Screams quality. (verified owner) – March 9, 2020, Kurtis L. (verified owner) – August 24, 2020. RAIL MOUNTS Personally, I really like the pocket/belt clip. (verified owner) – February 21, 2020, Ron I’ll be back for more!

Perfect size to carry for work or anywhere else. I have asked warranty to reach out to you about that. It’s a little frustrating to accidentally miss the brightness setting you were looking for and then have to cycle through them all again.

I couldn’t find it on there. It’s small and light weight which I really like because I’m a Security Manager. I use this light everyday and it is surprisingly bright. Doug G. (verified owner) – August 5, 2019, Kevin They both have their own unique lights, so it’s a matter of what kind of light and features you want.

The value for this flashlight is definitely justified, especially with the guarantee/warranty noted by Fenix. On mine, I rotated the pocket clip to be inline with the power setting button on the side and now it’s super easy to access the power level button when needed, even in the dark. (verified owner) – September 10, 2019. Was allowed to returnt he light and order this one with no hassles. Buy there product!

The battery life is amazing. I personally don’t keep it on turbo as you tend to forget and their goes your adapted night vision when you power it up in darkness. Can someone tell me ? (verified owner) – September 26, 2019. I only need/use low to medium brightness, best tool I have (other then my multi tool). (verified owner) – July 1, 2020, Anthony Bautista

(verified owner) – December 3, 2019, Great light, super bright and great battery life. Double click to turbo: I think fenix should have implemented this feature on the side button. David C. These are the best lights my crew has ever got, and I been told that they love it.

The battery was at 4.23V after I took it out of the flashlight. I have been carrying the PD36R everyday for a couple weeks using it daily albeit for short periods of time when walking the dog and various EDC uses and the battery indicator just now went to flashing green(>85%). (verified owner) – March 30, 2020, Brad DeBord Fantastic light.

Like all of the other Fenix lights that I own, this one is pretty nice. And they are amazingly bright. (verified owner) – February 3, 2020. Looking forward to future Fenix purchases! Instant power activation with momentary tactical tail switch. That said they probably did this as a safety feature so people don’t go running unprotected cells that require care outside of the light. It is really bright for such a small light. (verified owner) – February 17, 2020. (verified owner) – April 13, 2020, I’ve had other high lumen flashlights. Tom F. Is it worth the price or is it overrated? I want 21700 cells, a reasonable form factor (P60 Host-ish in proportions, with no bulbous out-of-proportion head) and the USB-C port seems like a good idea. I wouldn’t change a thing, Bradley Thomas Not all may offer the LED and colour temp you desire though. I am thinking about buying other for my wife.

John Ashley Otherwise, the shipping was fast, and it was well packed. James K.

(verified owner) – October 23, 2019, Anonymous Edward Garcia There are things I like about Fenix and things I like about Nitecore.

very pleased with this light! (verified owner) – October 21, 2020, Jeffery Silva For such a small flashlight it is really bright. Sean Orourke (verified owner) – October 14, 2019, Ryan (verified owner) – August 7, 2020. (verified owner) – April 30, 2020, I think that this light is a little too large for a practical edc but that isn’t what I bought it for. This flashlight is perfect for my job as a mechanic. Such a great EDC light.

I live in the PNW so it rains allot and it holds up to being water rated. Jerome As such, your order was processed and shipped the following Monday. Besides that one thing it’s amazing. 0 out of 2 people found this helpful. Love it good quality highly recommend it, Lisa W. James Lawton (verified owner) – August 26, 2019. Scott Jacoby

This cannot replace my TK35UE.

Dmitri Love the quick charge profile that I use with my phone. The variety of modes, which I originally thought was overkill, have proven to be very useful. Other than that, it’s the perfect light for me.

(verified owner) – August 26, 2020. Jeff (verified owner) – July 20, 2020. (verified owner) – May 18, 2020, Daniel G. Awesome unit. It'll be mostly for housework (e.g. We got the person off the island and back to safety with no problems. David C. Excellent throw with spill. Fenix could take a cue from Olight and include a high-quality holster with the flashlight. I consider the headlamp and pocket light I recently purchased top quality in durability and function, also great price. Slightly tap the tactical switch to momentarily turn on the light, release it the light will go out. Previous to this, I had bought a Streamlight Scorpion then a Streamlight Pro Tac HL and I thought they were both great lights. (verified owner) – December 24, 2019. It would be nice to have the light on and set it down with the light facing the ceiling as a reflective light, but the button sticks out and will fall over. Did a lot of research on this unit and it did not disappoint! Gregory P. The price is right for quality and lumen output. (verified owner) – September 1, 2020, Great addition to my tool box. I could probably get by with fewer power levels, but certainly don’t mind the extra levels when searching for just the right brightness needed. (verified owner) – January 19, 2020. excellent product. Fenix PD36R, Luminus SST40 equipped. My only regret I ask myself is WHY I waited so long to buy Fenix flashlights.

Overall a great all around light. The battery life and ease of recharging are great, and the battery charge indicator is very handy.

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