My Nigerian dwarf goat herd waters in a free flowing creek or a pond near the barnyard. This can help to reduce parasite loads of both species and can increase the amount of profit that you can make from the same stretch of pasture. Although you do not need a ton of room to roam to offer a Nigerian dwarf goat a suitable home, they are truly high energy animals. Spotted: Growing Mushrooms in…a Laundry Basket? We chose Nigerian Dwarf goats for our homestead for several reasons. Your email address will not be published. History. Some Nigerian dwarf does will even give birth to quintuplets!

The kids are small when born, and usually weigh around 2 pounds a piece. You can use a measuring stick designed to measure goat height or you can use a tape measure or yard stick. We visited a Nigerian Dwarf farm before the move to give us a sense of the animal and were delighted with their amiable personalities, manageable size, and the promise of butterfat-rich milk to help us along our way to self-sustainability. Many goats that die of predation died with their heads caught in fencing. I will provide it with something to jump on, a tunnel to occupy itself, but I don’t have the land for two. Just preparing to bring our first 2 home. I recommend worming the goats regularly as directed by the instructions on the worm pellet or liquid packaging. Provide loose goat minerals at all times in a mineral feeder.

The Livestock Conservancy reports that dwarf goats from west Africa were imported into zoos between the 1930s-1950’s. Dogs go after goats individually or … Nigerian dwarf goats are very docile and patient with small children. These miniature goats needs the same basic grain feed, roughage, water, mineral supplements, shelter, and vaccinations as all other goat breeds. Like other goat breeds, they will need access to dry shelter, clean water and fresh food. 35 Headboards To Tie Your Bedroom Together, Waste Water Treatment With Corn Cobs: A Google Science Fair Winner, A Vision For Truly Sustainable Fruit and Vegetable Farming, 20 Pumpkins You Should Have Planted This Year, 5 Things To Consider Before Buying A Used Tiny House. Some goat keepers recommend allowing kids to go outside only if the weather is above 50 degrees Fahrenheit while others trust the does’ good instinct of when to lead her babies outside. This can become an annoying problem that is dangerous for the goat. They will not do well alone, and need at least one other animal as a companion. Nigerian Dwarf goats are personable and friendly, and the sight of them kicking up their heels in a lush pasture is the stuff of rural daydreams. You can also expect an endless range of colors and patterns in Nigerian Dwarf goats. We wanted this life. Nigerian dwarf goats are becoming more and more popular with both petting zoos and farms that have agritourism. First off, all goats need a place to get out of the weather. The best type of fencing to put Nigerian dwarf goats behind is V-mesh fencing. Even if you cannot enlarge or rotate the browsing area, there are steps you can take to reduce the chances of worms spreading throughout the herd of Nigerian dwarf goats.

They will consume the most food when they are hungry after waking. If you are new to raising animals, however, you may need to give yourself time to adjust to being needed multiple times every day. They are also much more likely to get their heads caught in field fencing if they are horned. Gone are the days of impulse road trips or weeklong vacations, unless you have someone you trust who can care for your animals while you’re gone. ? It can be difficult to find a full-blooded goat of this breed because they are so often cross-bred with Pygmy goats or Nubians in an effort to create a perfect multi-purpose dairy and meat goat. A reputable breeder will vaccinate their herd and can tell you when they were last vaccinated. Has this doe had kids yet?

Another option could be to time the breeding of your does so that they only kid during the warmer months which allows them to avoid kidding through the worst of the winter. They have run up my fence and over or on an angle across to get over the 4-foot stock fence. If he sires kids that are large, this can cause problems with the does giving birth. Nigerian dwarf goats are an exceptionally healthy and hardy breed. This does not stop a nanny goat with poor aim from getting dropping into the water, unfortunately. You could get no more local, grass-fed, or sustainably-raised meat than your own animals! They can benefit from having toys in their enclosure. They were brought to the United States on ships that were transporting big carnivores to zoos — as live food for the captured animals! One buckling, two doelings, and two wethered. Bucks take their job of breeding very seriously, and dwarf goats are no exception. A goat that eats too much, especially of the wrong thing (like snacks given by well-intentioned keepers) can also contract another potentially deadly disease: bloat. The goats that were not fed to the big cats by the time they were transported to all of the zoos, were left behind as an added bonus, and soon to be popular little attractions. Is the goat dehorned or naturally polled? A poor quality, sickly, or deformed kid can also result when a nanny is bred too often or a doeling is bred at too young of an age. Nigerian dwarf goats have coats that come in a variety of colors, although black or brown hair tends to be the most common. There are many options for fencing, all with their pros and cons. – “These goats will not be able to climb a fence that is taller two to two and a half feet tall – making fence purchasing less expensive and time-consuming.” I’ve been raising purebred Nigerian Dwarfs for over 10 years and some have no problem eyeing up a 4-foot fence and jumping over it. Of course, it depends on how much milk you allow her kids to take and how often you milk, but they may be a manageable option for a family that doesn’t want to be overwhelmed by multiple gallons of milk a day. The only time that I have to deal with water buckets and goat droppings is when I have a nanny and her kids in the nursing stall. Due to their small stature, easy to control demeanor, and kind nature, Nigerian dwarf goats are common sights at county fairs around the United States. When they are standing in it, they will often pee and poop in it.

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