After crooked nightclub owner Chips Maguire murders a police informant, he blackmails his piano player to allow him to stay at his eccentric mother's boarding house. Was this review helpful to you? Certificate: Passed [3] Sherman also directed leading lady Sheridan in another 1947 film noir, The Unfaithful. Sinopsis: El tranquilo y metódico doctor Talbot conoce a la cantante Nora Prentiss cuando ésta sufre un accidente en la calle que la deja ligeramente herida. Bruce Bennett, co-starred, has little to do as a medico friend of Smith's. Crime, Certificate: Passed Guilty about the suffering he caused his family and feeling he has no future, Talbot convinces Prentiss to keep his secret, allowing him to be convicted and executed. 1940. Nora Prentiss Ann Sheridan Kent Smith Bruce Bennett (1947) A nightclub singer (Ann Sheridan) inspires a doctor (Kent Smith) to fake his own murder, for which he stands trial. With Ann Sheridan, Kent Smith, Bruce Bennett, Robert Alda. Add the first question. Someone called the movie a "woman's noir", and with its soap-operish overtones, the description seems to fit. Probably that's why he was cast here as the emotionally repressed doctor.

El copyright del poster, carátula, fotogramas, fotografías e imágenes de cada DVD, VOD, Blu-ray, tráiler y banda sonora original (BSO) pertenecen a las correspondientes productoras y/o distribuidoras. Nora Prentiss; Directed by: Vincent Sherman: Produced by: William Jacobs Jack L. Warner executive producer: Written by: Paul Webster (story) Jack Sobell (story) N. Richard Nash: Starring: Ann Sheridan Kent Smith Bruce Bennett A Los Angeles socialite kills a man while home alone one night and claims he was an intruder she did not know.

Sherman also directed leading lady Sheridan in another 1947 film noir, The Unfaithful.The cinematography is by cinematographer James Wong Howe, and the music was composed by Franz Waxman Film historian Bob Porfirio notes, "Unlike such other Ann Sheridan or Joan Crawford motion pictures as The Unfaithful, Flamingo Road, and The Damned Don't Cry!, Nora Prentiss does not lapse into a romantic melodrama that might detract from the maudit sensibility, the quintessential element of film noir. ICM Partners Elevates Six Agents To Partners. Her brother Joe fears that his love, fish cannery worker Peggy, may wind up like Mae.

After a fight with Nora's nightclub boss, Talbot crashes his car and his face is badly scarred. View production, box office, & company info. Nora Prentiss is a 1947 black-and-white drama film noir directed by Vincent Sherman, and starring Ann Sheridan, Kent Smith, Bruce Bennett and Robert Alda. Use the HTML below. In San Francisco, when a bookie is murdered by a protection racket syndicate, his bookie friend Dan Gannin and police lieutenant Barney Runson investigate. [4], Critics call the movie one of the best "woman's noir." The police, not realizing that the man is Talbot, arrest him for Talbot's murder. A unfaithful wife plots with her lover to kill her husband, but the lover is accidentally killed instead. Of course, all of this is necessary background to his eventual transformation once he meets sexpot Prentiss (Sheridan). The husband stays in hiding, and lets his wife be charged with conspiracy. Filmaffinity no tiene relación alguna con el productor, productora o el director de la película.

From dutiful husband to reluctant philanderer to obsessed lover and finally to repentant criminal, Smith brings off the stages in low-key effective fashion, and I expect more than a few married spouses left the theater unsettled by what they had seen lurking under the doctor's calm exterior.All in all, it's a grim little film, depicting a civilized man's descent into emotional darkness.

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