Jounin The Genin were highly trained ninjas, capable of feats of great stealth and espionage. for my reference im using konoha ninja ranks and the united states marine corps ranks. Unique for most characters in Naruto, all ANBU carry Ninjatō, which are usually strapped to their backs, and they all know the layout of the human body in detail. Jonin (上忍Jōnin?, literally "Higher Ninja", Viz "Jōnin" and "Elite Ninja") are generally highly experienced ninja with great individual skill who serve as military captains. Mizukage - Kage of Kirigakure. Real hunter-nin have only been alluded to, and so far have not been seen in the world of Naruto. Chuunin The Genin in their daily life however typically filled traditional roles in the community. This character's unique ability to completely understand the workings of the human mind makes him a Jounin-level interrogation expert.

The safeguard of this chain of command also offered the ninjas security should the Genin fail at their assigned mission. There may be exceptions, however, as a ninja may be the most powerful at the time of being installed as Kage, but may become less powerful upon aging, eventually being surpassed by a younger ninja. The only student ever to become a ninja without being able to use these techniques was Rock Lee. They are also responsible for carrying out assassinations and missions requiring specially trained ninja. These are the known ninja ranks that can be obtained by a ninja within the world of Naruto. On dangerous missions, a medic-nin will usually be sent along with the team, to increase the survival rate of that team.

Real hunter-nin have only been alluded to, and so far have not been seen in the world of Naruto. They are elite specialists in their areas and are often assigned as subordinates to regular Jounin when their services are needed. Tsunade, one of the Legendary Sannin, is the greatest medic-nin of Konoha. This is done in order to make sure the village secrets which a ninja's body holds -- such as chakra types, herbs eaten, ninjutsu, special medicine, and kekkei genkai -- will not be revealed to outsiders. For example, the third Hokage was called 'The Professor' due to his vast knowledge of ninja techniques. The five Kage have different titles depending on their country. The Foundation was created and directly controlled by Danzo, who trained and conditioned children intensively from a very young age. They are often sent on A-rank missions, and experienced Jounin may even be sent on S-rank missions (which are considered to be the most difficult). Jonin Commander (上忍班長Jōnin Hanchō?)

Genin (下忍?, literally "Lower Ninja", Viz "Genin" and "Junior Ninja") are the lowest level of ninja. The lowest rank of ninja class, but of course only in the chain of command. There are currently 12 ranks, ranging from White to Black with Purple stripe. Ninja of this class are often noted in the Bingo book, a list of notable enemy ninja marked for assassination that each ninja village provides for its Jounin and ANBU squad members. Courier-nin

While the Jonin made the necessary decisions to protect the community, the Chunin was the contact the Jonin went too. The only shown exam is a three-stage exam: the first stage tests their information gathering abilities and decision-making abilities (as well as their overall understanding of the ninja philosophy), the second stage tests their abilities at accomplishing a mission and adhering to guidelines, and the third consists of fights between those who passed the previous two stages, watched by a council that decides who becomes a Chuunin and who does not.

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