Cole awakens from a dream to find himself surrounded by the Lowly, Master Wu, and Princess Vania. The immense energy dispatch destroyed parts of him and caused Zane to vanish into the Digiverse. They found the skull and delivered it to the King, who - instead of destroying it, as he had promised - betrayed them and cast them into the mountain, taking the skull for himself. Having found the Reversal Blade in the past prior to its being hidden in the Boiling Sea, Nya uses it to restore Wu's health, and with Kai's help they use it to reverse time, enabling them to board the Iron Doom while leaving the Reversal Blade with young Wu. Cole sees Zane locked up and promises to release him. Cole ends up in a cave where Krag was. A year has passed since Master Wu was lost in time and the ninja are spread across Ninjago but regroup when a powerful relic is stolen by a group of masked criminals called the Sons of Garmadon. Nelson teams up with Antonia on his first day as a paperboy. Morro steals the scroll in the end, and escapes having learned Airjitsu, but Ronin gives the Ninja weapons which can defeat the ghosts.

Lloyd ties up the leader, a rat named Richie. Lloyd and Red take on their journey to find Zane. During their previous discussion for Jay's last wish, Nya tells him he has to wish for Nadakhan not to be a djinn. Back in Ninjago, Zane sends his falcon to investigate the island.

In a shocking twist, however, Vangelis reveals that he IS the Skull Sorcerer. The Ninja return to Ninjago and arrive at the Police Station to ask for help in stopping the Sons of Garmadon's plan.

It aired in the US on October 25, 2020, paired up with "The Ascent".

However, when the Serpentine Generals are betrayed by the Serpentine by following Lord Garmadon, Jay is lured to a house less intersection, where he is kidnapped.

While fighting Lloyd and Cole realize that some of them are made of Ice and some were corrupted people. Zane and Kai recall a time when they fought off some Venomari using their Golden Weapons in vehicle form. While Lloyd and Nya resist Emperor Garmadon's oppressive hold on Ninjago City, Young Wu and the rest of the Ninja are stranded in a barbaric realm where fierce dragons are being hunted down by Iron Baron and his gang of Dragon Hunters.

Meanwhile, Kataru and Grimfax try to stop the ice army from getting to Lloyd. ultimately finds Milton Dyer, who tells her that Unagami "is the game". When he denies, they take matters into their own hands and defy him.

In Episode 146, Lloyd also seems to distrust Vania because of what happened with. In Episode 155, her display of power convinces the Munce to participate in a truce meeting with the Geckles.

Later, Lloyd gets ambushed by the Blizzard Samurai, but he successfully evades them. As his teammates try to fight them off, Lloyd uses his dragon to attack the forces on the ground, only for it to dissipate due to his fear. After a battle on a Serpentine Truck-fortress, in which Sensei Wu deliberately cuts himself off from the Ninja to face Pythor, all arrive at the city. After encountering a pair of Oni, the two reach the Realm Crystal, but are too late, as the Oni's leader, Omega, is released upon Ninjago. When Zane sacrificed himself to stop the Golden Master, the power of the Golden Weapons unlocked new abilities within him, revealing a new layer of titanium. The season, along with Season 12, 11, and 10 was available on Netflix in the US starting November 1st 2020. As the Ninja escape on the Destiny's Bounty, Morro boards the vessel and tries to get Sensei Wu's staff, but Wu throws his staff overboard and Morro goes after it while the ship crashes. Press play to see more!

Bob explains that Prime Empire was a project that was shut down by the company Dyer worked for because it was too dangerous, and that Milton Dyer vowed to get revenge on the gaming industry afterward. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. As the Overlord conquers Ninjago, the Ninja return to the Temple of Light, where they find the First Spinjitzu Master's battle mech.

Meanwhile, Lloyd and the others set out to rescue Cyrus Borg, only to learn that he has rigged a self-destruct feature on the Iron Doom. It airedon July 21, 2020, in Australia. The Elemental Masters and the Ninja's other allies escape from Kryptarium prison and help the Ninja defeat Colossus, while Garmadon defeats Wu and the Firstbourne Dragon, leaving only Lloyd to fight him. Then Flintlocke comes in and gives Jay the key since his speech made him realize something. Once they have escaped, P.I.X.A.L catches them and they are thrown back into their cells.

Kai and Zane were focused on in Episodes 150 and 155.

Nya and Dareth takes Skylor to safety, while Kai, Jay, Zane, and Cole rescue the civilians and fight Colossus, and Lloyd and Wu confront Garmadon. Kai, Nya, their parents, and Wu are then left falling to their doom but survive by forming the Fusion Dragon yet again.

While Cole battles for his freedom, the Ninja must return their ghostly foes to the Departed Realm before they gain the power to remain in Ninjago forever! The Ninja find and mess with Wu's collection of magic teas. Meanwhile, Zane gives half of his power source to revive P.I.X.A.L., while the Ninja search for a way to return to New Ninjago City and eventually reach Jay's parents' junkyard. Both the Lego theme and the TV series had an intended shelf life of three years, so it was expected that the second season would be the last. Ninjago: Decoded is a short series that was released on November 23, 2017. Hunted by the menacing Red Visors, he hides in the trunk of a car. As Cole and the Skull Sorcerer face off, the Geckles and Munce storm the Keep. The Ninja go and foil the plan for unity, but are nearly captured. Keep track of your favorite shows and movies, across all your devices. First US air date After Harumi's death, Garmadon angrily begins destroying the entire Ninjago City with Colossus, while Lloyd and the others head to a more remote side of the city, waiting for Wu and the other Ninja to return. Pythor finds the ancient Serpentine city of Ouroboros. With it being the last one, they don't have another chance to get another dose of the venom, and Nadakhan captures Jay, but Nya reveals that Nadakhan emptied the wrong canister, giving the Ninja another chance at stopping Nadakhan. Garmadon, now powerless, returns to the City of Ouroboros to plan his search for the legendary Dark Island, but the Serpentine soon betray him, pushing him into the sea by a helicopter while Skales is declared their leader. Not to mention they had roller skates in the event. Cole discovers that the stone-mech is powered by Elemental Earth energy and uses his powers to activate the mech. In the escape route, they begin to discuss about who is the worst ninja. It’s been a week since the newly-styled Emperor Garmadon seized control of Ninjago City.

His rescuer, Scott, helps him across the strange and foreign city to a safe place. The Darkest Hour is the thirteenth episode of the thirteenth season, and the 157th episode overall of LEGO Ninjago.

Nya uses her new vehicle to locate and follow the Ninja on Chen's island, but Dareth ends up coming along as well. Then, he sends his army by air back to Ninjago. There is NO true villainous faction, the main Antagonist is the Masked Figure.

The tracker locates the mech, giving Lloyd hope to find Zane. With Chen's Anacondrai army on the loose, the Ninja visit Kryptarium Prison, where they meet shrunken Pythor and ask for his assistance. After Nya stole Clouse's spell, Chen states that whoever finds Nya wins the tournament altogether. Acronix escapes and reunites with his twin brother Krux, who has been living the past 40 years in disguise as the lovable Dr. Sander Saunders. Zane leads the Ninja to strike back at the Overlord, sharing Lloyd's golden power to get the Overlord out of the Digiverse. Kai gets captured by Nadakhan, while the rest of the Ninja get the Lantern. They head there to search for Dyer, but run into the Mechanic, who kidnaps Zane. Last US air date Meanwhile, on the Dark Island, Garmadon is guided by the Overlord to an ancient clock and he dons the Helmet of Shadows, starting the clock's countdown to the Final Battle.

The first teaser was released on June 17, 2020, on YouTube while the official trailer was released on June 22, 2020.

Track Lego Ninjago season 13 episodes.

Continuing on their journey with Faith through the desert, the team venture into Oni territory, where they discover that all the Oni are long gone, as well as a map showing the Dragon Armor to be inside Firstbourne's nest.

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Just when they think there may be a way out of Rock Bottom, a monster battle awaits. A massive fight scene goes on, with most of the Traveller's Tea gone. All Ninja board the Bounty except Kai, who stays behind and takes the Sword of Sanctuary from Morro as Lloyd temporarily regains control of his body. Sensei Wu tells Nya she must train to become the Master of Water.

Nya stumbles on a possible way out of the cave and the Munce and Geckles work together to clear a rubble-strewn tunnel. Following the destruction of the Cursed Realm and the ultimate death of all its prisoners, the Ninja have found sudden fame for their roles and actions. Meanwhile, Kai and Skylor escape.

The ninja materialize inside Prime Empire and go immediately on the run when they discover a squadron of Red Visors waiting for them! Jay must stand alone against Unagami in the end-game, after Nya loses all her lives, yet Unagami has a bigger battle in facing the truth about his own identity. However, although Garmadon is finally defeated, he warns Lloyd that his powers were the only thing strong enough to prevent some dark forces from attacking Ninjago, and now that they're gone, "they" will come and destroy everything. 's absence, searches for Borg while Lloyd goes after Wu.

Jay tries telling Flintlocke, but Nadakhan thinks he is telling fibs, and the first-mate believes him, so they decided to put Jay in a dangerous game: Scrap 'n' Tap. But then Grief-Bringer forces his way into the cave. The Ninja arrive on the Dark Island and search for the Temple of Light, while Dr. Julien and Nya build new vehicles for them.

He straps the mech to the mine-carts and uses it, like a crude rocket, to blast the mine-carts back up the track to the top of the mountain. Episodes 1 - 6 were made available On Demand and on the Cartoon Network US App/Website on September 11, 2020.

Jay remembers beating Pythor off of some noodle trucks using his jet.

Also, the Sky Pirates were behind Jay, making this all a plan! Dan Hageman, Kevin Hageman, & Jeppe Sandholt. Meanwhile, the reunited Acronix and Krux embark on their plan to conquer Ninjago, which involves unleashing the sixth tribe of Serpentine, the Vermillion warriors, snakes who join together inside armor to form humanoid warriors. They are then both consumed by the awakened Great Devourer.

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