But one thing is certain; the assassination of Nipsey Hussle is a dark event that L.A., and Hip Hop, still hasn’t recovered from. He lived with purpose. nextPages.push("https://www.indigomusic.com/photos/machine-gun-kelly-songwriting-gems-from-tickets-to-my-downfall") People across the globe, some who knew Nipsey Hussle well and many who never met him, continue to mourn the devastating loss, myself included.

This also doesn’t mean

OR “Soul harvesting” day. as I can in life. nextPages.push("https://www.indigomusic.com/photos/here-are-the-biggest-names-on-this-years-vma-nominee-list") If you don’t have a mission, it’s easy to squander time unintentionally. With this in mind, I began to reflect on many of his lessons and how they apply in different areas of life. nextPages.push("https://www.indigomusic.com/photos/words-to-live-by-the-country-star-billy-ray-cyrus") And [that] if we had to stay outside of the system a little bit longer to get the terms we felt we deserved we was gonna do that.”, “I’m not gon’ lie and portray this ultimate poise like I been had it figured out. I know I will never reach a point in life where I know everything, but I take ownership of learning as much They are directing everyone towards their line of natural medicine called “Fig Tree” . It was an opening hymn for the Church of Satan. nextPages.push("https://www.indigomusic.com/photos/heres-a-timeline-of-twices-looks-during-the-more-more-era")

He could have easily abandoned his neighborhood for a mansion in the Hollywood Hills. Nipsey had a robust catalog of songs that flaunted his capabilities, but a lesser-known feature on Dom Kennedy’s “Pleeze” gets to the heart of who he was as a rapper.

nextPages.push("https://www.indigomusic.com/photos/best-songwriting-by-the-one-only-pink") Invoking them and bringing them to the altar where they now stood.

nextPages.push("https://www.indigomusic.com/photos/jonas-brothers-and-their-respective-wives-are-goals") It is the subconscious link which is being sought after here. a familiar career path, telling them who to marry, teaching them to put cash nextPages.push("https://www.indigomusic.com/photos/10-times-halsey-invented-aesthetics") nextPages.push("https://www.indigomusic.com/photos/words-to-live-by-jeon-jungkook-of-bts") nextPages.push("https://www.indigomusic.com/photos/the-week-in-music-news-from-june-22nd-to-june-28th") nextPages.push("https://www.indigomusic.com/photos/honouring-mac-miller-on-his-2nd-death-anniversary") nextPages.push("https://www.indigomusic.com/photos/all-you-need-to-know-yungblud") “I came up the same way; he just took off before a lot of us, and then he showed us the way.”, Nipsey’s love for South L.A. was unshakeable. nextPages.push("https://www.indigomusic.com/photos/lizzo-has-got-you-on-a-hook-with-her-ig-pictures") nextPages.push("https://www.indigomusic.com/photos/the-e-peoples-choice-awards-are-here-who-stands-to-win-big") With the murder/Sacrifice occurring in Mercury. nextPages.push("https://www.indigomusic.com/photos/10-times-mariah-carey-wasnt-afraid-to-be-opinionated") nextPages.push("https://www.indigomusic.com/photos/avril-lavigne-is-here-to-show-you-that-shes-a-queen")

I know that I can never get the time back, and so I always cringe at the thought of wasted time. As I continued to level up, some friends chose to remain in the cage and some friends chose growth.

I see a direct similitude here with Nipsey. “Luck is just being prepared at all times, so when the door opens you’re ready.” – Nipsey Hussle, The Great. content, etc. You wasn’t born with it, you gon’ die without it.”, “I own my company. Frank Sinatra was very much wrapped up in all of this at the time.

Be it his debut studio album, ‘Victory Lap’ or latest tracks like ‘The Definition of Pain’, all have made his name even bigger. Busta Rhymes hit up the Apollo Theater to spread a little “joy” to voters on Election Day. The perfect delivery? ... XXL takes a look at 11 times Nipsey shared words of wisdom. Smart people surround themselves with people who are even smarter, more ambitious, and more accomplished than they are.

nextPages.push("https://www.indigomusic.com/photos/10-times-j-balvin-was-too-hot-to-look-at") nextPages.push("https://www.indigomusic.com/photos/lana-del-rey-and-songwriting-a-look-at-her-bold-lyrics") nextPages.push("https://www.indigomusic.com/photos/cardi-b-nails-a-looks-gallery") John Legend put some rappers supporting Trump and their Platinum Plan into a locker. She then proceeds to publicly script the official narrative of Nipsey’s conception and birth, stating that she conceived on her birthday and gave birth to Nipsey EXACTLY months later. nextPages.push("https://www.indigomusic.com/photos/best-2020-halloween-costumes-from-musicians")

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