga. When he announced his intentions however, he received no support, it being contended that peace had been made; but Te Wehi was not to be cheated of his revenge, & set out to Waikato to obtain assistant from that tribe. [10], Te Wehi's great grandson Rangitaupopoki of Ngati Paiaka/Ngapuhi and his Ngāti Maniapoto princess had 2 warrior sons, Te Moke and a Tutemahurangi, whose sons Pita Mahu Waikato and Te Aotūroa Hōne Waitere who were in their 20s at the time, would have helped their dad and uncle Te Moke with the battles against Te Rauparaha as he killed Te Uira and a battle to fight for a Ngāti Te Wehi chief Te Aomārama at Makomako, Aotea harbour.

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